Vivian Chow's 2006 Back for Love Concert

I went to the Vivian concert shows on 5/25, 5/26, and 5/27.

Here's the rundown for Vivian's HK concert on the 2nd night (other nights are slightly different).

  Song name Title translation
自作多情 / 假裝 / 戀曲 Sha La La /
Medley: One-sided Love / Pretend / Love Song Sha La La / Nobody is as Foolish as Me (Mandarin)
台下女主角 Offstage Leading Actress
孤單的心痛 Lonely Heartache
痴心換情深 Crazy Heart Changes to a Deeper Love
Sometimes When We Touch (duet w/ George Lam Chi Cheung) Sometimes When We Touch (English)
  ah Lam sings 分分鐘需要你 Need You Every Minute
歲月的童話 (half song) Past Fairy Tale
鋼線之舞 (half song) Dance of the Steel Wires
可知我想他 Don't You Know I Think of Him
情未了 (duet w/ Chris Wong) Endless Love
  Chris sings 傾心  
時間 Time (Mandarin)
最愛 Beloved
流言 (duet w/ Kevin Lam Lung Suen) Rumors (Mandarin)
  Kevin Lam Lung Suen sings 你那麼愛他 As You Love Him So Much (Mandarin)
自動自覺 / 詛咒 / 借歪 Medley: Automatic Actions / Curse / Move Out of the Way
* 14.
C'est la Vie C'est la Vie
* 15.
會錯意 Misunderstanding
知己 (duet w/ Samuel Toi) Best Friends (Mandarin)
  Samuel Toi sings 想你想得好孤寂 Feeling So Lonely When Thinking of You (Mandarin)
我願意 I'm Willing (Mandarin song originally sung by Faye Wong)
遇見 Meet (Mandarin song originally sung by Stephanie Sun)
我真的受傷了 (duet w/ Leo Ku) I Really Got Hurt (Mandarin song originally sung by Jacky Cheung)
  Leo Ku sings 愛與誠 Love and Honesty
為你 For You
紅葉落索的時候 When the Red Leaf Falls
如果你知我苦衷 If You Knew My Reason
感情的分禮 Wedding of Feelings
天荒愛未老 A Long and Lasting Love

* Vivian shook hands with the audience.

5/26/06 - I was supposed to sit in the yellow section Row 15 with my mom and my friend, but since my friend (the same friend who couldn't go the night before) couldn't fly back to HK to see the show, I decided to try my luck and see if anyone was selling closer seats on the auction websites... it's usually easier to find 2 tickets rather than 3. I was willing to pay for the closer seats and also pay for the two Row 15 tickets if I couldn't find any fans to buy those tickets from me. I was able to find an auction seller who had 2 tickets for Row H (3rd row), selling at HK$1100 for the 2 tickets (US$71 for each ticket..a very cheap price compared to the Chinese concert tickets we buy here in USA... I paid US$80 for Vivian's '97 Las Vegas concert ticket and sat in the first row for the 'regular' seating, but I was still sitting almost 20 rows away from the stage!... because the seats in front of us were all VIP seats). So I bought the two Row H tickets and picked them up a few hours before the 5/25 concert last night. Luckily I decided to leave the 2 tickets in my hotel room before going to the concert last night, otherwise I wouldn't have any tickets at all to go see tonight's (5/26) show....because after the concert last night, I lost the three Row 15 tickets I had (plus some other very important items)...I was planning on selling those three 5/26 tickets to some fans who had asked me if I had extra tickets, but I wasn't able to meet up with them before the show last night, so I kept the tickets with me thinking that I could sell them the tickets tonight instead, but I lost the tickets. After the concert ended last night, it was a complete nightmare for me (a few of you know the whole story) up until I arrived back at my hotel at around 2:00am and I saw that I still had my two 3rd row seats for tonight's show, cuz I wasn't 100% sure if I had left those tickets back at the hotel or not...I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I wasn't so concerned about the monetary loss of those lost tickets...I was just really worried that I couldn't go see the concert tonight.

Anyway, back to the 5/26 concert.. I was sitting in the red section 44, Row H, which was the 3rd row. Joe was sitting in the VIP seats in the green section right underneath the big concert banner, but Joe's parents didn't come to see the show that night. The show started at around 8:30PM. The beginning of the concert was the same as last night...Viv sang the fast songs medley, and after the song medley, Viv said, "Hello! Friends, how are you? Wow...I haven't seen you for a long time! I'm very happy tonight, because it's already been 12 years that I haven't stood on this stage to sing. I never would have guessed today in 2006 I would be standing on this stage to sing's really unexpected. I really want to thank everyone for still remembering me and for especially coming tonight to see my show. Thank-you! (audience applauds) I started working at RTHK in '88, and from then on, I worked in showbiz. You could say HK friends and friends in the audience have all watched me grow up, and have grown up together with me. The feeling is just like old friends even if we don't actually know each other. This feeling is really hard to come by... I really cherish I really like HK and really like everyone. I'm really happy to be back home.. thanks everyone! (audience applauds) From being a young girl during the 'Heart to Heart' movie series until who I am today, a lot of friends have said I haven't changed much for my outer appearance, but after experiencing a lot of stages in life, the way I am on the inside and the way I think have changed a lot. I want to tell everyone that although I'm standing on stage today, but I already don't think of myself as an artist. When I left HK in '97 to live overseas for some time, I became an ordinary person and already found my happiest way of living and learned a lot of things..learning to love myself more and how to love others. This feeling is very realistic. Tonight I want to share with all of you this feeling, because a large part of my happiness comes from all of you (Viv's voice sounded shaky...almost ready to cry...audience applauding and screaming). How come I feel like crying so quickly already?.. I have to hold in my tears or I can't sing. You guys really love me. Since the first day I stepped on stage, (Viv's voice sounded shaky again...about to cry..) my world has been filled with all of your forgiveness and love. Thank-you."

Viv then sang "Offstage Leading Actress," "Lonely Heartache," and "Crazy Heart Changes to a Deeper Love." After she sang "Crazy Heart Changes to a Deeper Love," she said, "To the people sitting way up there...I'll try my best to be lifted up there later...haha..please be patient. (audience screaming loudly..really excited) Do I look pretty tonight? (audience screamed "pretty!") Do I really look pretty? (audience screamed "Yes!") Did I take good care of my skin? (audience screamed "good!") Actually, the next guest has been able to take even better care of his appearance than me. He's even more fit than all women. When he was very young, he already had this same look right now. He's a person who still looks the same after all these years.... ah Lam (George Lam)!"

George Lam Chi Cheung appears on stage (audience screaming) and sang "Sometimes When We Touch" with Viv. After this song, Viv and ah Lam talked....

Viv: I'm really happy to see you.
ah Lam: know, I thought I was supposed to say a few words first on stage before singing, but instead I had to sing immediately. (audience laughs)
Viv: yeah, there's a lot of things you don't know about..haha. It's actually been a very long time since I've sang on stage together with you..and it's been a long time since I've seen you...we haven't kept in contact with each other for so long.
ah Lam: yes, it's been too long. I've really seen you grow up since you were very young. (audience laughs)
Viv: know what I remember the most about us from before?
ah Lam: actually, I found this picture in my home..
Viv: oh wow!.. can you (camera man) zoom in on this picture? I really want everyone to see this. I'll hold the picture. We're in the snow...can you see 2 monsters in the snow, each wearing a hood? ..haha.. (audience laughs) ..we're wearing a lot of clothes. wah! how come I look so old-fashioned? I need to hide this picture..haha.. I didn't have a chance to look closely at how I dressed.
ah Lam: Look at the date on the picture.
Viv: 1989, December 21..haha.
ah Lam: at that time we were in Toronto shooting a movie
Viv: yes, shooting "Three People's World" ('Heart into Hearts')
ah Lam: and that day was 40 degrees below zero
Viv: yeah, I was so cold I couldn't even talk
ah Lam: this picture is for you
Viv: Thank you. I was actually very happy, because back then it was my first time acting in a movie, so I had to go to audition since I was a when I went to the audition, I saw the director and had to do the audition with you... wahhh! I was really scared.. doing an audition with a big superstar!...I was so shocked... but you were such a nice person, making it very easy for me to pass. Were you about ready to cut me from the movie?

ah Lam: No... we had already did auditions with several other people, but once I saw her....well of course I would choose her! (audience laughs loudly and applauds)
Viv: why did you choose me?
ah Lam: well, you're pretty...and you know how to speak well, and you know how to of course you were chosen....but unfortunately, she plays as my daughter in the movie..haha. (audience laughs)
Viv: I can play older roles now...yeah..
ah Lam: yeah, you're more mature now. You know you look more like me than my own daughter does? (audience laughs)
Viv: hey, I want to tell you a secret. When he was getting married with Sally, there was a picture of him and Sally when they were young kids. You know your younger picture looks exactly like how I looked when I was a little kid? So I'm actually going to look like you in the future..haha.. maybe a few years later, the person on stage would look like you with long hair..haha
ah Lam: when I was looking at our pictures, I noticed our noses really look alike.
Viv: do they look alike? (Lam and Viv put their faces side by side to let the audience do a comparison... audience laughing) how about adding a moustache to me?..hahaha (audience laughing)
ah Lam: you don't need a moustache
Viv: haha..why not? a beautiful person growing a moustache is rather cool...haha
ah Lam: but I'm really happy you came back out to sing again
Viv: but I like to hear you sing a little more..
ah Lam: I'll sing one more song for them... but you have to leave now?
Viv: yes..I have to leave.. I'll change into something more beautiful..

Viv leaves the stage.

ah Lam: how is everyone? (audience screams "good!") I've been busy doing things and I didn't have a chance to step onto this stage until now, so I don't know what kind of trap doors are on this stage... (audience laughs loudly... ah Lam referring to the time when he fell into a big hole on stage during Liza Wang's concert a few years ago) so I have to look more closely..haha..and if you see me walking in a dangerous area, what will you guys do? (audience screams) But that's not going to work...cuz last time when I fell, I kept walking backwards and then fell and yet nobody screamed. (audience laughs loudly) So this time if there's any small dark spots, you need to scream, ok? (audience screams "ok!") This next song I'm going to sing, I think I've sung it close to 30 years at the HK Coliseum. So much time has passed and I've seen so many things...I think what's most important is to have good health. I wish everyone here to have good health. (audience applauds)

Ah Lam sang his song 分分鐘需要你 ("Need You Every Minute"). The audience clapped their hands following the music while ah Lam sang his song. At the end of the song, ah Lam said, "Thanks everyone for supporting Vivian." (audience applauds loudly) After his song, the video monitors showed pictures of Viv and her friends (same as last night). The audience screamed "waahhhhh!!" when Viv appeared on stage singing "Past Fairy Tale" as she sat in the big silver shoe. Then Viv sang "Dance of the Steel Wires" and "Don't You Know I Think of Him."

After singing "Don't You Know I Think of Him," Viv said, "You're really passionate tonight...I'm really happy. I almost wanted to cry again when I was backstage. I think I'll probably be crying tonight, but hopefully not, because then I can't sing. During my entertainment career, there was a time period when I couldn't separate with this next male guest. During that period, I think most of you heard us from the radio." Chris Wong appeared on stage (audience screamed loudly) and sang "Endless Love" with Viv. At the end of the song, Chris kneeled down on one knee and kissed Viv on the hand. (audience screaming "waahh!") After the song, Viv and Chris talked...

Viv: Since this is such a rare moment, how about we let the audience take some pictures of us together? (audience screamed "yes!")
Chris: where are they taking the pictures? (audience screaming "over here!")

Chris and Viv pose for pictures.

Viv: guys count.. 1.. 2... 3 (audience takes the pictures...audience laughing and screaming "waahhh!")

Then Viv and Chris turned to face the next section of the audience...

Chris: Next are the guests over here (guests meaning guests at a wedding... audience laughing loudly)...
Viv: 1.. 2... 3

Chris and Viv then turn to face the 3rd section.

Chris: For this section, I'll give you guys a bonus.

Chris kissed Viv on the cheek. (audience screamed "waaahhh!" loudly)

Viv: Thank come there's no kissing sound?..haha.

Then Chris and Viv were facing the red section...the section I was in...yeh!

Chris: Now it's your (Viv) turn to give them a bonus
Viv: ha??... ok

Viv was about to lean in to kiss Chris on the cheek, but then Chris suddenly turned his face, and Viv almost kissed Chris on the lips!... but she reacted fast enough and flinched back... (audience laughing loudly) Viv said, "waahh!.. how come you're like that?"

Chris: hahaha... (audience laughing)
Viv: You're always like always try to trick me. (audience laughing)
Chris: ok...haha..try again..
Viv: ha?... don't turn your lips this way. (audience laughing)
Chris: ok...I won't look.

Viv then kissed Chris on the cheek. (audience screamed and applauded)

Viv: hahaha..
Thank-you.. thanks for everyone's flashing lights (from their cameras).
Viv: Your hair extension looks funny... did you add it yourself?
Chris: I have a hair extension for every night.
Viv: It looks really cool.
Chris: I'm trying to match your feather (on Viv's head)..haha.. (audience laughing)
Viv: Oh yeah.. actually I'm really scared to see you...because I'm just so happy seeing you when you sing..I always want to laugh...but nothing happened just now.
Chris: Yeah, it's really difficult for me to hold in my laughter...and I always see you trying to hold in your laughter.
Viv: know what I'm most afraid of? look like a foreigner (audience laughs), but you really like to sing Chinese opera...and you always want to sing Chinese opera with me, so when you're singing Chinese opera with that different voice, and together with your looks, I really can't stand it..hahaha.. (audience laughs)

Chris: But I really like to sing together with you, maybe because when you talk, your voice already sounds like the voice when you're singing Chinese opera.
Viv: Really?
Chris: so when you're singing Chinese opera, you're really focused in the singing. Does everyone want to hear her sing Chinese opera? (audience screams "yes!" and clapping loudly)
Viv: Don't be silly..
Chris: See..people want to hear.. since you brought up the subject of Chinese opera, I think we should hear you sing.
Viv: I can't ...I can' will ruin this atmosphere.
Chris: You have to change your look first.
Viv: I have to pull...uhm..what do you call it?
Chris: pull your face (audience laughs)
Viv: No... like pull up the eyebrows... kinda like your eyebrows...yeah..haha.. I have to go backstage and fix it.
Chris: Ok, I'll give you one night to get ready and you can do it tomorrow.
Viv: Ok, I'll try it and we'll see..
Chris: Last night we talked a little bit. I feel like we're only very intimate with each other when we're on stage together.
Viv:'s a rare moment
Chris: Each time I can only see you when you're on stage. How about tonight we take a walk down memory lane?
Viv: What do you want to do? I always have some new things together with you.
Chris: No no..we've known each other since we were it's natural that we've been through a lot of experiences together.
Viv: Yes..
Chris: So let's remember a little part of the past..let's not waste too much time.. like our happy and sad times
Viv: Yeah... like you always yelled at me when I was young. (audience laughs)
Chris: When you were young?..haha..ok.
Viv: I wasn't even 20 years old yet.
Chris: Yes.. well, you just started working (at the radio station), so you needed to be taught by some of the's unavoidable... otherwise would you be as beautiful as you are today? (audience laughs)
Viv: Let me tell you... I was the only one who wasn't afraid to be yelled at by you...haha.
Chris: You know why I yelled at you?.. because I wanted you to improve. (audience laughs) But I yelled at you as if I'm your older brother and you're my younger sister.
Viv: Yes..
Chris: I remember when there were good and bad times that we experienced together. Do you remember one day when we were working at the radio station together, and it was Candy Che Suk Mui's birthday?.. she was on the 3rd floor.. and we were responsible for bringing the cake to her.. the golden boy and jade girl giving the cake to the Queen. (audience laughs and applauds) But we're on the first floor, and in order to get to the 3rd floor, we have to pass the 2nd floor.

Viv: and then suddenly Chris and I gave each other a sneaky look
Chris: on the turning corner of the 2nd floor stairway...we didn't say anything.
Viv: just thought we should immediately go back downstairs..
Chris: and then we hid on the corner of the stairway, and.....uhm....she's not here tonight, right? (audience laughs)
Viv: I think she's behind you.
Chris: Let's look this way and continue the story.
Viv: ok ok..
Chris: and that's when Vivian and I stole a bite. (audience laughs)
Viv: Yeah..and each of us ate half of the cake and finished it..haha.. and the Queen didn't eat any of it. (audience laughs)
Chris: She didn't know about it.
Viv: Yeah..she didn't know.
Chris: She didn't know about the birthday cake..
Viv: Yeah..haha..
Chris: and then there was one time when we went overseas to do a show together..I don't remember exactly where. You know when you perform overseas, you'll sometimes meet a guy who seems to be like a triad leader.
Viv: hmm..I don't really remember this..
Chris: At that time, I felt like something wasn't quite fair, and so I said I wouldn't sing... you know me...I didn't think first before I said this. (audience laughs)
Viv: I think I remember a little bit..
Chris: so I said I wouldn't sing.. and then this young girl (Vivian) yelled, "yeah, don't sing!" (audience laughs loudly) and she yelled, "I support you! We won't sing!" (audience laughs)
Viv: that's how my real personality is like
Chris: Then the girl who was assisting you at that time said, "aiya!..don't say that Chris!... you're ok...but we two girls can't go back to Hong Kong!" (audience laughs)
Viv: hahaha..
Chris: Do you remember this?
Viv: I think I remember now..
Chris: So that's why I really remember that time. Vivian is very caring, and she'll do things to help others. We eat cake together..and if we get in trouble, we'll suffer the consequences together. Where can you find such a friend?
Viv: haha..yes.. so do I help out a friend who's in trouble no matter what happens?
Chris: yes..
Viv: Please give me some applause..haha.. (audience applauds) Thanks everyone!..haha.
Chris: so tonight I had to come.... to give you this piece of hair
Viv: ok, I'd like to take it with me now.
Chris: can't...I still have to sing this song.
Viv: ok, I'll give you the stage now.
Chris: ok, then you go backstage and change into another beautiful outfit.

Viv leaves the stage.

Chris: I'm really happy to be here at Vivian's concert. I wasn't able to attend her previous concert, so I really cherish this opportunity now. She specifically chose a song for me to sing. She's really so helpful... she helped me think of what clothes I should wear (audience laughs) ...and helped me think of what song I should sing (audience laughs). The only thing I chose myself was to add this piece of hair and she said she wanted to pull it off for me. (audience laughs) But that's ok.. we're friends.

Chris sings 傾心 . After this song, the video monitors showed Viv's childhood pictures (same as last night). Then Viv appeared playing "Time" on the transparent grand piano. After singing "Time," Viv said, "The song I just sang, called 'Time,' was from my last Mandarin album in 1996. I wrote the music for this song. It's really been a long time since I've played the piano. I'm feeling kind of nervous. The next song I'm going to sing...uhm...the first time I played this song on the piano, I thought I would never forget how to play the song, because the piano score was in my heart, so I didn't even write a piano score for the song. About 2 months ago when I decided I was going to sing the song, I was trying to practice playing the song on the piano, but I found out I had actually forgotten everything. I forgot all the music notes to the song. At that moment, I felt very sad...and even almost felt like crying...really. So after working hard for some time, about a month and a half ago, I slowly started to find every note to the song. I felt like I found something that I had lost. I really cherish this. I think that even if I don't have that much time to play the piano anymore, I would still try to practice this song from time to time...even if my family members don't like noise.. because this song is very important to my singing career. In 1984 when I participated in my first singing contest, I sang the Japanese version of this song... 'Beloved.'" (audience clapping loudly)

After she sang "Beloved," she said, "If it wasn't because of my concert this time, it would be quite difficult for me to see a lot of my friends, because we would seldom contact each other, and some of them I haven't seen for a very very long time. The next friend I want to introduce... he hasn't sung together with me for a long time, and we haven't seen each other for a long time, and he hasn't come to Hong Kong for a long time. He's from Taiwan and speaks Mandarin. He wrote a song for me which was very important to me... it's my most favorite Mandarin song."

Then Viv started playing her Mandarin song "Rumors" on the piano, and Kevin Lam Lung Suen appeared on the other side of the stage playing "Rumors" on a black grand piano. After singing "Rumors," Viv did a test of Lam Lung Suen's Cantonese similar to the show last night. Then Lam Lung Suen sang his song 你那麼愛他 ("As You Love Him So Much"). After he sang his song, Viv came out with the dancers and sang "Automatic Actions," "Curse," and "Move Out of the Way."

After the song "Move Out of the Way," Viv said, "Thanks to all the dancers. Please give the dancers a round of applause (audience applauds). Thank-you. Everyone's worked very hard. Was my dancing great? (audience screamed "yes!") Please applaud again to show your support/encouragement. (audience applauds) . Thank-you. I was tricked this time... at first they said I wouldn't really need to dance...but in the end, they choreographed a lot of dance steps. I just thought I could do a few movements and a few poses and that's it, but who would have guessed that I would be dancing even more than when I was young... and my wig almost fell off. Not talking just about dancing, or tonight's show, even coming back to live in HK is also unexpected. In 2003, I was living in Vancouver and came back to HK to celebrate Chinese New Year with my mom. I would usually just stay for 2-3 months and would then leave. But during April of that year, SARS happened in HK...and I couldn't leave HK, while my boyfriend was overseas and couldn't come back to HK. I really missed my cat, Pal...and I didn't know what to I would always rely on Joe to e-mail to me pictures of Pal everyday, and that's how I could see my son. I really want to thank Joe." (audience applauds) Viv looking at Joe, "Say hello to everyone. (Joe waves to the audience) So that's how all of you were lucky enough to see the naked Joe/Pal photo...haha.. (audience laughs) When I saw the photo of Joe and Pal looking so fit, I felt relieved and didn't need to worry anymore. Then in May, SARS still wasn't over yet, but one day, Joe suddenly told me he and the cats would return to HK and that I shouldn't wait anymore. So he came back to HK with the cats. It was a really big surprise for me. I was really happy..but there's one thing I feel some regret about...I didn't have a chance to say good-bye to our friends over there (in Vancouver), because the last time I left [Vancouver], I didn't know that I might not have a chance to go back I feel some regret and I apologize for that. After this concert, I don't know if there will be another concert again (audience screams "there will be!")... because we never know when the last time will be, so every time I'm able to have a gathering with friends, I would especially cherish the moment and think of it as being the last now that everyone's here and we're happy together, could I get a little closer to you?" (audience screamed "yes!".... I immediately got out of my seat to get to the front for the handshake part ... I guess most of the people sitting in my section didn't see the 1st show and they didn't know the handshake part was next, so after I got up out of my seat, many fans started running to the front). Viv said, "How about I come down to shake hands?" (audience screamed "yes!")

Viv sang "C'est la Vie" and "Misunderstanding" during the handshake part and was able to shake hands with all 4 sections of the audience. On the night before, Viv only sang "Misunderstanding" during the handshake part and only shook hands with 2 sections of the audience, but on this night, she sang "C'est la Vie" to start off the handshake part, so I kind of had a feeling she would be singing 2 songs for the handshake part. By the time she got to the red section where I was at, she just finished singing "C'est la Vie"...I was able to get her handshake towards the end of the song, BUT when I was shaking her hand, she was looking to the opposite side of the stage and she was asking the audience, "I haven't finished shaking hands with everyone, right? Let's continue, ok?" I wasn't actually looking at her when I was shaking her hand. I was still shaking her hand while she was looking away...she didn't let go of my hand, so I didn't let go either..hehe ...not until the security guard broke up our handshake. Then Viv turned back around and was facing the red section again and the music for her song "Misunderstanding" started to play. I couldn't go back to my seat yet cuz there were still a lot of fans standing behind me and I couldn't move, and it would look pretty bad if Viv was standing right in front of me and I didn't have my hand out to try and get a handshake, so I just kept my hand out to see if Viv would shake my hand again, and she did!...hehe. Before she started singing "Misunderstanding," she said, "Last night I couldn't shake hands with everyone..I feel very heart didn't feel I hope to be able to shake hands with everyone tonight."

After the song "Misunderstanding," Viv said, "Was I able to shake hands with every section?" (audience screamed "yes!") Viv said, "yes? Very good! It's been a very long time since I've been in such close distance with everyone. I need to introduce the next guest...he's also an old friend that I haven't seen for a very long time. Everyone probably misses him...especially his 999 roses. (audience applauds, knowing the guest is Samuel Toi... '999 Roses' is one of his popular songs)

Samuel Toi Jing Siu and Viv sing their Mandarin duet song "Best Friends." After singing "Best Friends," Viv and Samuel talked...

Viv: Everyone, please give a round of applause to Samuel. (audience applauds)
Samuel: Thanks. How is everyone?
Viv: This person is really friendly... when I went to Taiwan, he's the only friend who spoke Cantonese, so he would often go with me to do work even when he's not scheduled to work. He would go together with me to TV/radio programs and be the translator, right?
Samuel: Yes.. sometimes we would speak Cantonese Mandarin, so I would help to be your translator.
Viv: Yes.. you're really so nice. Even when you didn't have to sing or didn't have to work, you would still go together with me and ride the minivan to the TV station or radio station to be my translator. I really thank you.
Samuel: Even when the car had a flat tire, I still went with you.
Viv: Yes.. I was really touched. and you've taught me so many things...and you taught me you remember?
Samuel: Oh yes.. sometimes during our work schedule, we were bored, so I did a few simple magic tricks and made everyone happy.
Viv: If that's the case, how about you make me bigger?
Samuel: change you? but I think you're already quite big. (audience laughs)
Viv: not in a specific area...I mean overall be bigger...because my friends have told me that because of my concert, I've lost a lot of weight and don't look like how I was before. Can you make me look like how I was before?
Samuel: Actually, after you finish the concert tonight, I'll treat you to a big meal. Then tomorrow you'll become bigger.
Viv: My stomach will be bigger.. (audience laughs)
Samuel: haha..
Viv: But the top won't be big... that wouldn't be good.
Samuel: Well, that's ok. But now I can do another magic trick.
Viv: Really?
Samuel: Yes.. I can make you disappear temporarily.
Viv: Oooh.. I get it..
Samuel: so then you can rest a little and have a drink of water
Viv: I get it.. ok..
Samuel: and you're gone! (audience laughs) Let's just fake it and say the magic trick was successful...wooh!
Viv: haha..
Samuel: Thank-you Vivian (audience applauds)
Viv: Thank you very much.

Viv leaves the stage.

Samuel: Actually I'm really happy to be able to sing "Best Friends" together with Vivian because it's the first duet song I wrote for her... it's a really unforgettable experience. And I was able to sing "Sometimes When We Touch" with her also. I'm really happy to take part in Vivian's 'Back for Love' concert, and I hope that not only tonight, but that there will be many more chances for her to sing together with all of you, so that we always don't have to feel so lonely when we think about her. Let's all sing this song together to give to Vivian, ok? (audience screams "ok!" and applauds)

Samuel sang his song 想你想得好孤寂 ("Feeling So Lonely When Thinking of You"). After this song, the video monitors showed video clips of Viv and her dog and cats (same as last night). Then Viv came on stage wearing a dark turquoise color dress and was singing "I'm Willing" (Faye Wong's song... Mandarin song). After singing "I'm Willing," Viv made a similar speech as the previous night about how having pets have changed her life. Then she sang "Meet." (Stephanie Sun's song ..Mandarin song) After singing "Meet," Leo Ku appeared on stage to sing the song "I Really Got Hurt" (Jacky Cheung's song...Mandarin) with Vivian. After this song, Leo and Viv talked...

Leo: I'm really happy for you.
Viv: Really? but how come tonight you look a little watery-eyed?
Leo: Everyone seems to be very passionate. (audience screamed loudly)
Viv: yes, you're all very passionate. We're both very touched. (audience screamed loudly)
Leo: How come everyone is so super tonight? (audience screamed very loudly)
Since you're so passionate tonight, I have something in my heart which I really want to say. I usually call Vivian as 'Pretty Girl.'
Viv: and I would call him as 'Handsome Boy.' We're not really shy..and not ashamed about this..hahaha..excuse us...
Leo: I've known 'Pretty Girl' for a long time. There's something that I've always been embarrassed to say to her.
Viv: Don't scare me... what do you want to say?
Leo: please excuse me for saying this in front of a girl... ok, I'll be honest. Actually, I've always thought that Vivian....'ho boh' (has good balls...audience laughs loudly) Really good balls. (meaning Vivian plays pool well.... audience laughs loudly)
Viv: eh??..haha..
Leo: You guys don't think that only Joe has tried the good balls.. (audience laughs loudly)
Viv: haha..
Leo: I've tried it many times!
Viv: hahaha..
Leo: plus..a lot of other people have experienced this, too...and it all happened at Joe's pool hall.
Viv: oooh..haha.. (audience laughs)
Leo: that's right.. everytime Vivian made a good shot or won a game, the guys watching her would say, "Vivian, good balls!" (Leo sounding and looking rather perverted when he said this...hehe... audience laughing loudly)
Viv: hahaha... you're looking kind of perverted..haha..their eyes don't look like yours..haha.
Leo: They're praising you for making a good pool shot or that you played a good pool game.
Viv: ooh.. actually I like to be praised.
Leo: Really?
Viv: yeah..when someone praises me for playing pool well.
Leo: Then that's perfect... if I said Vivian has good balls (meaning Vivian plays pool well), I don't think anyone here would disagree. Would any of you disagree? (audience screams "no!") The guys in the audience... do you think Vivian has good balls? (a few guys screamed "good!") I'd like to borrow this opportunity with the 10,000+ audience members in the HK Coliseum to scream loudly, "Chow Wai Man ho boh!" (Vivian has good balls!) (audience laughs)

Viv: Actually I would really like to hear this... I haven't heard such a tremendous amount of praise for me playing pool well... since I'm quite an old pool player..please give me some support.
Leo: and plus, since you're a female, I think you'd really want to hear this phrase... I mean female pool player... I forgot to say this.. (audience laughs)..sorry.
Viv: haha...ok. How about all of you scream this phrase loudly to give me some support?...say it like you really mean it.
Leo: Last night I already led several thousand people to scream this phrase... after the show, I had a friend on HK island call me up to ask me, "Does Vivian really have good balls?" (audience laughs)..because we've already screamed it all the way across to the HK side. I think you will be able to scream more loudly than the audience last night, right? (audience screams "yes!") and also, there's very little chance for you to scream "Vivian has good balls!" in public.

Viv: Everyone just let it out with all your strength!
Leo: If guys were at home and they had suddenly screamed "Vivian has good balls!," their mom would probably say, "You bad boy!"...
Viv: haha..
Leo: or if you're on the street and you suddenly screamed "Vivian has good balls!," the people would probably think, "geez, what's the matter with this person?" so that's why everyone should cherish this moment to openly scream out "Vivian has good balls!"
Viv: (in Mandarin) I'm ready.... come on..
Leo: Are you all ready? (audience screamed "yes!") .. louder than last night, ok? ready.. after 3, say "Chow Wai Man ho boh" (Vivian has good balls) ...pretty funny, huh?
Viv: hurry up! I can't wait!
Leo: ready.. 1,2, 3 .. (audience and Leo scream, "Chow Wai Man ho boh!")
Leo: is it good balls?
Viv: yes..good balls...
Leo: hehehe..
Viv: I kind of feel like crying... after this, I will focus on being a pool player, to see if I can be a world ranked player at my age and participate in tournaments around the world.
Leo: If you've really got good balls, then you can really do it. (audience laughs)
Viv: then I've got you to give me support
Leo: Has the palace dress appeared tonight yet? (audience laughs)
Viv: eh??..palace dress?
Leo: come I suddenly asked about the palace dress?.. we were just talking about Vivian having good balls..ooh..sorry...I jumped too far ahead on the topic (audience laughs loudly)...sorry..
Viv: you silly boy.. let me hit you first...haha.
Leo: hehehe. Tonight towards the end of the concert, if everyone wants Vivian to come out again to sing, you can all scream, "Chow Wai Man ho boh...ngoh dei yiu encore!" (Vivian has good balls, we want an encore!) (audience laughs and applauds) Remember this, ok? Remember to scream this towards the end.

Viv: You're really a good talker. But you're usually not like this... only when you're on stage... how come? ... you're a bad boy...haha..
Leo: hahaha... well, I'm not only here to teach everyone a slogan.. I also need to tell everyone that I saw your son backstage just a few minutes ago.
Viv: my son?
Leo: just admit you gave birth to your son (audience laughs)
Viv: you mean the one who was in the video clip?... yeah, he already appeared in the video.
Leo: yeah.. your son Pal.
Viv: but how come you were able to see him backstage?
Leo: you brought him backstage... he's running around all over the place.
Viv: really??
Leo: yeah.. and he ate so much that he's very big now.
Viv: I don't believe you! (dancer wearing cat costume comes out on stage...audience screams loudly)
Leo: what did he eat to be so big?
Viv: oooh.... my come you look like this? What did you eat?... be careful on what you son.. I'm really worried about you.
Leo: I'd like to take this opportunity to help Mom and her son take a picture together. The camera's ready, right?
Viv: my son... here's a kiss for you. (Viv kisses Pal)
Leo: waahh!...(audience screams "waah!") Although we know you (dancer) are pretending to be Pal, but the entire audience knows there's a person inside the don't pretend to try anything (audience laughs loudly)
Viv: I think of him as my son....[Pal] just relax... it's ok...
Leo: I'm taking this picture in front of thousands of people to remember this moment... I usually see the photographers squat down a little to take pictures (audience laughs), but you're wearing a long dress, so it's no use (audience laughs). ok, ready..1, 2, 3.

Leo took the picture of Viv and Pal.

Viv: Thank you.

Pal gives flowers to Viv... Viv screams, "waahh!"

Leo: you bad boy! just throw the flowers towards your mom's mouth! (Leo hits Pal.... audience laughing)
Viv: hey, don't hit my son!
Leo: I'm just trying to discipline your son for you.. last night he hit the microphone which then chipped your tooth.
Viv: it's ok! son can do anything he likes.
Leo: really?
Viv: yeah...we treat each other equally..
Leo: hahaha..
Viv: you're really not smart
Leo:'s my fault. Then how about you go backstage to cheer up your son.
Viv: ok.. my son, let's go now... be good. Say bye-bye to brother..
Leo: bye-bye. Please give some applause to Pal, ok? (audience applauds). Actually it's really hot being in the Pal costume, so please give some more applause (audience applauds).

Then Leo sang "Love and Honesty." Towards the end of the song, Leo said, "I'll be like everyone and continue to support Vivian. Remember...'Chow Wai Man ho boh...ngoh dei yiu encore' (Vivian has good balls, we want an encore)..remember to scream this." (audience laughs and applauds) After Leo's song, Joe and Ngai Hong are talking about Viv in the video clip (same as last night).

After the video clip, the band started to play Viv's song "For You," and Viv appeared at the center stage sitting on a chair that looked like a rectangular crown with crystals hanging all over it...kind of looks like a throne. The cables/wires pulled the chair up towards the top of the Coliseum. Viv was up HIGH in the air. Below the crown was a huge golden dress which opened up and looked like it had arms/legs, and there were golden shoes at the bottom of it. As she sang "For You," the chair rotated slowly around so everyone could see her. Towards the end of the song, the chair was lowered back down to the stage. Viv got out of the chair and then sang "When the Red Leaf Falls."



After singing "When the Red Leaf Falls," Viv thanked some people.. sponsors, managers, band members, choreographer, makeup artist, costume designer, concert workers, friends, fans, etc. Viv also said, "Thanks to my good friends who have also supported me.. specifically this friend who has worked very hard and who has been busy for a long time... Carmen...I think the fans also know...please give some applause to Carmen." (audience applauded and some fans screamed) Viv thanked some other friends and said, "Thanks to Joe (audience screamed and applauded)...thanks to my family..and most importantly, thank-you to the audience and thanks to my fans. (audience applauded loudly and screamed) This time, my concert's slogan was, 'I'm back because of love' (yan wai ngoi, soh yi wui loi). Then when everyone saw this concert poster, I saw on a fan's website that the fans replied back to me saying.... (Viv starting to cry...her voice sounded shaky) 'We've waited for you because of love.'" (yan wai ngoi, soh yi dang doi) The audience screamed and applauded loudly. Viv continues speaking with a shaky voice, "To wait this long really isn't easy...because they've had to wait for 12 years. Thank-you all. (audience screaming and applauding loudly) Let me grab some tissues first (Viv wiping away her tears). Tonight I have given you all a's my shiny idol card that's in your hands now. This is a remembrance of our love for all these years. Thank-you. (audience applauds loudly) Also my advertising sponsor has supported my concert and has given all of you a special Octopus card cover. And my previous record company has released a compilation CD for can buy it at the door... I believe you've already got it in your hands. How about I give myself to all of you? that good? (audience screams "good!") I'd like to sing a song which was written by a very special friend (Viv starts to cry....voice sounding shaky)... he wrote this song for me...(Viv pauses for a couple seconds..audience person yelled, "Don't cry!").. I can't say the name of the song... all of you help me say the song name, ok?..... 'If You Knew My Reason.' " (audience applauds and screams loudly)

The audience clapped their hands following the music while Viv sang, "If You Knew My Reason"... Viv started crying as she sang the song and didn't sing for a few seconds.. the audience helped her sing a few of the words. After this song, Viv left the stage and the audience screamed for an encore, but I didn't hear anyone screaming, "Chow Wai Man ho boh...ngoh dei yiu encore"..hehe. Viv appeared a few minutes later and sang "Wedding of Feelings."

After singing "Wedding of Feelings," Viv made a speech similar to the night before about Snow White. Then Viv sang her last song, "A Long and Lasting Love." The concert ended at around 11:38PM.




After the concert ended, I went to take a look at the Viv pictures that the vendors were selling outside of the Coliseum. I spent about 15 minutes deciding which set to buy. Then I walked over to the outside of the yellow gate to see if I could wait for Viv to come out. On the night before, I waited till 1:15am and she still didn't come out yet, so I left...but she should be coming out earlier tonight since she wouldn't need to do interviews with reporters after the show like the night before. So I waited for less than 30 minutes, and Viv came out of the back entrance of the Coliseum before 12:30AM. She was wearing a cap and the same red and white striped top she wore at the HK Book Fair 2 years ago..hehe. There were a lot of fans waiting for Viv, but less than the night before. I thought Viv would only wave to the fans and immediately get into the minivan to leave, but instead, she walked up to the metal barriers and shook hands with fans and also gave autographs! But too bad..I didn't have my new Vivian compilation CD with was back at the hotel..and I didn't have any other Viv items with me except for the Viv idol card, bookmark, and Octopus card cover I got right before the concert. I saw Viv was holding a regular pen to sign things for the fans, but I knew it wasn't possible to sign on the shiny idol card or the plastic Octopus card cover with a regular pen, so I tried to give her the bookmark to sign. I was standing behind a tall guy, so when Viv walked near where I was, I screamed, "Vivian!"...she saw me and said, "Hello!"..and then I said in English, "Could you sign this?"...I reached out to give her the bookmark and she reached out to get the bookmark (there were 2 barriers separating Viv from the fans, so it was a far stretch for Viv and the fans). Viv had the bookmark in her hand, but then she said in Cantonese, "oh, I don't have a pen. (guess she gave the pen back to the fan or whoever) I'll sign for you next time!" and I said, "ok! Thanks!" I reached out again to get the bookmark back from Viv. Actually, I did have one of those autograph markers in my backpack, but I knew Viv was in a rush, so I didn't get it out. Anyway, I was already happy just to see her for a few seconds. So a few minutes later, she waved good-bye to the fans and got into the minivan and left.

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