Translations of CR 903 Interviews

October 6, 1997

Vani: Oh, this week we will be, ah..we've advertised for a long time, but the star has finally appeared. Today w/ 3 friends coming together, what will we be eating?

Viv: oh, what will we be eating? ..uhm, well, it's almost the end, so in front of us we have leftovers of 3 eraser type of desserts... like 3 colors.  What are these called?

Leo: 3 colored erasers

Vani: This includes "Wu Tow Go" (taro root dessert), "yeah jup go" (coconut juice dessert), and "dai choy go" (big vegetable dessert??), mixed together.

Viv: Tastes very good.

Leo: too bad today there's no ice cream.
Viv: hahaha....

Leo: probably have to go and buy it......we'll go later.
Viv: hahaha...

Vani: you were secretly photographed ..when buying ice cream.

Vani: Vivian, how about this, talk about what you want to tell our "Musical Hangout" listeners because it's been too long since you've publicly spoken.

Viv: I think it's almost been a whole year since I've publicly spoken so I'm really nervous today. ..don't really know how to speak.  However, I still care about everyone...Especially when I went to Lisa Wong's concert. I found out my fans are very smart.  They thought I would go to see Lisa's concert, so they waited for me, and saw me. (Leo & Vani: Ohhh....)  They're  really kind-hearted.  I was very touched.  They said that seeing me that night was like hitting the jackpot in the lottery...I really showed up.  I was very happy and really missed them.

Viv's song- Misunderstanding

Viv: Wei Leo, that night you were really cute. You sang "Coc Seet".
Vani: hahaahah!
Leo: haha..yes.
Viv: You chose a good song....surprised me.
Leo: yeah, all because Lisa helped me choose that song.  I thought of a few dance steps for myself and went around the stage.

Viv: "Sui bo" [type of dance step], right?
Leo: "sui bo" ..some people think I look like Lui Kay.
Viv: but you sang very good...the song suits you.
Leo: sorry Vivian, that night I knew you were there, but on stage I couldn't find where you were sitting.

Viv: you know why?..because I'm in the 1st row, so low that the amplifiers/speakers coverd my eyes.

Leo: oh really?
Viv: I couldn't really see you clearly...only saw the 1st half.
Vani: but you said it was pretty?
Viv: the 1st part was very pretty..hahaha..the last part I couldn't see...sorry.

Leo: oh, what a waste you couldn't see my sui bo.
Viv: uhm... video tape, that's okay, I'll have a chance to see.

Leo: Everyone for a certain period of time.. we only see Vivian in those gossip magazines...a little blurry..those ones..the quick snapshots...but it's been a long time since seeing Vivian.  So why don't I tell everyone how Vivian looks like today.

Vani: wow..

Leo: So Vivian has gone to the hair stylist salon to cut her hair. Let me reveal something to everyone. Ever since vivian never went to the hair stylist salon and cut her hair at home. Why don't we ask Vivian to explain.

Viv: Recently I messed up once (cutting her hair)..hehe..and so I had to go and fix it.

Vani: what part did you mess up on?
Viv: the front part.
Vani: the front bangs..?
Viv: the front was too short. But it grows long really fast, so you dont' notice it now.  "Teen yee mo fung" (flawless).

Vani: so how about her thinness? Viv's figure. Leo, you describe.
Leo: I feel there's not much big of a difference. Like not really gained weight or became really thin. what do you think?

Viv: About the same. I don't think there's much difference.
Vani: could you reveal your weight?
Viv: 106 lbs or so, just about the same.
Vani: very fweet (fit)
Leo: fweet can describe
Van: Haan Mui
Leo: yes...hehe..I was about to say that. After watching "Greed of Man", I discovered "oh, Haan Mui has reappeared".

Viv: and what do you mean by that? ....hehehe..
Vani: Lately did you rewatch it?
Viv: I really did watch it.I myself watched it everynight...because...
Vani: did you cry at the part where you died?

Viv: oh no, no no. Why did I watch it?..and watch every chapter?..because I forgot most of the details about the story. So I'm rewatching it w/ the TV viewers point of view. plus during that time period, there were a lot of people that were watching it because they didn't watch it before, so they always ask me, so I have to watch it to answer them....hahaha..

Vani: hahaha
Viv: because I don't know what the movie will be showing every night, so rewatching it, i do like this movie.

Leo: you just rewatched the "Greed of Man", so back then when you acted as Haan Mui and watching yourself now, are your feelings different? And also, how do you think you acted?

Viv: it's really been a long time..almost 4 years ago. I don't remember if it was '93 or '92..just that it was a lot of time before.  Uhm.. was I satisfied w/ my acting back then? ..rewatching it..actually, I think I'm satisfied.  Yes, because back then, my age was right to do this role....has some innocence. ..seems right. Right now if I do it, I don't know if I can.

Leo: I think you still have innocence.
Viv: hahaha..
Vani: Your appearance looks the same.
Leo: not a big difference
Vani: you can practice acting if you keep acting.. Ching Wan can't.
Leo: haha..because he shaved his hair.

Vani: not only can we see how lively Vivian is today, don't you think that when you had to work so much..back then...your skin had some pimples..but now there's none...very beautiful.

Leo: and the hair, like Si..oh no, can't say the brand name..hehe..
Vani: As pretty as Si...
Leo: this area do you have any thoughts?
Viv: because I've been practicing to act for many years, because of the commercial I can't cut my hair.
Vani: really?
Viv: yes
Leo: can't cut hair...?
Viv: can cut up to this length, more than shoulder length, no shorter.  Until the contract is over, then I can change my hair style.
Leo/Vani: Ohhh...
Vani: so that's it.
Viv: But I'm very happy..making the commercial I'm very happy and it was a fair contract. I think it's worth it.

Vani: I'd like to ask Leo ..your you have to drink distilled water for the rest of your life?
Leo: I can't even boil my own water.
Vani: you don't have any restrictions, right?
Leo: no
Vani: okay, "musical hangout", Leo 'mark person', mark big Vivian tomorrow, the whole week...we'll continue 3 good friends talking together.

Leo's song.

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