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October 8, 1997

Vani: Yeah, we continue w/ Vani..
Leo: Leo
Viv: Vivian

Vani: We're also "Musician's Hangout" friends. That's why we have this Leo 'mark' person, 'mark' big this program for this week, we're talking together and Leo has a lot of things that is representing the "Musician's Hangout" listeners and people who care about Vivian to talk to her about.

Leo: yes, well I think there are many friends who really want to know if you are right now considered as living secretly (staying away from the public).

Viv: I don't consider it as that. I don't know why people think I'm living secretly. I do go out.
Leo: yeah, there was a photograph of you going out....

Viv: Someone took a picture of me, so that means I went out. I can't say that I always hide in my house. I still have a normal lifestyle. If I have to do something, then I will go do it.
Leo: But can it be called

Vani: like you're totally out of it....
Leo: yeah, like considered a normal lifestyle, like you seldom come into contact w/ the entertainment media.

Viv: actually, it is kind of like how you said it, that feeling. Because it seems to be a long time since I've seen the media and haven't done things that are related to singing or acting type of job. But I do act in TV ads, so it's not that I do nothing. But I don't have to see the media, or have to dress up and appear really nicely. It's been so long since I've bought clothes. That's why I feel it's different than what I normally did.

Leo: So what do you normally do a lot?
Viv: Uhm, buy ice cream...hahaha.

Leo: Do you go to the same shop to buy it?
Viv: and go to dinner w/ you (Leo). Very busy..yes.
Leo: hehe..
Viv: No really..normally what do I do?..well, right now I'm learning how to compose music, by using the computer to learn. So I bought all the tools and learn it at home. I'm also learning how to cook.

Leo: What do you cook the most?
Viv: I try to cook a little bit of everything...haha..
Leo: So lately do you have a really good dish which you specialize in?
Viv: Lately?, it's not good to be proud of myself....I don't want to say. I'll tell you about how I messed up on a dish.
Leo/Vani: okay okay!
Viv: Lately, I tried to make egg rolls. I thought it was going to be really easy. So I wrapped the egg rolls up, and then deep fry. At first when it was frying, the egg rolls weren't changing color, so I thought it would take a long time to do it, so I went to go talk to some people. After talking and I came back, all the egg rolls were hard and turned black. So I couldn't eat it. It was like a rock. Not successful..messed up. But after this event, I think from now on, I can make the egg rolls really good. And then serve it to you. haha..

Leo: So you only eat egg rolls for a meal?
Viv: Yes, it's okay. I'm like that. One meal I eat all egg rolls. I don't need any other dishes.
Leo: Next time you cook, watch the TV and know..(those cooking shows like) "Mrs. something".
Viv: Oh, no I really don't watch. I would look at cook books, the ones that have drawings in it and step by step instructions..which is easier to learn. Because I used to not know anything, but now I think it's kind of fun.

Leo: So do you usually go to the street market or supermarket to buy the food?

Viv: Oh, I will go to the supermarket more. The street market I would also go, but I would need someone to accompany me. Going by myself, I don't really dare.

Leo: But you went to buy ice cream by yourself...hehe...
Viv: hmmmmmmmmmmm............ I won't tell you.

Leo/Vani: hahahaahha.....
Viv: Are you always watching me? ha?
Leo: I only remember..
Vani: it's in the gossip magazine..
Leo: I always look at those gossip magazines, and they did such a great report.
Vani: Perhaps it was just a coincidence that they saw me. Uh, I actually seldom go to buy it..and go to that area. Bump right into me...

Viv song

Leo: Do you exercise?

Viv: Exercise..yes...very ball, that type.
Leo: What type of ball?
Viv: Any sport that has a ball. Lately I've learned how to play tennis. I heard you're really good at it, is it?
Leo: Oh, I can't.

Viv: Really?
Leo: My exercise is worse than you.
Viv: Then I can find you to play.
Leo: Then you would beat me for sure.
Viv: yep.
Leo: to give you more confidence, right?
Viv: yes, yes.
When should we play?
Vani: Are you for real?
Viv: Really, really. I'm serious.

continuation of Viv's song

Leo: Are you aware of what's going on in entertainment? for TV, or what movies are showing, or what songs are popular now?
Viv: Eh, songs I will always listen since I always turn on the radio. Especially Mr. Ku's (Leo's) songs I lately hear...haha..

Leo/Vani: haha..
Viv: Your song's air time is really a lot. What did you do? ha?
Vani/Leo: hahaha..
Leo: I'm hard at work promoting.
Viv: There's no way they play your songs so much. Aiy...there's like a black market (meaning record company pays radio station to play more of his songs) ...haha..

Vani/Leo: hahahaha..
Vani: So is there??
Leo: No. there's no black market...."yut fun gow waan, yut fun sow wok." (one point to give, one point in return).
Viv: Aiy, congratulations to you, congratulations to you that you have this day. haha..
Leo: Thanks.

Viv: but really, I really like listening to music...always listen..such as your songs I like. And lately, I think Miriam Yeung's songs sound good too. hmm..there's lots that I pay attention to.

Leo: Then how about TV programs or movies?

Viv: Uhm, movies I watch, TV programs is less.
Vani: Do you go to the movie theatre to watch?
Viv: yes, I go to the movie theatre. I like to go to the theatre to watch. Just any type of new American movie I watch basically. I won't let any one of them pass me by. TV is less.

Vani: So did you watch Leo's latest movie?
Leo: Aiya..
Viv: You don't even treat me to go see...or give me your CD.
Leo: Uh oh...I think all my evidence of being guilty is hitting my body.
Viv: but for CDs, I buy my own.
Oh, I'm already prepared to give the CD to you.
Viv: really?
Leo: yes
Viv: okay, then treat me to the movie
Leo: my movie..did you know that I will soon have another movie out?
Viv: oh, I saw a picture of you and Charlie. You're acting as a killer, right?
Vani: no, you were acting as the killer...
Leo: I'm acting as a policeman..haha... I look like a killer?
Viv: you do look like a killer...hehe. The movie plot is not bad. I think I will go see ....if you treat me to see it.

Leo: Did you see my last movie?
Viv: no..what were you acting as?
Vani: What movie was it?..haha.
Leo: My last film was called 'Kow Loon Kay.'
Viv: I didn't see it, sorry.
Leo: My character was called "Auw Ga Choon."
Viv: And who was acting with you?
Leo: The person acting with me was Chu.......
Vani: a bed type of movie (x-rated)..hahaha..
Viv: oh yeah, yeah, would you act in those kissing scenes or those bed scenes?
Leo: Oh, oh.
Viv: like have to be sexy....would you?
Leo: I already did it..hehe
Vani: hahaha
Viv: with who?
Leo: Hoi May. ..hehehe..

Leo's song

Too bad Vivian missed Leo's most daring appearance. Hope he would, if he has a movie or CD , to give to a good friend, Vivian.

continuation of Leo's song

Even though Viv didn't see the movie, I'm sure this movie's title song is liked by Viv. "Musical Hangout" with Leo 'mark' person 'mark' big Vivian. Tomorrow, 3 of us friends will talk about this question, Viv's career, so people who like Viv and care about her remember to stay tuned.

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