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Name: alfred dixon
From: w.p labuan.malaysia
Date: 15-Oct-09 7:28 PM
Comments: lv u so much..


Name: □風孕
From: Beijing
Date: 6-Feb-09 7:54 AM
Comments: Dear Vivian, You have been my idol for about 13 years (since 1996). We had a photo together in the April of 2007 in front of the Shiseido store in Beijing and you signed for me at that time. I am now working in an organizing committee of a contemporary art fair in Beijing (Name of the art fair: CIGE), so I would like to send a catalogue of the art fair to you, for I know you are fond of painting. However, I don't know your address in Hong Kong. Could you please let me know your address that you could receive letter or package? If it is convenient for you, would you please provide me with your address both in Chinese and English? Thank you very much in advance!

With my best regards from Beijing,
Joyce Shi(□風孕)


Name: Teri
From: Canada
Date: 31-Jan-09 11:06 PM
Comments: Vivian,Finally located your web-site,or you will receive this earlier,especially at your difficult moments. Anyway,we just want to let you know that we,like many out there,all think a world of you,your beautiful, innocent face, your angelic presence and actions confirm the presence of Heaven and the Mighty,to have an angel like you. We all admire your strength and humanity shown during difficult time. You will do anything to save those you love from being hurt !! You examplify the highest human quality !!! we salute you and wish you all the very best for many years to come !!! Continue live the ways you have shown the world : " what means to be a human ", We are privileged to be your fan. We adore you ! Teri and family


Name: Lily
From: Toronto
Date: 24-Jan-09 10:38 AM
Comments: Hi Vivian,

Happy Chinese New Year and congrats on your marriage!

I saw news a few days ago on Ming Pao newspaper saying one of your friends said you've decided to cancel your concert in May. Is this true?? I'm hoping this news is not true. I really wanted to see your concert! About 2 months ago, you left a message on your official site saying " 為了答謝大家多年來的支持,我要好好詳細計劃一下怎樣去回報大家。" If you decide not to have a concert, then do you have any other plans on celebrating your 20th anniversary in the entertainment business? I know you must feel it's a lot of work to have a concert and it would be very stressful for you, but if you're still thinking about having a concert to celebrate a milestone of your entertainment career, then you should think about having it this year, cuz who knows what will happen 5 years later.

Wishing you all the best!

Name: Gino Lim
From: Manila, Philippines
Date: 19-Jan-09 6:49 PM
Comments: Hi Vivian, congratulations to you and Joe on your wedding. Wishing you nothing but the very best in life. Cheers!

Name: xiu zhen
From: USA, new york
Date: 18-Jan-09 2:08 PM
Comments: hi....congrats on your wedding even though it is a little late but wish you with sucessful with your new husband! ^____^ and....nice meeting you!!!

Name: Denise
From: Vancouver, BC
Date: 17-Jan-09 10:51 PM
Comments: Dear Vivian,

I just wanted to congratulate you and Joe on your recent marriage. I've been a long time fan of yours and some of the things I really admire about you is your incredible kindness and capacity to really love, understand, and forgive others. You're also a wonderful role model for young women of all ages because you're also strong and resilent and able to face many challenges with courage and confidence. How you handled yourself and others with honesty and respect in this latest challenge in your life is so admirable! May you and Joe have a very happy and loving future together! We'll always support you!

With love,

Name: Gino Lim
From: Manila, Philippines
Date: 16-Jan-09 5:17 PM
Comments: Around twelve years ago...more or less...i was watching mtv or channel v...i don't remember which it was...i really wasn't paying attention to the tv at the time and was doing something else...but suddenly, out of nowhere...i heard an angel's voice...the angel's voice was singing...a chinese song! relatives are all pure chinese but unfortunately i do not speak or understand chinese because i was sent to an english school...but anyway, i turned my attention back to the tv to see who was singing...i did not know who vivian was and did not pay much attention to her because i was paying attention to her SOUND...when the song ended i saw who the singer was...vivian chow...i do not remember what the title of the song was...what i remember was that i heard an angel sing...on tv! i have seen and heard some of her other songs...i do not remember what the titles were either...but like the first time...i was always happy when i would hear her songs...time went on and they stopped playing her songs...and so time went on...twelver years...more or less...but i never ever forgot her sound...i do not speak or understand chinese...i do not know what her songs are all about...but what i do and will always hearing an angel chinese! i have never written fan mail to anyone...and this is not fan is just my story...a story of a guy who doesnt understand chinese...but will always know what he to vivian, i would like to say...from a simple guy here in the philippines...thank you. from a simple guy here in the prayers are that all gods, great and small, give you blessings...for you have been a blessing to millions...thank you.

Name: varunya
From: Thailand
Date: 15-Jan-09 9:38 PM
Comments: Congratulations to you both @^_^@ I wish you have every happiness at very moment in your life because you are a kind of person who pass your love to others and I'm really admire you. May God bless your family and always be with you. o(>_<)o

Name: Katy
E-mail: -
From: USA
Date: 11-Jan-09 4:29 PM
Comments: Congratulations Vivian and Joe! Wishing you a happy life together.

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." - Mignon McLaughlin.

Name: Ben Tan
From: Singapore
Date: 10-Jan-09 3:01 AM
Comments: Hi Joe & Vivian, I read Joe's article in the latest 'Weekly Weekend.' Very Touching and powerful testimony you have Brother Joe.. 'All things will work out good for those who love Him.' I hope and pray that you and Vivian will prosper and continue to excel in your future endearvors... God loves you!

Name: Adeline
From: Singapore
Date: 09-Jan-09 5:35 AM
Comments: Vivian,
I personally admire your trust in him and respect your decision to marry someone who has betrayed you before. You're really so amazing and forgiving, may God bless you with a happy marriage!

Name: Tskok
From: Malaysia
Date: 08-Jan-09 11:17 PM
Comments: Hi vivian, no matter what you had decided, i give my great respect and fully support your decision, with no comment. Wish you happy most of the time. :)

Name: Celine
From: Singapore
Date: 07-Jan-09 10:15 PM
Comments: Congratulation.. May God Bless You and your Newly Wedding.

Name: Linda
From: Guang Dong
Date: 07-Jan-09 1:30 AM
Comments: I like vivian


Name: Leah
From: Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES
Date: 06-Jan-09 10:51 PM
Comments: 晚上好! Vivian! Best Wishes...祝賀! on your wedding!

From your fan in the Philippines, Leah

Name: debora
From: indonesia
Date: 06-Jan-09 10:43 PM
Comments: congratulation,hope u will happiness with your husband and always beautyful, i have a request.. can i see your wedding pitcure? hehe...cos from i'm know u until now .u always my idol so i hope i can see my idol wearing the beautyful wedding dress..thanks

Name: aasit gandhi
From: singapore
Date: 06-Jan-09 6:46 PM
Comments: Congratulations. Being married is a new experience. Positive as well as negative issues will crop up depending on how you look at it. If you ever need a friend in Singapore please feel free to contact me. Choose your friends wisely. Spend more time on choosing a friend than most people spend on choosing a perfect dress. Wish you the best today and always.

Name: Ellys
From: Singapore
Date: 06-Jan-09 4:05 PM
Comments: Hi Vivian,

I am happy for you. You have found the right person for rest of your life. Congratulation!!!

Name: To Quyen
From: Vietnam
Date: 05-Jan-09 7:22 AM
Comments: I wish you always be happy. I love you so much. I like you in The greed of man.

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