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October 9, 1997

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Leo: Today Musician's Hangout, "Leo 'mark' person, 'mark' Big Vivian" is here again.  Vivian, actually I read in a report that you quickly chose all your songs and ready to release an album.  Is that right?

Viv:  Actually, I read from reports to know about this..hehe..I didn't even know.  The correct situation is that I haven't chosen my songs yet.  I've been choosing for a long time, but never decided which ones...taking so much time that I've gotten use to my lifestyle. now it's changed to me thinking of whether or not to release another album.

Leo: How come there is this thought?

Viv: Because I've been on vacation for too long of a time and have gotten used to not being a singer or actress lifestlye. I feel this change is very correct for my time period.  I now enjoy this lifestyle and have gotten used to it.  If I had to work, "going from here to there" doing promotions, at such high exposure, I probably wouldn't be used to it.

Leo: So right now you're used to this 'low key' (dai diu) standard of living, like a normal person's life, but do you feel you're already not part of this circle, or you're not in this circle?

Viv: I can't say I'm totally out of it. I'd say 80% of myself isn't an entertainer.  I'd think of myself as a normal person's an audience. ....because after I finished school, I've never left this work.  Everyday I take pictures, face the media, get on camera , up until now.  So many years..I've never been able to live a normal life...such as not getting enough sleep for long time. ..but now I can do whatever I want.  I'm not in a big rush for time.  I can do things that I've never done before.  I think this change for this time period is very right.  So that's why I enjoy it very much.

Viv song - "Elope"

Leo: So you said you enjoy your lifestyle a lot now. But since you've worked in this circle for so long, do you feel there is something to 'keep love' if you had to give up 100% of it all, would you be able to?

Viv: Hmm..*ahem*(clearing throat)......well, I'm not a cold blooded person.  So many years, I've experienced a lot of happiness.. unforgettable, such as support from fans.  They've never ended their support.  Right now I look at their letters.  This feeling is there..can't say that I'll never forget them, because I always will [remember them]. All the video footage, happy and touching events I think I will remember.  But a person will always change, in each stage of life.  My past stage I think I have a lot of beautiful memories and will remember.

Viv song "Red River Village"

Leo: I'm sure your fans or the people you've worked w/ won't ..such as....let's say those were past's a forever day when you say you want to completely leave this circle and not work in the entertainment circle, I think they will all have this feeling.
Viv: Yes, yes..even if we can't see each other for a long time, but the heart is still caring about the other person.  It's not that old fashioned of a thought..I'm sure friends are like that.  You don't have to always see each other, or to find you, you'll see each other.  Even though our hearts are very far apart, but it's still close in feeling.  Of course, every person constantly changes, so I hope I keep on changing until when I find my goal, and they all see this, then they will also be happy.

Leo: So during your time in the entertainment circle, you've done many many things, such as acting on TV, in movies, singing, being a DJ.  Is there anything which you still want to do or continue on w/ longer?  ..or something you want to continue until you reach a certain success point that you right now haven't done yet?

Viv: Hmm..actually, I feel I've done everything that has basically satisfied me.  You can't be greedy and want everything.  I think this field is rather strange..probably because they're an entertainer, so when you get something, your sacrifice will be much more than a normal person.  Such as when you're an entertainer, we lose a lot of our privacy and can't do normal guy/ girl things.  So I think this is one sacrifice.  But I think I have had enough of this. Now I have more of my own space...because back then I never had my own space.  It's like sometimes work is too much and have no chance to do my own things.  But now I've found I have a lot of this time to do what I want to do, and plan out my own private things.  I think it's a very good change.

Leo: It's like after you finished school and going into this field, but changed so the time after people finish school they can try this and that. But since you came into this field so early, it's like the time period which you are supposed to be playing was covered.  So now it's like you're bringing this time period back, right?

Viv: You can say it that about you?
Leo: hehe..
Viv: so after you finished school, you came into this field until now?
Leo: After school I worked a little bit...worked as a sales in those stores where you say "please have a look around."
Viv: oh, like "feel free to look around"..hehe..

Leo: "if you see something you like I'll go and get your size" that.  If there was more time to play it would be better.  But at that time, they had the TVB acting classes and that's how I got in this field.

Viv: If you're given the chance for such an opportunity, then I think you need to take advantage of it, then if it passes by it's gone. But I always tell myself, a person can't be so if you want something, then you will lose another thing. The most important thing is you know or understand when it's enough.

Viv's song "For You"

Vani: Thanks Leo and very true interview. (this part got cut from the updated RA file)

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