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Name: Sharon 
E-mail: leogigi@cheerful.com
Homepage: Sharon in Beautiful British Columbia
From: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Date: 13-Oct-97 02:31 AM
 Dearest Vivian
I support you 4ever no matter what your decision is going to be

Name: Vincent Choy 
E-mail: vchoy@tm.net.my
From: Malaysia
Date: 13-Oct-97 02:02 PM
Comments: Please don't retire!!!!:( 

Name: Tiffany 
E-mail: tabanh@csupomona.edu
From: California
Date: 12-Oct-97 05:38 PM
Comments: I really hope that u do come out with two other cd's because I would like to hear your voice. It doesn't matter if u do not do any promotions. I would really like to hear your voice once again. 

Name: Allen Leung 
E-mail: aleung98@aol.com
From: Boston, USA
Date: 12-Oct-97 05:17 PM
Comments: Hi Vivian, Wish you the best of luck of whatever you want to do. We will always support you. 

Name: Andrew Cheng 
E-mail: maskedrider@bigfoot.com
From: United Kingdom
Date: 12-Oct-97 04:03 PM
Comments: Dear Vivian I will miss you if you get marry soon, but I respect whatever your decision is and please, please, God grant you the best of luck and everlasting marriage as I don't want to see if someone is capable of breaking your heart and ruin your happiness. Leads a happy life! I know Chinese, but just my software does not work. Always ANDREW 

Name: Brandon 
E-mail: din11in@hotmail.com
From: California
Date: 12-Oct-97 03:10 PM
Comments: You are everything that can happen to a fan like me. Your voice helped ease my pain, and your beauty erased my fear. By retiring now I think it would mean that people like me would have no one to lean against, no one to look up to. So please do not retire!!! I know you can be a brighter star! 

NameSamuel Leo
E-mail: sam.leo@usa.net
From: ShenZhen
Date: 12-Oct-97 08:58 AM
Comments: Please don't retire right now

NameGil Seiler
E-mail: gseiler@metro.net
From: Santa Rosa, California
Date: 12-Oct-97 08:41 AM
Comments: Vivian, you have fans all over the world and a large age span of fans. I will be 70 in January and you are the first entertainer whom I liked well enough to ever write anything to. Please reconsider your retiring as we will surely miss you.

NameFranklin Sloan
E-mail: fsloan30@swbell.net
HomepageBernadette and Frank's WWW Home Page
From: Texas, USA
Date: 12-Oct-97 07:05 AM
Comments: Please do not retire, ever.

NameDeric Lam
E-mail: NY963237@pacevm.dac.pace.edu
HomepageDeric's HomePage
From: New York City
Date: 12-Oct-97 05:40 AM
Comments: I don't know if you will see this message, but if you do, Vivian, I just want to say that like trends many fans support for their idol come and go. But your fans are a sincere exception. Just look at the number of web sites dedicated to you. I don't think a single one that was put up was ever taken down. We will forever support you in whatever you do--even if you retire. Deric Lam...

E-mail: a223345@top2.ficnet.net.tw
From: taiwan
Date: 12-Oct-97 05:35 AM
Comments: 記得是92年冬天你出現在台灣.無意中購買妳的"流言"專輯深深 被妳真誠的歌聲打動.之後陸陸續續聽到你在馬台雲的節目與何 啟弘的對話.發覺妳對音樂的喜愛.當妳聽到啟弘離職在節目中 哭出來.還說要把妳的眼淚送給他記得嗎?此刻妳的fans也是妳當時 的心情.眼框熱熱的鼻子酸酸的.你說的對!人要知足捨得捨得要 捨才能得.我們尊重妳的決定!*^^* 當妳說出不會再出唱片.我的眼前出現許多畫面出現.熬夜看妳演 得大時代.期待妳的CD.寫真集買到時興奮的心情.每一次都給我們 驚喜.謝謝妳這麼多年對我們歌迷的付出.一切盡在不言中! 希望妳未來的生活幸福美滿! 來自台灣的fans sophie

NameJackie Ng
E-mail: jackieng@geocities.com
HomepageVivian Shrine
From: Hong Kong
Date: 12-Oct-97 05:00 AM
Comments: Vivian, please don't leave us now.

NameSam Chiu
E-mail: samc@gladstone.uoregon.edu
HomepageVivian's Paradise
From: Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Date: 12-Oct-97 03:22 AM
Comments: There are stars that entertains the media, and once in a million years, there's a star that touches the media's heart. In these million years, there's Vivian. Even though I have not met Vivian, her sweet beauty was enough to capture my heart. When I am mad, she calms me down, when I am sad, she cheers me up, and when I am in pain, she soothes my soars. Vivian had done a lot for me and all of her faithful fans, but even for an angel star, there are times when she need someone to love her. Entertaining us took that right from her for 10 years, but now, it's over, it's Vivian's turn to satisfy her needs. Vivian, where ever you may be, I thank you for all your caring and hard work, and I will support you all the way, to whatever decision you will make. ^:^--VIVIAN-FOREVER--^:^

NameMartin S.W. Wong
E-mail: Martin.Wong@stud.man.ac.uk
From: UK
Date: 12-Oct-97 02:28 AM
Comments: I'll miss you dearly if you retire but, you have to do what you think is best for you. I only hope that your dream of a simpler life will come true, and find happiness that we will surely share with you.

Name: Robert Watson
E-mail: rwatson@cbu.edu
From: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Date: 11-Oct-97 11:32 PM
Comments: To Vivian:
Your music and your beauty are just plain good for the soul. With your art, you create a world with no boundaries. This message is my thanks for sharing your life and talent with myself and other fans all over the world.

Name: Kung Ming
E-mail: kungming@hotmail.com
Homepage: L. Yeung's Homepage
From: I dunno... do you?
Date: 11-Oct-97 11:20 PM
Comments: Hope to see you happy after your wedding! *lucky Joe...*

Name: Edmond
E-mail: elam@sprynet.com
Homepage: Unforgettable Moment with Vivian Chow
From: Vancouver
Date: 11-Oct-97 09:41 PM
Comments: I cartainly miss a lot of wonderful songs from you if you are leaving your singing business slowly. I am trying not to use the word "retire" since you have never said so and it's nice to keep us a dream that you will continue your work in the future.

Name: Long Ly
E-mail: aaronlee@earthlink.net
From: Houston, Texas
Date: 11-Oct-97 09:41 PM
Comments: Hi Vivian,
I want to tell you that I will always love you and support you. You will always be my #1 girl. You are truly my role model. Although, I haven't given the chance to ever see you, I think of you and I really feel that you were bside me. I know that you are planning to retire soon, so I want you to know that your songs and your personality has touched my heart deeply. Each time I am sad, I listen to your songs and it soothes my saddness. I will miss you a lot, but I will think of you everyday. I just want to wish you a happy future and good luck in whatever you do. "Forever Vivian's Fan"

Name: 可樂妹
E-mail: nicev@geocities.com
From: Masssachusetts-US
Date: 11-Oct-97 09:06 PM
Comments: Vivian,
我相信有好多好多的fans都很捨不得讓妳淡出娛樂圈, 妳一直都是我們心目中唱歌最好聽又最漂亮的偶像. 妳已經差不多一年沒有出唱片和宣傳了,好高興在「樂人谷」有聽到妳的聲音! 也許妳除了出唱片之外也可以出食譜?我相信一定有很多人有興趣知道妳是怎麼做春捲的. 如果是出書的話那就比較不必花許多精神和時間宣傳了. 我好喜歡妳的歌,妳的電影,電視劇.可惜我從來都沒有機會聽妳主持的radio show. 在二年多前我有去妳「處處留情」西門町(台北)簽名會當時有好多好多人排隊等著妳, 妳還記得嗎?當時妳一出現我就好緊張,第一次也是唯一的一次見到妳.當時妳簽完名了就要離去了, 那時候我好捨不得,大家都擠在門可等妳出來. 還有在台北的演唱會妳還記得嗎?當時我才差不多十歲,是我爸爸帶我去的,妳在臺上好漂亮, 那夜是我一生中最快樂的一天. 現在移民到美國了,還是很喜歡妳的歌,還是有留意妳的新聞, 第一次聽到妳有可能會但出娛樂圈真的好傷心,不過我相信妳會過得很快樂的. 汪茗荃都是唱歌唱了很久,她的fans還是一直支持她.我都會一樣一直支持妳的, 我也希望妳就算打算要退出娛樂圈妳也過得非常開心 =)

Name: Janice Lo
E-mail: janice.lo@verizon.net
Homepage: Vivian Chow's Place - http://www.vivianchow.info
From: Los Angeles, California, USA
Date: 11-Oct-97 06:36 PM
Comments: Dear Vivian,
I heard your Commercial Radio interview with Leo and Vani and I was very happy to hear you, because it has been A LONG TIME since you appeared in public, but I was also a bit sad to hear that you are thinking about not releasing another CD. Well, I wouldn't mind if you release a CD and not do any promotions...or even if you release an EP, that is still okay with me. Please don't retire so soon. I'll miss you a lot after you retire. I wish you the best in your career as a music composer and hope you have a very happy life with your future husband. *^_^*
A little extra info about myself...I've been a fan of yours ever since late 1992. The first song I heard of you was "Ji Jok Doh Ching" (自作多情) and it was great! I was born in the USA and don't know how to read or write Chinese, but I do understand Cantonese if it is used in a conversation. Although I don't understand the complex Cantonese or Mandarin lyrics in your songs, I still buy all your albums that I can get my hands on. The most recent CD I bought from my e-mail pal was "Asia Now", the CD that is only found in Japan which has your Cantonese version of your 1997 Japanese song, "I want to See You." I have watched many of your movies and TVB movie series. You did an excellent job acting in "The Greed of Man" and "A Stage of Turbulence." I also buy magazines, idol cards, and posters of you. Whenever you appear on TV, I will always record it. It's too bad that you decided to cancel your North American Tour this year. I was very much hoping to see you in concert again. I hope you enjoy viewing my "Vivian Chow's Place" web page which I made to show the whole world that you are my #1 female idol. *^_^* You have made a big impact on my life, as you are one of the main reasons why I have grown to like listening to HK pop music so much (even when I don't understand the lyrics). I'll never forget you!!

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