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Name: steveleong
From: malaysia
Date: 22-Dec-08 10:32 PM
Comments: u r beautiful...i like ur song very much...have a good day

Name: crystal
From: malaysia
Date: 22-Dec-08 7:44 PM
Comments: she is the Idol for me.she is so nice and pretty. I hope this husband will treat her nice and love her. To a female, our husband is so important to us, they would bring us up....I hope he will not disappoint her again. If he did, he is really a silly man. Dear, we all care for u because we are females, we understand that you can forgive him but cannot forget what he did such painful things to you. this is your decision. No matter what, you yourself know him and understand what you want. No matter what people say the most important is your happiness. wish you all the best. Take good care.

Name: FAN in Mil-town
From: Milwaukee, WI
Date: 22-Dec-08 12:41 PM
Comments: Congratulation! May all goes well and God bless both of you for an everlasting marriage. When is the date???
A-Far-Away FAN of Yours.

Name: Pamela HB
From: Canada
Date: 22-Dec-08 10:26 AM
Comments: First of all, so happy for your decision I would like to declare, I was never V's fan...up till now I become your fan. U are a real role model for new generation & modern chinese woman...esp for hk girl. I am a chinese, born in HK but move to Canada ever since I was a teen. Am with my bf for more than 15 years, not yet marry, but I know he is the one, btw he is a caucasian. I truly understand the meaning "get to know" a hard & fruitful way though..I truly understand what does it mean by "he modes me & I modes him, we are a unit".. (mine is even a bit more unique!!!)

Long story reason/my perspective re V is the role model of modern HK woman is...we are financial independent, do we need to surrender our traditional good quality "appreciative/considerate/accomodative"?

V is a living good example of being financial independent but keep the good chinese woman good quality. I am sure V is appreciative the "contribution" Joe gave her all these years eg tender loving care..etc, it is very vital to keep youthful image & benefit her career. U guys are a team, without one another the team would not be as good as today...A loveable person is considerate, how V protects Joe and how Joe protect the girls he hurt, they are both considerate persons...I totally agree when U love a person forgiving/accomodative is part of it. V forgives what Joe did re relaxing with young girls (not saying innocent) and Joe forgive V for being so tensed as being her bf all these years.

I never proud to be a HongKongnese re the example I see day to day...start fm V's maturity attitude, I have a second thought....stuff is evolving, we should never judge things in a static manner esp culture/relationship..

If we know how to step back to look at love in different dimensions & objects: love to our partner, love to our parent, love to friends, love to animals and love to the earth....U all would appreciate V is a modern woman whose beauty is not just skin deep....I truly think that V is a winner.

Name: Li Shixiong
From: Beijing
Date: 22-Dec-08 6:32 AM
Comments: Hi, congratulations and I will give my best wishes to you. By the way, my wife want to ask you how can you aways looks so young?

Name: Dao Thanh Huyen
From: Vietnam
Date: 22-Dec-08 12:37 AM
Comments: I am junior student in Hanoi (Vietnam). The famous film "The greed of man" is shown in my country at this time, indeed. I saw it over 15 years ago and I am honestly very very happy to watch again, indeed. When I met something "old" but familiar, it seems a gift. Donating you with all my best wishes: GOOD LUCK, GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS with your husband!

Name: Sunny
From: Beijing
Date: 21-Dec-08 8:06 PM
Comments: Vivian, I like your paintings so much. They are as pretty as you. I know that you must be very exciting with your marriage now. I believe that you love Joe so much and cherish the years you have been together with him. I will support any decision you make, really hope you could be happy and peaceful forever :)

Name: Neil Prosser
From: Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Date: 21-Dec-08 6:35 PM
Comments: Congratulations Vivian! Do well!

Name: stephen
Date: 21-Dec-08 5:19 PM

Name: Joyce Chan
From: HK
Date: 21-Dec-08 9:09 AM
Comments: Dearest Vivian,


兩個人總比一個人好,因為二人勞碌同得美好的果效。若是跌倒,這人可以扶起他的同伴;若是孤身跌倒, 沒有別人扶起他來,這人就有禍了。再者,二人同睡就有暖和,一人獨睡怎暖和呢? 有人攻勝孤身一人,若有二人便能敵擋他;三股合成的繩子不容易折斷。(傳道書四章9- 12節)

但從起初創造的時候,神造人是造男造女。因此,人要離開父母,與妻子連合,二人成為一體。既然如此, 夫妻不再是兩個人,防是一體的了。所以,神配合的,人不可分開。(馬可福音十章6-9節)




Joyce Chan

Name: reagan
From: indonesia
Date: 21-Dec-08 8:05 AM
Comments: congratulation vivian....hallo, I'm reagan chan. I'm from indonesia. I love u vivian u ar the best forever and I love u.. i hope u hav a cute baby...

Name: Mandy Chan
From: Hong Kong
Date: 20-Dec-08 11:55 PM
Comments: Congratulations! You are so brave and your loving heart makes me very impressed. I hope you and Mr. Ngai will have a happy life in the future.

Name: tracey
From: usa
Date: 20-Dec-08 9:57 PM
Comments: congratulations Vivian. You made a good choice to get marry after all these years. Ignore all the media gossip.As long as you're happy that's what really matters. Keep believing in yourself and your partner.

Name: Fly
From: Singapore
Date: 20-Dec-08 7:50 PM
Comments: Congratulation! Everyone is independent, what you choosed is only for yourself, don't care what others said. Every stage of life is meaningful for a human, no matter is good or bad, it's only depend how you take it. I wish you have a meaningful life and don't regret what you did.

Name: Bear
From: USA
Date: 20-Dec-08 1:22 PM
Comments: Hi Vivian, congratulations! Wish you and Joe live long together, and yeah, have a healthy and beautiful baby! ^^

Name: Helen Enslow
From: USA
Date: 19-Dec-08 6:43 AM
Comments: Vivian,

You're so talented. Love your paintings! Wishing you and Joe all the best.


Name: Cecilia
From: hongkong sar
Date: 15-Dec-08 6:23 AM
Comments: Hi Vivian
your paintings are so beautiful! you are a wonderful person who has a kind heart, we will support your NPV project. Animals are our best friends who comfort our soul and they are always there for us!!
God Bless

Name: Soh Poh Chong
From: Singapore
Date: 09-Dec-08 9:47 PM
Comments: Hi Vivian, I heard that you are a animal lover. I am just curious if you are a vegetarian as well?

Name: Billy Tan
From: Singapore
Date: 27-Nov-08 8:10 PM
Comments: 周小姐,

我係你既忠?歌影迷黎架, 好可惜我住在新加坡, 每每得知你開演唱會, 到我要買飛 既時候, 已?被香港D fans ??一空, 好遺憾啊!! 得知你黎獅城為 你代言既產品推介又無?地點兼時間, 對我理D白領未能夠到場支持! 第二遺憾 也!

幾年前, 去香港買佐你本巨著, 周惠豹, 係第二版黎架! 真係好想得到你既親筆?名, 而家只希望有機會兼?份?到你本人。永遠支持你, 祝你 幸福快樂也 希望三十有四既我能夠找到我既"周惠敏氣質"做老婆, 唔敢? 望有你甘靚, 因 為周惠敏只有一?!


Name: Ace Tam
From: Hong Kong, Tuen Moon
Date: 18-Nov-08 11:36 PM
Comments: It was truly a miracle to have met you in person back in 1995, over at the your performance of "Much Love" concert at Masonic Hall in San Francisco, California USA. It was the best money spent out of my entire life to speak with you and shake your hand. Not to mention enjoying the lovely songs of which you've made and sung. I also agree with a lot of the previous entries that other fans of yours have mentioned to perhaps make one complete album of all your songs. I'd certainly buy more than a few copies!

Sincerely, Ace

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