Vivian Chow's 2006 Back for Love Concert

I went to the Vivian concert shows on 5/25, 5/26, and 5/27.

Here's the rundown for Vivian's HK concert on the 3rd night (other nights are slightly different).

  Song name Title translation
自作多情 / 假裝 / 戀曲 Sha La La /
Medley: One-sided Love / Pretend / Love Song Sha La La / Nobody is as Foolish as Me (Mandarin)
台下女主角 Offstage Leading Actress
孤單的心痛 Lonely Heartache
痴心換情深 Crazy Heart Changes to a Deeper Love
Sometimes When We Touch (duet w/ George Lam Chi Cheung) Sometimes When We Touch (English)
  ah Lam sings 分分鐘需要你 Need You Every Minute
歲月的童話 (half song) Past Fairy Tale
鋼線之舞 (half song) Dance of the Steel Wires
可知我想他 Don't You Know I Think of Him
情未了 (duet w/ Chris Wong) Endless Love
  Chris sings 傾心  
時間 Time (Mandarin)
最愛 Beloved
流言 (duet w/ Kevin Lam Lung Suen) Rumors (Mandarin)
  Kevin Lam Lung Suen sings 你那麼愛他 As You Love Him So Much (Mandarin)
自動自覺 / 詛咒 / 借歪 Medley: Automatic Actions / Curse / Move Out of the Way
* 14.
C'est la Vie C'est la Vie
* 15.
會錯意 Misunderstanding
男人心 (duet w/ Jo Kuk Jo Lam) Man's Heart
  Jo Kuk sings 我有權投  
我願意 I'm Willing (Mandarin song originally sung by Faye Wong)
遇見 Meet (Mandarin song originally sung by Stephanie Sun)
我真的受傷了 (duet w/ Leo Ku) I Really Got Hurt (Mandarin song originally sung by Jacky Cheung)
  Leo Ku sings 愛與誠 Love and Honesty
為你 For You
紅葉落索的時候 When the Red Leaf Falls
如果你知我苦衷 If You Knew My Reason
感情的分禮 Wedding of Feelings
紅河村 Red River Village
2nd Encore
留戀 Keep Love
天荒愛未老 A Long and Lasting Love

* Vivian shook hands with the audience.

5/27/06 - Before the concert started, I walked over to the ticket box office at the HK Coliseum to see if anyone was looking to buy 2 tickets, cuz 2 fans had cancelled at the last minute and I was trying to get their money back. Since Viv's concert was completely sold out, I knew it wouldn't be too difficult to find a ticket buyer. When I got to the box office, I noticed one guy was holding a few tickets in his hand and was walking away from the box office area with about 5 people surrounding him and wanting to buy his tickets...they were all following him and waving their money in their hands...they were looking rather desperate to buy a ticket! I waited for less than 2 minutes in front of the box office, and then a couple walked up to me asking if I had tickets to sell (I didn't even have my tickets out yet), so I sold them the tickets at the original ticket price.

Out of all 3 shows, I'd have to say the 3rd show was definitely the best. The atmosphere of the audience was great!!..and the show was fantastic!! Viv was quite emotional this night...crying a few times.. and also singing a few lyrics incorrectly..hehe. I was able to sit next to/near a few fans that I knew, which made watching the show more fun. I was sitting in the blue section 54, Row 2, which was about the 7th row. Joe was sitting in the VIP seats in the green section right underneath the big concert banner. The show started at around 8:30PM. The beginning of the concert was the same as last night...Viv sang a fast songs medley ("One-sided Love" / "Pretend" / "Love Song Sha La La" / "Nobody is as Foolish as Me").

After Viv finished singing "Nobody is as Foolish as Me," all the fans were screaming loudly... after the fans stopped screaming, a male fan a few rows above us screamed "Chow Wai Man!" really loudly, and the fans in our section laughed. Viv said, "Friends, how are you? I haven't seen you for a long time! (audience screaming) My last concert was in 1994, and now it's already 2006...12 years....I really didn't think I would be standing on this stage again 12 years later to see all of you. I really want to thank everyone for still remembering me and for especially coming tonight to see my show. Thank-you! (audience screamed and applauded loudly) Hello to the people sitting way up there! are you? (audience screamed) I'm so happy." Someone screamed from the audience that Viv looked very pretty. Viv said, "Thank-you. Do I really look pretty?" and the audience screamed "Yes!" Vivian said, "Hello!..I see my old PolyGram friends (Linda Wong, Vivian Lai, Winnie Lau, Karen Tong, Grasshoppers)....hehe. I started working at RTHK in 1988, and from then on, I worked in showbiz. You could say friends in the audience and HK friends have all watched me grow up, and have grown up together with me. The feeling is just like we're old friends. This feeling is really hard to come by... I really cherish I really like HK.. thank-you! (audience screamed) Have I changed? (audience screamed "no!") Yeah.. a lot of friends said that ever since I was a young girl until who I am today, my outer appearance hasn't changed much, but after experiencing a lot of stages in life, the way I am on the inside and the way I think have changed a lot. I want to tell everyone that although I'm standing on stage today, but I already don't think of myself as an artist. When I left HK in '97 to live overseas for some time, I became an ordinary person and already found my most comfortable way of living and learned a lot of things..learning to love myself more and how to love others. This feeling is very realistic. Tonight I want to share with all of you this feeling, because a large part of my happiness comes from all of you. Since the first day I stepped on stage, (Viv's voice sounded shaky...about to cry..) my world has been filled with all of your forgiveness and love (audience screaming). Thank-you."

Viv then sang "Offstage Leading Actress," "Lonely Heartache," and "Crazy Heart Changes to a Deeper Love." After she sang "Crazy Heart Changes to a Deeper Love," she said, "I'm so happy that I don't know what to say (fans screaming). Do you like how I'm dressed tonight? (audience screamed "yes!") Do I look better than 12 years ago? (audience screamed "yes!") Ok, then I don't need to feel worried...haha. A lot of people have said that I've taken care of my skin pretty well, but there's one person who's even better than me. He's more fit than me and is better than a lot of women when it comes to preserving his looks. When he was very young, he already had this same look right now. Let me bring him out for everyone to see... who is he?"

George Lam Chi Cheung appeared on stage and sang "Sometimes When We Touch" with Viv. After this song, Viv and ah Lam talked.
Viv: I'm so happy!
ah Lam: you chose this song for us to sing
Viv: yes, because you're a foreigner, so it's suitable for you to sing this look like a foreigner
ah Lam: what?..I'm Chinese!...what foreigner?
Viv: you're a foreigner...hahaha. When I sing with you, I remember a lot of the things we did together. Do you remember back then when there was a song which belonged to me and you? I don't think you remember. Do you want me to sing the song to you? (audience screamed "yes!")
ah Lam: ok, you sing so I can try to remember the song.
Viv: Don't get goose bumps when you hear it. You were touching me back then when I was singing this song....
ah Lam: what??
Viv: one area (audience laughs) .

Viv then sang a small part of the song from the "Heart to Hearts" movie. The audience applauded and screamed afterwards.

ah Lam: I remember this song. All of you (audience) remember this song, too?
Viv: You taught me to use my diaphram to sing, so now I'm really super...when I talk, I can just use the back of my throat for lazy tones, but I'll get a hoarse voice, but when I sing, I don't have a hoarse voice because I learned how to use my diaphram...haha.
ah Lam: oooh... back then I pointed at your diaphram when you sang..haha.. (audience laughing)
Viv: hahaha. I'm really happy.
ah Lam: Back then we found Vivian to be in the movie ... when I first saw her, I was thinking, 'wow, this pretty girl!..great! she definitely needs to be in the movie'... but it turns out she would be my daughter in the movie. (audience laughing loudly)
Viv: haha..I'm already grown up now.
ah Lam: oh, so if you act in a movie now, then you won't have to be my daughter.
Viv: nope.
ah Lam: so you can play a different kind of role, right?
Viv: yes..yes! So you just remember to find me next time...haha. Actually when I was younger, I wanted to tell you that you were my idol early on. I liked listening to your songs. I know a lot of your songs. There's one song that I really want to hear you sing to me.
ah Lam: I just saw you singing 'Beloved' earlier.
Viv: uh... I just sang 'Beloved?' I haven't sang it yet. (audience laughing loudly) ..haha.. you saw me sing 'Beloved' at my show last night.
ah Lam: you mean my 'Beloved' song or someone else's 'Beloved' song?
Viv: that's my 'Beloved' song...
ah Lam: haha..
Viv: it's not your song...I know how to sing your 'Beloved' song, too.
ah Lam: ok..
Viv: You can watch later to see which song it is. Don't leave.
ah Lam: ok..ok
Viv: can I go backstage while I listen to you sing? Sing with a little more feeling. (audience laughing)
ah Lam: you want me to sing with more feeling?
Viv: yes..I really like this song.
ah Lam: but you're not on's difficult for me to sing with more feeling.
Viv: just imagine that I'm on stage, ok? (audience laughing.. Viv goes offstage)

ah Lam: Hello! Nice to see you all! (audience screams) You guys are really 'high' tonight. Tonight I arrived really early here, but I didn't enter the Coliseum yet...I was standing in the hotel across the street watching all of you enter the Coliseum (audience laughs)..and I was thinking 'wow..there's so many people.. they're so slow.' (audience laughs) I was waiting for a while and yet all the people still haven't entered the venue yet. Hello to the people sitting way up there! are you? (audience screams) I have to try and extend my time because she (Vivian) takes a long time to change her clothes... (audience laughs loudly) so I'll need to sing my song more slowly. This is a slower version of my song... so then she can get dressed and look pretty to see all of you. I'd first like to help Vivian to say 'thank-you' to all of you. (audience applauds and screams loudly). The next song I'm going to sing...I think most people know this song. You guys were able to remember the song from the "Heart to Hearts" guys are great. I'm dedicating this next song to all of you.

Ah Lam sings his song "Need You Every Minute" 分分鐘需要你 . After his song, the video monitors showed pictures of Viv and her friends (same as last night). The audience screamed "waahhhhh!!" when Viv appeared on stage singing "Past Fairy Tale" as she sat in the big silver shoe. Then Viv sang, "Dance of the Steel Wires" and "Don't You Know I Think of Him."

After singing "Don't You Know I Think of Him," Viv said, "The song I just sang was the first song that I wrote the music to..."Don't You Know I Think of Him"...who would have guessed everyone still remembers this song... I'm so happy! Thank-you! During my entertainment career, there was a time period when I couldn't separate with this next guest. During that period, I think most of you heard us from the radio... it's already been more than 10 years." Chris Wong came out on stage and sang "Endless Love" with Viv. We were sitting near the place where Chris appeared to come out on stage, so he was standing really close to where were were at..and a lot of the fans sitting in our section screamed loudly when he appeared. At the end of the song, Chris kneeled down on one knee and kissed Viv on the hand. (audience screaming "waahh!") After the song, Viv and Chris talked...

Chris: Princess..
Viv: are you?
Chris: Thanks for inviting me tonight to this grand ball. I'm happy to see so many old friends tonight.
Viv: are you guys happy to see Chris? (audience screamed "happy!")
Chris: I'm very happy to see everyone be so passionate. Tonight reminds me of the many experiences that we had together in the past.
Viv: you mean our childhood experiences? (audience laughs)
Chris: are you thinking all the way back to the "Siu Bo Bo" time period?
Viv: hahaha.. I don't think you knew me back then.
Chris: You were an 'older sister' (someone the kids looked up to) on the TV program back then.
Viv: yes... actually I remembered first I thought the TV program I did with Joe called "Modern Times" was my first TV program, but actually a few years before that, there was a children's TV program called "Siu Bo Bo," and I was the 'older sister' playing the piano... you probably forgot about it.
Chris: Some people might have seen you back then when they were kids but forgot about it.
Viv: yeah
Chris: and then they think about it now and remember
Viv: I was the one wearing a bow in my hair
Chris: when you first came to work at the radio station, you still had that same look.
Viv: with the bow in my hair, right?
Chris: I remember your mom bringing orange juice to you
Viv: yeah, because at that time I just recovered from tuberculosis..I was really I had to drink some things to be healthy.. and I gained weight... from being 90something pounds to 120something was during that time period that I weighed the most. You saw me slowly growing bigger.
Chris: I saw did look rather chubby..and your mom bringing orange juice to good.
Viv: yeah..
Chris: when talking about the past, there's a lot of things we experienced... like the song we just sang..I remember the last time I sang this song with you, the feeling of singing the song back then isn't the same as the feeling now.
Viv: why?
Chris: because at that time, I had just left the radio station and we were singing this song at some concert hall and you suddenly started crying while we're singing
Viv: ooh...yes..yes.
Chris: it was really sad
Viv: yes..whenever I sing with him, it's really sad...either I'm crying or laughing.
Chris: hehe..
Viv: Why would I start laughing?.. because when he sings a high key, his eyebrows would look really weird..they would suddenly go up and separate (audience laughing loudly)
Chris: this is something I try to avoid doing
Viv: yeah..every person who sings with you notices this... everytime you sing a high note, your eyebrows do this. (audience laughing)
Chris: it's a special skill I have
Viv: why don't you try it again now?.. have a close-up of him when he sings a high note..try it.
Chris: (singing) 'so long...' (audience laughing loudly)
Viv: see... how come you're like that? how does it help you?
Chris: but if I sing falsetto, then it's different
Viv: how's it like when you sing falsetto?
Chris: falsetto is even a higher note.. when I sing 'so long,' that's how I look, but when I sing 'aaiiiii' (sounded like a girl screaming), my feet have to raise up a little, too. (audience laughing)
Viv: you shouldn't be like can practice not to do that.
Chris: the higher I am, the higher the note I can sing
Viv: but there's more..
Chris: so that's why I can sing low notes so well
Viv: oh yeah?... so when you sing a low note then you come back down..
Chris: because I'm short (audience laughing) ..haha..same joke..haha
Viv: there's more.. I'm really afraid to sing a certain type of song with you.. you look just like a foreigner, but you always ask me to sing Chinese opera with you.
Chris: at that time, you said you wanted to sing a duet song, but was afraid to I was just trying to help you. She can sing any type of song..she's pretty good at Chinese you guys want to hear her? (audience screamed "yes!")
Viv: but I want to hear you sing more.. you can pretend to be the guy or the girl
Chris:'s ok. Let's just cut this part out tonight. After tonight, we don't know when will be the next time that we see each other on stage.
Viv: hey..there's something I wanted to ask you. I recently saw in the newspapers about you saying that after you performed in my concert, you would disappear for a while. Is that true?
Chris: I often disappear. (audience laughed)
Viv: Where do you want to go?
Chris: In the middle of June, I have to go to Vancouver for my concert with an orchestra. Hey, this is like I'm doing an advertisement.. let's not talk about this.
Viv: ok.. but you're not going to be leaving us, right?
Chris: you can call me.
Viv: but you're not going to be leaving the music industry, right?
Chris: I'll still appear from time to time. (audience laughed)
Viv: ok, then we don't have to worry.
Chris: You seldom call me. You should call me when you've got time.
Viv: no.. you see..when I call you.....I'm gonna expose something bad about you.. his cell phone doesn't has no ringing sound, and he doesn't get it fixed. He said if he just happens to see that the cell phone vibrates ('jan') and lights up, then he'll answer.
Chris: you just had to mention the word 'jan' again (referring to Joe's Chinese name Ngai Jan)
Viv: uh...haha (audience laughing loudly)
Chris: you just added that little part to your speech. well, I'm the one who bought the phone...
Viv: don't be so thrifty..
Chris: I just use the phone to call people..
Viv: yeah...
Chris: for the people who try to call me, then it's all about fate if I answer. (audience laughing loudly)
Viv: I understand..
Chris: it's like if there's fate, I would be able to feel the phone vibrate even if my eyes are closed, right? (audience laughing loudly)
Viv: haha..
Chris: if there's no fate, I wouldn't answer even if the phone rings, right? (audience laughs and claps loudly) Next time I call you, I hope you don't tell me that your head hurts.
Viv: I won't.
Chris: because I've heard that when someone calls Vivian, when they're in the middle of talking on the phone, she would say, 'I can't talk anymore.. my head really hurts.' and the other person would say, 'Why?..why is your head hurting?' and Vivian would say, 'because I'm washing my hair while I'm talking to you. (audience laughing loudly) My head is upside down... my head really hurts..I'm feeling a lot of pain.'

Viv: yes, that's how I wash my hair. I can't stand up to wash my hair, because I'm afraid of water..haha..
Chris: I know you want to keep your beautiful looks, but you don't have to wash your hair so frequently
Viv: well of course I have to do this more match the chicken feather in your hair now (audience laughing)
Chris: ok..let's not talk about my like hair so much... you have lots of wigs... I remember several years ago when we went overseas for a show..after the show that night, I really had to suffer... she took me into the room and made me wear her wigs... and took my picture for each wig... she just pointed at me and kept on laughing. (audience laughed)

Viv: I know you really liked it..hahaha..
Chris: I'm really telling the truth. I never dared to let anyone see those pictures. When I looked at the pictures, I thought to myself, 'wow..any guy who wore those wigs would turn into Yue Fa, including myself (Yue Fa is a man who dressed up like a woman in TV ads a few years ago...basically an ugly lady).' (audience laughing and clapping)

Viv: haha... I'm so scared..I have to go now.. I remember how you looked..I can't handle it.
Chris: even I would look like Yue you can imagine. ok, then how about you go and change into another beautiful outfit. Tonight, my responsibility is to sing for a few minutes for you.
Viv: then I'll go now
Chris: ok, then I'll sing for a few minutes. You chose the song that I'm going to be singing.
Viv: yes. You guys treat him well!
Chris: thanks.

Viv leaves the stage.

Chris: Vivian told me I had to sing this song at her concert. Actually this song is kind of related to her, because back then the person who sang this song was her good friend at that time... and when I wrote the lyrics for the song, I used a lot of time and effort to write it..the words bring out some very unique feelings.

Chris sings 傾心 . After this song, the video monitors showed Viv's childhood pictures (same as last night). Then Viv appeared playing "Time" on the transparent grand piano. After singing "Time," Viv said, "The song I just sang, called 'Time,' was from my last Mandarin album in 1996 and was the main plugged song in the album. I wrote the music for this song. I really wanted to sing this song to everyone tonight, because I've never sang this song in HK before. The next song I'm going to play...uhm...the first time I played this song on the piano, I thought I would never forget how to play the song, so I didn't even write a piano score for the song. About 2 months ago when I decided I was going to sing the song, I was trying to practice playing the song on the piano, but I found out I had actually forgotten everything. I forgot all the music notes to the song. At that moment, I felt very sad... (Viv's voice sounded shaky...about to cry..) ..and even almost felt like crying. (Viv was silent for a few seconds..audience applauding to give her support) Thanks. It's really been a long time since I played the piano..I haven't practiced playing this song for a long time, so I forgot everything.. so I worked really hard, hoping that I could slowly find all the notes. So about a month and a half ago, I was lucky enough to find every note and was able to play the whole song. I felt like I found something that I had lost. I feel really excited knowing that I can play this song again. I think that even if I don't practice playing the piano in the future, I would still try to practice this song from time to time, because this song is very important to my singing career. In 1984 when I participated in my first singing contest, I sang the Japanese version of this song... "Beloved." (audience applauded loudly)

After she sang "Beloved," some of the fans in our section were screaming "We love Vivian the most!", but Viv said she couldn't hear what the fans were screaming, so the fans screamed again, "We love Vivian the most!" and then she said, "Thank-you..thank-you. I heard what you said.. 'we love Vivian the most' (fans screamed) ... thank-you. If it wasn't because of my concert this time, it would be quite difficult for me to see a lot of my friends. There's one friend who came from far away to be here to support me. It's been a very long time since I've sang with him on stage. He's from Taiwan and wrote a song for me which is my most favorite Mandarin song. If you know how to sing this song, I'd like you to sing this song with me, ok?" (audience screamed "ok!")

Then Viv started playing her Mandarin song "Rumors" on the piano, and Kevin Lam Lung Suen appeared playing "Rumors" on a black grand piano. His piano was right next to our section..the same place where Chris had appeared we got a good view of Lam Lung Suen playing the piano. After singing "Rumors," Viv said to Lam Lung Suen, "Thank-you. I think my friends (audience) are very happy to see you, because you've written such a great song for me." Then Viv said how her Mandarin had gotten worse...and then she did a test of Lam Lung Suen's Cantonese similar to the show last night.

Viv: If you can repeat this Cantonese phrase that I'm about to say, then I'll say you're smart, ok? Now listen..'Your Mandarin is really not that Cantonese is great!'
Lam Lung Suen (Mandarin): what?? Say it again..
Viv: 'Your Mandarin is really not that Cantonese is great!'

Lam Lung Suen was able to repeat the phrase correctly and the audience applauded and screamed loudly.

Viv: you're super!
Lam Lung Suen (Mandarin): what does that phrase mean?
Viv (Mandarin): I was complimenting you saying you're handsome. (audience laughing)
Lam Lung Suen (Mandarin): Thank-you.
Viv (Mandarin): Since you're so good [at Cantonese], how about you sing your next song in Cantonese?
Lam Lung Suen (Mandarin): Cantonese is rather easy, so I'll sing in Mandarin instead. (audience laughing)
Viv (Mandarin): Really?? Cantonese is rather easy?
Lam Lung Suen (Mandarin): yeah, rather easy.
Viv: What's the name of your song?
Lam Lung Suen (Mandarin): This song is from my new album.. it's a Mandarin song called, "As You Love Him So Much"
Viv: oh, "As You Love Him So Much." Then I'll be offstage to listen to you. Please give some applause to him. (audience applauds)
Lam Lung Suen (Mandarin): Thank-you.

Then Lam Lung Suen sang his song, "As You Love Him So Much" 你那麼愛他 . After he sang his song, Viv came out with the dancers and sang "Automatic Actions," "Curse," and "Move Out of the Way." I guess Viv had a lot on her mind during this part...too much to remember with all the dance steps and song lyrics ... she started singing "Automatic Actions" a few seconds before she was supposed to sing and she forgot a few of the lyrics when she was singing "Curse."

After the song "Move Out of the Way," Viv said, "Let's give some applause to the dancers, ok? (audience applauds). Thanks to all the dancers...they've experienced with me many long harsh hours of rehearsing. Thank-you. Thanks to my dance instructor Sunny. Was my dancing super?" (audience screamed "yes!") Viv wasn't supposed to shake hands until after her speech, but the fans were already running down to the railing to get into position for a handshake! right when I saw the fans run to the railing, me and a few other fans quickly ran to the front also. There were already lots of fans standing in front of us, and there were fans standing behind us...the fans in the back were pushing and shoving to try and get closer..and so we were getting pushed into the other fans who were standing in front of us. We were all leaning right up against each other's backs...we were all getting crushed!! So while we were waiting for Viv to come down and shake hands, Viv was still talking on stage, saying "Actually I was tricked this first they said, 'Vivian, you don't need to dance. You can just move a little and do some poses and that would be ok'...I believed what they said and was very happy. But then in the end, Sunny choreographed a lot of dance steps for wig almost fell off tonight.' Viv then noticed that the fans were standing at the railing waiting for her to do the handshake part.. she said, "wow, you guys are so smart!'re already there? (audience laughing) Are you going to let me continue speaking?..hahaha. Not talking just about dancing, or having a concert, even coming back to live in HK is also unexpected. In 2003, I came back to HK to celebrate Chinese New Year with my mom. I would usually just stay for about 3 months and would then go back [to Vancouver]. But at that time, SARS happened..and I couldn't get on the plane, while my boyfriend couldn't come back [to HK]. I really missed my cat, at that time, I would rely on Joe to e-mail to me pictures of Pal...and then I wouldn't be so worried about my son...and that's how the naked Joe/Pal photo came about. (audience laughs) You've all seen the photo, right? When I saw the photo of Joe and Pal looking so fit, but very skinny, I felt relieved and didn't need to rush back to see them. Then time quickly passed and it was already May...SARS still wasn't over yet, but one day, Joe suddenly called me and said that he and the cats would return to HK to be with me and that I wouldn't need to go back. I felt so happy at that moment. It's actually a very unpleasant experience taking such a long airplane flight by myself. Soon, our whole family moved back to HK and we didn't leave anymore. But there's one thing I feel some regret about...I didn't have a chance to say good-bye to our friends in Vancouver, because the last time I left [Vancouver], I didn't know that I might not have a chance to go back again. After this concert, I really don't know if there will be another concert again (audience screams "there will be!")... because we never know when the last time is, so every time I'm able to have a gathering with friends, I would especially cherish the moment and think of it as being the last time. Since tonight is the last show, I'd like to get closer to everyone. How about I come down to shake hands?" (audience screamed "yes!")

Viv sang "C'est la Vie" and "Misunderstanding" during the handshake part. She got to our section for the handshakes when she was singing "Misunderstanding." It's a good thing I'm slightly taller (by standing on my tiptoes ) than the fans who were standing in front of me, so I could still reach out to get a handshake from Viv . After the handshake part, Viv said, "wow, I think my hand looks really hurts...who was scratching me?..haha. Were you able to get a handshake? (audience screamed "Yes!") You got a handshake, right?...then I feel good. After I came back to HK, I got to know a lot of new friends. I think it's fate which brings two people together to become friends. There's one friend which I've known for just a short amount of time, but our relationship quickly became very strong and the feeling is just like a family member. I'd really like to invite this friend to come out and see everyone. I think everyone would also care about her like I do, because she's really a cute girl."

Then Jo Kuk Jo Lam came out on stage and sang the duet song "Man's Heart" with Viv. After this song, they talked a little..

Jo: Big Sister!
Viv: Thank-you Small Jo.
Jo: Thanks Big Sister. How is everyone? I'm Small Jo.
Viv: Small Jo is really worth loving. Although you look cool and cold, but you're really passionate. You know when Big Joe (Joe) found you to be the host of 'Cool Valley' (radio program), he had asked your uncle Vincent Kuk on his opinion about you. Do you know what Vincent said about you to betray you?

I know he wouldn't compliment me.
Viv: He told Joe, 'Jo Kuk is really very 'tasteless' (boring) should think it over before choosing her.'
Jo: aiya.. is he [Vincent] here tonight?
Viv: I'm not sure if he's here tonight... the other night he was wearing a light green shirt.
Jo: then what happened?
Viv: well, Joe didn't listen to what Vincent said...Joe thought you're really great...and look you were really suitable to do the radio program...and so that's why he found you to do the program...and discovered that you're not so 'tasteless''re actually quite 'salty'...haha.
Jo: He said that about me? But honestly, if I'm not salty, then how can you look so sweet, right? (audience laughs) Is Big Sister pretty and sweet? (audience screamed "yes!") Big Sister, if I wanted to be the 3rd party in a relationship, I would definitely choose you...I wouldn't choose Joe. (audience laughs loudly)

Viv: haha
Jo: you know..I was so angry when I saw the gossip magazine saying that about me.. if they wanted to accuse me for something I didn't do, at least choose someone who's prettier and better..
Viv: so you'd rather choose me, right?
Jo: of course I'd rather choose you.
Viv: then the gossip magazines should know what to do please
Jo: yes please.
Viv: let's be on the cover for the next issue, ok?
Jo: ok.. ok..
Viv: I'll be looking forward to it.
Jo: Big Sister, there's something I really wanted to say while I'm on stage. Do you all think that Big Sister has lost a lot of weight? (audience screamed "yes!") you feel unhappy when seeing her like this? (audience screamed "yes!") When Big Sister decided to do this concert, she really worked very hard..she practiced singing and dancing everyday.. I could see her getting more and more skinny each day...but it's for this concert..and for everyone to see her looking her best..Big Sister, you've done it! (audience applauds and screams)

Viv: Thank-you... you're going to make me cry..
Jo: I'm also really touched. Do you all know that you're doing charity tonight? (audience screamed "Yes!")
Viv: because everyone supports me in what I'm doing..I'd really like to thank everyone.
Jo: All of Big Sister's concert earnings for these 3 nights will be given to the Society for Abandoned Animals
Viv:'s the Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society..haha. (audience laughing)
Jo: Non-Profit making Veterinary Service Society..haha.
Viv: it's almost the same thing..
Jo: almost the same.. it's still loving and caring for animals
Viv: still related to animals
Jo: this savior's actions...let's give another round of applause to Big Sister, ok? (audience applauds and screams loudly)
Viv: Thanks Small Jo. I need to give you a kiss (Viv kissed Small Jo) .... I left some lipstick on you.
Jo: just leave it..leave it.. it's worth money.
Viv: ok.. my stage belongs to you now... I know this is the first time for you to sing at the HK Coliseum.
Jo: yes.. are there any 'Cool Valley' friends? (people who listened to the radio program)
Viv: are there any 'Cool Valley' friends? (audience screamed "yes!")
Jo: Please give me some more applause, ok? (audience applauds) It's my first time singing at the HK Coliseum.
Viv: so you guys know what to do..
Jo: ok
Viv: ok, so I'll hand it off to you now... enjoy yourself.

Viv goes backstage. Jo sang her song 我有權投 . After Jo finished her song, the video monitors showed video clips of Viv and her dog and cats (same as last night). Then Viv came on stage wearing a dark turquoise color dress and was singing "I'm Willing" (Faye Wong's song... Mandarin song). When she was singing this song, there were pictures of Viv and her pets showing on the video monitors... same as last night. After singing "I'm Willing," Viv made a similar speech as the previous night about how having pets have changed her life. Then she sang "Meet." (Stephanie Sun's song ..Mandarin song) After singing "Meet," Leo Ku appeared on stage to sing the song "I Really Got Hurt" (Jacky Cheung's song...Mandarin) with Vivian. At the beginning of the song before they started singing, a few female fans were screaming Viv's name in Mandarin, but it wasn't as loud as the one male fan who screamed "Chow Wai Man" in's the same fan who screamed at the beginning of the concert...he was loud!...we all laughed again when we heard him scream. Leo and Viv were holding hands during the song. After this song, Leo and Viv talked..

Viv: Thanks 'Handsome Boy'
Leo: 'Pretty Girl'
Viv: hehe... this is how we usually call each other.
Leo: Tonight is the last show. How do you feel?
Viv: uh... my feelings are very complicated... I feel like I'm dreaming...I don't feel like I'm on stage. I really feel like I've melted in the sea of people... I'm feeling a little light-headed.
Leo: know you're holding my hand really tightly.
Viv: aiya..sorry... hehe...sorry (audience laughing loudly)
Leo: I think everyone has already seen the newspapers and would know what's the next part in the show. I'm going to skip the part of saying stuff beforehand and just get to the point. Everyone scream 'Vivian has good balls,' (Chow Wai Man ho boh.. Viv has good pool skills) ok? (audience laughing loudly and screaming "ok!") We don't need to make any kind of jokes... let's just have 10,000+ people scream 'Vivian has good balls.' Remember, this isn't something perverted...we're talking about pool. (audience laughing)

Viv: pool playing skills...hehe.
Leo: pool playing skills. After tonight, with each show having about 10,000 people, we would have had close to 50,000 people saying there's 40,000+ people telling Vivian this... wow, around 40,000 people...there's not 40,000+ math isn't very good..sorry. (audience laughing) It's around 40,000 people telling Vivian, 'Chow Wai Man ho boh.' Tonight you will all be very loud too, right? (audience screamed "yes!") Tonight let's add a little something to it... the director said we should do the 'V' sign with our fingers after saying 'Chow Wai Man ho boh,' ok? (audience screamed "ok!")

Viv: wow, that's pretty good!
Leo: with more than 10,000 people doing this together...ok? (audience screamed "ok!") Tonight is the last chance you can do this.
Viv: everyone scream loudly...this is the last time I can hear this. I might become a great pool player in the future after you say this...haha.
Leo: Do I need to count 1, 2, 3?...yes, I should. Ok, after I count 1, 2, 3, then you all say 'Chow Wai Man ho boh'... ready.. 1, 2, 3 ...

Everyone screamed "Chow Wai Man ho boh!" and we did the 'V' sign afterwards while screaming "yeah!!!" It kinda reminded me of the few times I went to see a USC football game at the LA Coliseum and how we USC fans were doing the 'V' victory sign while the band was playing the USC fight song...hehe.

Viv: Thanks.
Leo: After our screaming, your pool skills would become much better (Leo made it sound like Viv's 'balls would be getting better'...haha... the audience laughed loudly) ... do you believe this?
Viv: yes, I believe this.
Leo: Actually, I noticed that the phrase 'Chow Wai Man ho boh'.....I'm not sure why, but it's already... well, the phrase 'Chow Wai Man ho boh' is of course very encouraging and positive...and to add to that, all the HK newspapers today wrote about this in a very positive manner... this phrase has now become a phrase which is well known to the HK people. (audience laughing)

Viv: so everytime they see me on the streets, they'll say 'Chow Wai Man ho boh' that?..haha..I would feel kind of scared...haha... if an elderly lady saw me and said 'Chow Wai Man ho boh'..I would feel rather scared...haha..(audience laughing loudly)
Leo: hahaha.. you don't have to be scared. Today, something strange has already happened.
Viv: really?
Leo: Why?... because I think 'Chow Wai Man ho boh' has already become a phrase which the HK people use all the time. (audience laughing) Today, when I was walking on the street, I bumped into a friend that I haven't seen for a very long time...I mean I really haven't seen him for a very long time.. about a few months.. I asked him, 'Hey, I haven't seen you for so long..where have you been?' and my friend actually said, 'Chow Wai Man ho boh, ngoh hui joh Moh Lok Goh ('I went to Morocco').' (audience laughing loudly) He was already used to saying this phrase a lot in front of whatever he says. Then afterwards, I was scratching my head thinking it was so strange...I kept on walking till I got to a store. I saw a young man at the store buying something...the boss of the store asked him, 'What would you like?' and the young man said, 'Chow Wai Man ho boh, ngoh seung yiu ji Yik Lik Doh ('I would like a bottle of Yakult'... a fermented milk drink).' (audience laughing loudly)

Viv: and then the young man was passing by one of the exits of the HK Coliseum and he said, 'Chow Wai Man ho boh, ngoh yiu hui to ngoh (I need to use the restroom cuz I have diarrhea).' (audience laughing loudly)
Leo: hahaha... hey, you even know how to make your own funny phrase.
Viv: yeah..haha.. what else have you got?...let's continue!..hahaha..
Leo: there's one more that I can tell everyone...towards the end of the show tonight, everyone can say "Chow Wai Man ho boh, ngoh dei yiu encore!" (Vivian has good balls, we want an encore!) (audience applauds and screams loudly)
Viv: really??...ok! let's see how you all scream!
Leo: so remember that... ok. After saying these funny things, I'd like to talk about your family... one family member who's really close to you and who always sleeps with you (audience laughs) ... oh no, sorry...I'm talking about your cat... I said it wrong.
Viv: oooooh..
Leo: Pal
Viv: everyone saw him just a few minutes ago
Leo: yes..
Viv: wooooo! (making a growling noise like how Pal did in the video)... how scary... were you frightened?
Leo: actually, I just saw your son backstage.
Viv: really??
Leo: yes!..what has he been eating recently?...he's so big now.
Viv: really??
Leo: yes, he's very big.

Pal (person dressed in cat costume) comes out on stage...audience screams loudly.

Leo: hey...he's coming out over there.
Viv: this is my son?
Leo: yeah...Pal.
Viv: my god!...he's so big... how can I hug him?
Leo: uhm...he doesn't need to be hugged... he'll just climb on you himself.
Viv: I don't dare to sing..he's so big... I'll die if he climbs on me..
Leo: hahaha
Viv:'s your mom.
Leo: Since there's 10,000+ people here tonight, how about I help you take a picture of you and your son?
Viv: ok!
Leo: we've taken pictures for all 3 nights...
Viv: Do you all like my son? (audience screamed 'yes!')
Leo: Do you like Pal?
Viv: Have you all read my book "My Cat Son Pal Chow?" (audience screamed 'yes!')
Leo: yes!
Viv: let me give my son a kiss. (Viv kisses Pal)
Leo: (Pal gives Leo a hug) wah, you're fooling around with me tonight, too?..hey!... (audience laughing)
Although you look like Pal, but everyone knows you're just a person in the costume...don't be a pervert (audience laughs loudly and applauds)
Viv: hahaha

Pal was kneeling on both knees while holding some flowers for Viv.

Leo: hey, what are you [Pal] doing tonight?
Viv: Son.. (Pal gives Viv the flowers) ...ooooh...he's such a good boy!..thank-you!..ooh.. he's a really good boy!

Then Pal, who's still kneeling, started hugging Viv VERY tightly and was touching her up and down her body!..audience was screaming 'waaahhhh!' loudly... Viv looked very shocked!...hahaha

Leo: hey.. Son!!...haha..what are you doing?....where are you putting your hands? Get your hands off! (audience still screaming loudly and laughing... Pal let go of Viv) You bad boy! (Leo hits Pal, and Pal covers his eyes)

Viv: well, you're (Pal) not being need to fool around with Brother (Leo), too!
Leo: fool around with Brother?

Viv tried to get Leo to stand in front of Pal, but Pal just kept on going after Viv!

Leo: what are you doing?...he only wants to fool around with you!
Viv: (Pal, still kneeling down on both knees, again gives Viv a tight hug) you (Pal) have to hug Mom... (Viv again looking rather shocked...haha..audience still screaming and laughing)
Leo: (trying to make Pal let go of Viv and was pulling on Pal) Son...get up...
Viv: he almost chipped my tooth [with the mic]
Leo: these 2 nights, you've been messing around...this dancer (Leo trying to pull Pal away from Viv)....hey!..stop it..I'm getting mad.
Viv: Son.. (Pal trying to grab Viv again) wah!... don't come here!... (Viv stepping away from Pal) ..I can't take it anymore.

Leo: what are you (Pal) doing tonight??

Then Leo takes off the head of the costume...revealing... JOE!!! Leo looked surprised, but he was just acting...haha.

Viv: AHHHHHHHHH!!! ( Viv looked VERY surprised!!...she ran to the side of the stage when she saw Joe...audience screaming and applauding loudly)
Leo: Brother Joe! (audience screaming and clapping very loudly for Joe...Joe looking very happy to have tricked Viv.. )

Viv didn't say anything for a few seconds..audience still screaming loudly.. Joe walks over to Viv to give her a big hug.. audience screamed even louder.

Leo: ooooh..she's starting to cry... let me explain to everyone.. for the past 2 nights, we had arranged for a dancer to be in the Pal costume to take a picture with Vivian (audience was quiet...Viv then walks over to the box of tissues to grab a tissue) ..see, she's really crying (audience laughing..some fans screaming 'Don't cry!'). Tonight we made sure she didn't know about this...Joe had said, 'I want to hide in the Pal costume and give her a surprise.' (Viv still crying...audience screaming) What did you (audience) say?...what does he (Joe) need to do?..give her a kiss? (audience screaming 'yes!')...of course this can't be avoided. (audience laughing)

Then Joe got down on both knees looking towards Viv with his arms spread out wide.

Leo: waaahhhh!! (audience was going crazy!..screaming VERY loudly...we were thinking Joe was about to propose...but didn't happen)

Viv walked over to Joe and Joe got up from his knees and they both hugged again...such a touching moment!

Leo: woooooh!! (audience still screaming and applauding) Since this is such a rare moment, how about we take a picture of you two? (audience laughing)
Viv: (talking to Joe) You're going to take a picture like this?

Joe and Viv posed for the of Joe's 'paws' was covering Viv's chest area...haha.

Leo: hey, your hand is on her.... (audience laughing)'s's ok. Ready 1, 2, 3.. (Leo took the picture...audience screaming again)
Viv: thank-you
Leo: actually, I think we can add something to the phrase that's used all the time...and that is 'Chow Wai Man ho boh, faai D ga Joe goh!' (hurry up and marry brother Joe) (audience screaming and applauding loudly... Joe also applauding) With 10,000+ people, let's all scream this together, ok? 'Chow Wai Man ho boh, faai D ga Joe goh!' Ready 1, 2, 3..

Everyone screamed 'Chow Wai Man ho boh, faai D ga Joe goh!'

Leo: You (Viv) got the message, right? (Viv then gives the mic to Joe)
Joe: I just have 5 words to say... 'jui ngoi Chow Wai Man.' (I love Vivian the most.)
Leo: waaaaaahh!!! (audience screaming and applauding loudly)
Viv: you've (Joe) had to suffer a lot [in the costume] ...are you hot? (Viv wipes the sweat off of Joe's forehead with her tissue..haha.. audience laughing)
Leo: at this moment, we should let them go backstage to show some more love for each other, ok? (audience laughing) Please give Joe some applause...he really had to suffer. (audience applauds loudly)

Viv and Joe left the stage.

Leo: They look so sweet. I really admire them. Tonight is the last night, and it's also the 3rd night of Vivian giving all her concert earnings to help out the small animals. I also have a song that's related to small animals. Have you all heard it?

Then Leo sang "Love and Honesty" while shaking hands with the audience. Towards the end of the song, Leo said, "I'll be like everyone and continue to support Vivian. 'Chow Wai Man ho boh...ngoh dei yiu encore' (Vivian has good balls, we want an encore)..remember this." (audience laughs and applauds)

After Leo's song, Joe and Ngai Hong are talking about Viv in the video clip (same as last night). After the video clip, Viv sang "For You" while sitting on the golden crown-chair that was hanging from the top of the Coliseum. As she was singing "For You," the video camera was also focused on Joe, who was sitting at the control panel. After this song, Viv sang "When the Red Leaf Falls."

After singing "When the Red Leaf Falls," Viv thanked some people.. sponsors, managers, band members, choreographer, makeup artist, costume designer, concert workers, friends, family, etc. Viv also said, "Lastly, I'd like to thank my fans (fans screamed and applauded loudly). Have you seen my concert poster? The concert slogan was, 'I'm back because of love.' (yan wai ngoi, soh yi wui loi) Then when my fans saw this concert poster, they were very happy and responded back to me on a website saying.... (Viv starting to cry...her voice sounding shaky) 'We've waited for you because of love.' (yan wai ngoi, soh yi dang doi)" The audience screamed and applauded loudly. Viv continues speaking with a shaky voice, "I want to wait for 12 years really isn't easy. Thank-you all. (audience screaming and applauding loudly) Have you all received my shiny idol card? (audience screamed "yes!") This idol card is a remembrance of all the good memories we've had for so many years. (Viv still crying...audience applauds loudly..screaming for Viv not to cry.) I hope you'll keep the card in a good place. Thank-you. (audience applauds loudly) The next song I'm going to sing...if you know how to sing this song, sing it with me, ok? (audience screams "ok!"). It's my last song for the night." Viv then sings "If You Knew My Reason" with the audience singing with her and clapping to the music. During the chorus of the 2nd part of the song, Viv pointed the mic towards the audience, and the audience sang the chorus.

After this song, Viv left the stage and the audience screamed for an encore, but I didn't hear anyone scream "Chow Wai Man ho boh...ngoh dei yiu encore." Viv appeared a few minutes later and sang "Wedding of Feelings."

After singing "Wedding of Feelings," Viv was silent for a few seconds, while the audience kept screaming Viv's name. Viv said, "You guys are so passionate tonight...what shall I do? There's something I'd like to say...please be a little quiet..I'd like to say it very clearly to everyone." Then she made a speech similar to the night before about Snow White.

Then the music for "Red River Village" started playing, and Viv said, "I'd like to sing this song together with you all." Viv and the audience sang "Red River Village" together...Viv came down near our section and shook hands with some of the audience. Viv left the stage after singing this song. Some of us were thinking.. "Viv's not going to sing 'A Long and Lasting Love' as her last song?"

Fans were still screaming and shouting after Viv left the stage...the Coliseum didn't turn on all the lights yet, meaning...Viv was going to have a second encore!! A few people had already left, thinking it was the end of the show... a couple of fans and I ran to the front to sit in the empty seats in the second row...hehehe. Fans were going crazy when Viv reappeared!..screaming and shouting VERY loudly!..screaming even more loudly than the first encore. Viv was wearing a white dress with another feather headpiece. She sang "Keep Love" of my very favorite Viv songs! I was so happy she sang this song. As she sang this song, there were pictures of her and Joe together on the video monitors...but the video monitors were on the side of the stage, while Viv was in the center of the stage which was raised up a couple of levels higher. I wanted to watch Viv sing, but I also wanted to look at the Viv and Joe pictures...aiy!..can't do both things at the same time!

After singing "Keep Love," Viv said, "Thank-you to all the friends. You've given me a memory which is really worth remembering." Then Carmen came out and gave Viv some flowers. Viv said, "Thanks Carmen. I think you're representing all my fans to give me this. Thank-you. (fans screaming and applauding) I think even if I don't sing later on, I'll always be the HK people's old friend. Thank-you. (Viv starts to cry again..voice sounding shaky) I really have to sing my last song for tonight. If you know how to sing this song, sing it with me." Then Viv sang her last song "A Long and Lasting Love" together with the audience. Viv said thanks and good-bye to everyone towards the end of the song. The concert ended at around 11:45PM.

I wasn't feeling sad yet after the concert was over, because there was still the concert celebration party/fans gathering to go to afterwards! Right after Viv left the stage, some fans and I were rushing to leave the Coliseum. We couldn't stay to wait at the yellow gate to see Viv leaving the Coliseum like most of the other people, cuz it was supposed to be first-come-first-serve for the seating at the fans gathering. So we quickly walked to the Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel, which was right next to the HK Coliseum. We stood in line for about 30 minutes waiting to get in to the restaurant. After we were let into the restaurant, the fans sat at the tables waiting for Viv to arrive. While we were waiting, we were able to get some food at the buffet area. There was an upper and lower area of the restaurant..the lower area had a small stage with Viv's concert banner as the backdrop..this area was sectioned off for only the reporters, concert workers, sponsors, friends, etc. Viv arrived about 20 minutes later... we all applauded loudly when she appeared. Leo Ku and Jo Kuk Jo Lam also appeared at the concert party. Viv walked down to the lower area of the restaurant. Meanwhile, the fans were all seated at the upper area of the restaurant...and therefore, none of us could see what was going on at the stage area unless we got up out of our seats, so we all left our tables.

This didn't quite feel like a fans gathering...yeah, the fans were gathered, but something else very important was missing...what could that be?...starts with a "V." It was more like a press conference rather than a fans gathering, but we couldn't really hear what Viv was saying when she was on stage...the MC's mic was a lot louder than Viv's. Most of us spent the majority of our time during the celebration party/fans gathering just standing at the buffet, not to get food, but just to stand there so we can see what Viv's doing...we couldn't hear anything she was saying to the reporters, so all we could do was watch from far away. If fans didn't leave their seats to see what Viv was doing, then they would have basically missed everything that happened that night, cuz all the action was happening in the lower area of the restaurant. While Viv was doing her interviews, Leo Ku took some individual photos with the fans. After all the reporters had finished their interviews with Viv, Viv finally had a chance to sit down to eat. A couple of us waved at Viv when she was walking to her table, and she waved back to us...hehe. We didn't have anything else to do, so we just watched Viv eat for a couple minutes..hehe. Then Carmen said to the fans that Viv was going to be taking pictures with the fans in a few minutes and told us all to get back to our seats. So then each table of fans took a group photo with Viv. At first, the people told us they would only be using one of our cameras to take the group photo, which makes sense, but then when it was our turn, they were telling us to each give our cameras to them to take the group then what happens?...just about everyone is looking in a different direction in the photo with Viv. After we took the group photo, I gave Viv the messages from the overseas fans who couldn't attend her concert and I said to her (in English), "Here are some messages from the overseas fans for you." and Viv replied, "Thanks Janice." Those were the only words I said to Viv that night. The workers were rushing us to move out of the way for the next group of fans, so we didn't have a chance to say anything else to Viv. Most fans thought that after all the group photos, Viv would walk over to all our tables to chat for a couple minutes with the fans, but after she took the last group photo, she was leaving the restaurant! Apparently the restaurant was rushing everyone to leave because it was already after 2:30AM and the restaurant had to close...Viv didn't have any time to talk to the fans. If the fans didn't say what they wanted to say to Viv during the group photo, then they lost their chance. There was no time for Viv to sign autographs for the fans at the party, but we all got Viv's autographed concert poster! When we were leaving the hotel, it was raining like cats and dogs!!..and what were we all worried about?..not that we'd get wet, but that our Viv concert posters would get wet! But we were resourceful...haha..most places offer umbrella bags when it's raining, so we all put our posters in the umbrella bags..hehe ...perfect size for the posters! One of the fans even used 5 umbrella bags to protect her poster...hehe...I just used 2 bags. There was very little rain during the previous 3 days in HK, and it wasn't raining at the time of Viv's only started raining really hard after the celebration party/fans gathering... it seemed like it was a sign that the party's over!

But what really made me feel sad was that 2 days after I got home from my HK trip, my 16-year-old dog passed away from a heart attack dog had a heart attack right in front of me and there was nothing I could do to save her. My dog had been with my family since the first day she was born, so she was the baby in our family. A few fans had emailed to me after I got home from HK asking me how the Viv concert was, but I replied back saying I'd tell them about the concert later, cuz I really didn't feel like talking about Viv's concert (which is a very happy event), when I was still grieving over my dog's death. Anyway, that's the end of my report... hope this wasn't too boring to read.

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Created on August 25, 2006.

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