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October 7, 1997

Vani: It's just been so long since we've talked, so that's why we have so many topics. This week appeared 3 of us in Musician's Hangout. Yesterday we talked about what Vivian was doing lately. She's still like a "Haan Mui" (someone who doesn't like to spend a lot of money). Being skinny is very adorable, cute and innocent. Leo has known Vivian for so many years. How did you 2 actually meet? Everyone wants to know.

Leo: The 1st time I met her should be when I was an MC.

Vani: "eye on entertainment"

Leo: "Eye on entertainment" (Yue Lok Sun Mun Ngan). At that time I had to go out on location to do interviews (of other stars). I remember, it's like I'm not sitting in the studio but going out to do interviews so it's pretty hard to bump into each other. That's too bad.

Viv: Yeah. We seldom see each other. While you were the MC, you only interviewed me once or twice....very little. But the impression I got was unforgettable.

Vani: How come?
Viv: Because I thought this guy (Leo) was I'm not talking about him not being an artist before... but I really thought he was a good boy, really good, innocent, like if you said something, he would listen to you. I think back when I was working as a DJ.

Vani: Everyone says that
Viv: That's just like me now...hahaha...

Leo: We 3 small white rabbits come together again.

Viv: The time Leo and I really came into contact was when we went to Taiwan to act in Bao Jing Teen (Justice Bao).
Leo: Yes.
Viv: That time, you had a better schedule than were able to act a little longer than me...I had to finish all the acting in 3 days. So we didn't have much time to talk. But I remember one night when we were telling ghost stories, is that right?

Leo: yes
Viv: so that night I found out that Leo was a very funny guy.
Leo: And that night we also sang a karaoke song.
Viv: oh yeah! which song did we sing?
Leo: The one Hacken sang with you.
Viv: "Thousands of Love.."
Leo: "Thousands of Love All in One."

Viv & Hacken song

Leo: Vivian, so what do you think about me? We've been good friends for so long.
Viv: What do I think of you?..haha..I think you're really great. You sing really well. haha..
Vani: Wei, don't always tell lies.
Viv: Really, it's true.
Vani: You can tell the truth. We're good friends....just a few of us here.
Viv: I really like to listen to him sing.
Leo: Yes, I know that..hehe.
Viv: Really. At home, I have very little amounts of male CDs, and Leo is one of them.
Leo: Can you say that again?
Vani: To prove that Vivian is or is not closely following a good friend and his fan, can you please name some of the songs on Leo's newest album? ..hehehehe.

Viv: There's a lot...such as "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" , uh.......there is....uh..uh oh..this is there "Best Friends?"
Vani: "Best Friends" is Edmond Leung's ..hahaha.
Leo: hahaha
Viv: "Friends and Love" (Yow Gung Ching). The song names are too similar. Uh..."Can We Try", right?
Leo: Yes
Viv: Uh..there's uh, there's more..there's one song..uh ..Cheng Ging Gay wrote..oh no..hehe...... Ng Kwok Ging wrote. Which song did he write for you? Was it called "sah mok siu see".?...hahaha

Leo: It's called "Sai Poon See Sai Lui".
Viv: wah, fell down...

Vani: I think Vivian won since she named a few songs.
Viv: such as his old song "The 2nd Beloved", I also really like.
Vani: So you buy the CD on your own? Did Leo give you any?
Viv: Yes, he does...but kind of late. ha ..kind of late. But it's the thought that counts, doesn't matter how late.

Leo song

Vani: So just before Vivian was complimenting Leo a lot.
Viv: I'm not done yet.
Vani: ha? not done yet?
Viv: I found that his singing has his own new style. He's a new male singer that I really admire.

Vani: Do you have any tips to tell Leo at this how he should do certain things, or how he should act when being told what to do? Vivian, do you have any advice to give Leo?

Viv: I think he himself has already done well. He doesn't have to do a certain thing....I think being himself is good because he can really sing well and has a lot of natural talent.  I've tried before in 1 year to release many CDs, just keep releasing ... the songs aren't even chosen and I have to release the album. I think now there won't be this 'leaking water' type of thing going on in the singing industry. I think if Leo works hard to choose his songs, and sing well, then I think that's very good.

Vivian song

Vani: Knowing such a friend, what do you want to say to ah V, Leo?

Leo: I never thought that I would be able to eat dinner w/ Vivian or talk to her at such a close distance.
Vani: She watched you grow up since you were a baby..hahaha.
Leo: oh no...hehehe... because before I came into the entertainment business, I had many friends who liked Vivian.
Vani: Oh yeah, I want to know something. Back then, did you buy Vivian's photos? ..hehehe..
Leo: I didn't have that much money to buy it.  I did have some friends who would have Vivian's picture stuck in their wallet. ..yes, they're that type.

Vani: I know ...the "friends and love" (yow gong ching) type.
Leo: yes, so that's why I would never think that I would be so eat dinner and such.  After coming into this business, uh..from interviewing ...little by little, we got to know each other. I find that Vivian is, early on in my heart, she was very pretty. It didn't turn to anything.. hehehe.. It's like... hehe...... she's still just as beautiful, but I never guessed that wah, such a super star could be so kind and nice..really.

Vani: You're so fake. hahaha.. Just now with what Leo said, ah V, how do you see it?
Viv: eh, he's very 'hong' (like he was forced into saying it....not really from the heart) in his response.

Leo song

Vani: He can't speak out his inner thoughts?........ I'm sure Leo was true hearted, but just doesn't know how to say it out loud. ..... There's still many things to talk about. Tomorrow we continue with "Musician's Hangout" next chapter. Remember tomorrow Leo 'mark' person, 'mark' Big V. 

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