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Name: na
E-mail: 44019351@qq.com
From: France
Date: 20-Oct-12 4:05 AM
Comments: vivian i'm so excited when i saw your excellent paintings!!they are all charming all beatifuls, i'm a student who learns something about litterrature..i'm interested in art of paintings..i write to you just want to see i'm so happy to see your paintings,you're really really a very good star !!!i love you ~~~~and i wish everthing of you goes well!! my english is limited,i saw the websibe is all written in english so i write in english,too ...i really want oneday i can come to see your exhibition oneday!!!!i love it !!!


Name: Raymond Wong
E-mail: wongjason39@yahoo.com
From: Hong Kong
Date: 19-Jul-11 2:21 PM
Comments: Ah V, 你幾時推出Deep V 25演唱會 DVD?? 我期待等出DVD 同想買DVD....


Name: John
E-mail: zbear007@yahoo.com
From: USA
Date: 17-Feb-11 2:20 AM
Comments: Hi Vivian, sorry to hear that Piggie Boy and Pal passed away at around same time :( Be strong.


Name: Becky
From: Vancouver
Date: 17-Feb-11 12:14 AM
Comments: Dear Vivian,

My condolences on the loss of Chu Chai and Pal. I hope all the happy memories you shared with them will comfort you.

With heartfelt sympathy,




Name: Joyce Wong
E-mail: joycewong529@yahoo.com.hk
From: HK
Date: 16-Feb-11 8:22 AM
Comments: V,
Be strong.....god bless you and your family....


Name: Lisa
From: England
Date: 16-Feb-11 7:08 AM
Comments: Dear Vivian,

I heard the sad news about Pal and Chu Chai passing away recently. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.
I am sorry for your loss. Please take care.


Name: Sallie
E-mail: qazianz@yahoo.com
From: New York City
Date: 15-Feb-11 7:08 PM
Comments: Vivian be strong, our pray will be with you, Chu Chai and Pal.

Love you forever<3

Loyal Fan


Name: Maggie
From: SF
Date: 15-Feb-11 3:45 PM
Comments: Chu Chai and Pal will remain in our hearts forever. May God bless you and your family.


Name: Alice
From: Toronto
Date: 15-Feb-11 2:10 PM
Comments: Dear Vivian,

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Pal and Chu Chai. Please try not to be too sad. They've lived a great and comfortable life thanks to you and your family and are now in a special place in Heaven.

Take care.


Name: jeff
E-mail: lee_ya_dong@hotmail.com
From: mainland of China
Date: 13-Dec-10 7:44 AM
Comments: hi,by chance,i saw your painting on net,it's an astonishing masterpiece,which let people knows you in different ways.i am wondreing if you sell any of your paintings,i would be very glad to collect them.


Name: T.Kong
E-mail: ru_do_lf@hotmail.com
From: Auckland ,New Zealand
Date: 25-Oct-10 4:28 PM
Comments: How are you,Vivian?
I am glad to find your guestbook and can send you a message through it.
Kind regards,


Name: Eric
E-mail: e.mitschke@att.net
From: Born in MT, now in SLC, UT
Date: 13-Mar-10 11:54 AM
Comments: I have been a fan since about 1999 when I saw you in the Music Video "Sometimes When We Touch" on Channel [V} in South Korea. I have collected almost every CD, LaserDisc and DVD you put out in the '80s and '90s, but haven't found any with "Sometimes When We Touch" or "I've Never Been To Me". I love your Cantonese and Mandarin songs, but the way you sing in English knocks me out. I am almost exactly 10 years older than you.


Name: Feng
E-mail: wufeng98@hotmail.com
From: Brazil
Date: 6-Jan-10 3:05 AM
Comments: Greeting from a fan in Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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