Vivian's Letter! (September 6, 1999)
Posted September 18, 1999

Vivian e-mailed me last week and she mentioned in her e-mail to: "Please help me to pass my message to my fans that I will send you a letter to them soon." So after about 1 week, her letter arrived in the mail...and here it is! ^_^ If you're on my Vivian mailing list, then you saw this post 2 days ago. Any other late-breaking news on Viv will be posted to the mailing list first, and then onto the news page.


Actual letter!

Thanks to Vivian for the photo! ^_^            
This pix came from Harper's Bazaar Magazine (Taiwan) in '96, and was scanned and printed (from a laser printer I think) on 8"x10" photo paper. Too bad I don't have this magazine.

Hi Janice, Hi to all my beloved fans,

From the last time that I performed in the U.S., it's been over 3 years since I have seen you guys. How are you? Although the international fan club has already dissolved in the early part of this year, I can still see your messages which you have given to me from the webpages of a few very supportive fans. I know that all of you are still concerned about my recent activities. I really thank-you. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the fans who have built a webpage about me. You guys spent so much time and effort. I'm really grateful and deeply touched. After so many glamorous years [in the entertainment biz], I'm really enjoying the peaceful and casual life I have now. You don't have to worry. When I have time, I will go on the Internet. These few years, I've already seen close to 100 of my own webpages. Each has its own unique style. Janice's "Vivian Chow's Place" is one that I visit a lot. From the messages of the fans, you guys always ask me if I will do any more public performances. I think within the near future, I do not have plans to do any commercial public performances. However, I will consider performing for charity purposes. Do I still like to sing?? Sure, I still like it very much. Lately when I went back to HK, I went w/ some of my friends to karaoke and I sang a lot. If you fans still want to contact me, I believe you can leave your messages in the fan mail [webpage]. I will see it for sure. Don't worry. Lastly, I want to wish every one of my fans health and happiness forever.

                      Chow Wai Man (signature)
                      September 6, 1999

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