Vivian's Letter (December '97)

*copy of e-mails I sent to Viv mailing list..slightly edited.

*December 31, 1997
Hi Viv fans,

Wah!!! ..I came back home from HK today...hoping to find a surprise in my mailbox (Viv told me she wrote a 'thank you' letter to me at the fan club meeting) and yep!...I got a letter from Vivian!!! *^_^* Oh..hehe..rather the letter, Vivian included the password which I gave her to use in case she wanted to e-mail me so that I know it's really her...oh well =P , at least I know she read my letter then. =P I believe Vivian wrote back to all the fans who gave her something (other than a stuffed animal) at the LV and AC keep your eyes open! She wrote mostly in Chinese, so after I get my parents to translate it, I'll tell you all about it!


*January 4, 1998
Hi Viv fans,

First I have to explain the gift I gave was a white folder w/ a see-through cover that had a lot of little Viv pix all over...took HOURS to cut out all those pix. Inside the folder, there was a typed letter from me, a disk of midi files, internet links (no, not Viv links), a Christmas card, and of course a link to my Viv webpage. =P (I printed out a small picture of my webpage to give her a little preview). The fan mail was printed on paper that had a rainbow background ..about 35 pages long... took XX hours to print out on the slow Canon ....another XX hours to change all the breaks in between each message to be a 'palm tree- island' instead of the 'rainbow line' and to adjust spacing so that everyone's message was fully visible on the page and not cut at the bottom. The last fan mail message printed out was #133, so all messages before #134 was read by Vivian. *^_^*

Okay, the letter Viv wrote to me is below....slightly edited..

Translation of letter:

Actual letter!

Dear Janice Lo:
Thank you for the precious folder you gave me at the concert. You did a lot for me. Thanks!! Please help me tell the fans I already received their messages and thank them for me for their support during all these years. I'm very moved/touched by the care and support you have given me for all these years (*note: Viv's talking to all fans). Now I'm writing the new address and phone number for the new reorganized fan club. Please tell all the fans for me. If you need more news about me, the fan club chairmans Carmen and Po Yee will be happy to answer your questions. .....Thank you so much!!

    Address: P.O. Box 98825
    Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
    Tel No: 27430343

    (If the fans want to join the fan club, they can mail 1 picture plus HK$120 check or money order and address it to "VIVIAN CHOW INTERNATIONAL FAN CLUB" and mail it to the address above.)

    ****note from Janice: As of September 1998, the fan club will NOT be accepting new membership fees, so please do not write to the address above. For more details regarding the fan club, go to this page.

Thanks!! Take Care!!


Vivian Chow Wai Man (signature)

97. 12


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