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October 10, 1997

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Leo: Musician's Hangout, "Leo 'mark' person, 'mark' Big Vivian" has come to Friday. At this point, what should we do now?

Viv:  hehehe
Leo: Like 2 days ago, we talked about your work or everyday life. So I think it's time today to talk about your love life.

Viv: Good..good. I wanted to ask you that question...hehehe. Let's analyze it.
Leo: Oh, everyone has no interest in my (love life) and know I don't have much.

Viv: I have interest. I always feel that men and women nowadays always say they don't date...there's no time to date. So is there really no time? or it's inconvenient, or are they afraid the media would follow them?

Leo: It's really inconvenient...nah, there's really no time.

Viv: Oh, really no time?

Leo: It's like work is enough of your time. It's hard to balance the time schedule to do that. But now by comparison, there is less work to do, and then there's more time for a love relationship.
Viv: Oh, are you talking about me?
Leo: Yes
Viv: I thought you were saying that you lessened (on the work)..hahaha. Eh, the comparison?
Leo: Yes
Viv: You can see it all w/ one eye, because everyone knows that....
Leo: so it's 10 to 0?
Viv: hahaha...because I have less work to do but I still do commercials sometimes. I think work takes up very little time now. Yes. Then the rest of the stuff.....

Vani: So it's 10 to 0!
Viv: ....takes up most of my time.
Leo: 9.5 to 0.5 then
Viv: haha..It's hard to calculate. All of it's my own personal time basically. I can do anything I want.

Leo: So what are your thoughts on relationships or love relationships? Right now what's your theory on relationships? At this point in your life, is a love relationship very important to you?

Viv: Eh....actually, it's not now that I think it's important. Even when I worked, it was important. Back then, when I was very busy, I didn't put my work as #1. The fans who know me or the friends who pay attention to my news would know this. It looks like I'm a workaholic, nonstop working everyday, promoting, and not stopping my work. But in my heart, I don't put work as #1. I actually think relationships and other kinds of close relationships are more important than work. So even now it hasn't changed.

Leo: So just then we talked about the time comparison of it being 10 to 0 ..hehe..and work is 0, but now if we don't even talk about said that relationships is positioned at #1 and work as #2, but I would like an actual score much would you give?

Viv: I'm actually very focused on relationships....I think I'd give 90 points.

Leo: So 9 to 1?

Viv: Eh.....the rest of the 10 the relationships include all types of relationships, friendships, or love relationships, close relationships. It's not just love relationships..the world isn't just made up of love relationships...there are other things. But the rest of the 10% is in empty space. I think it's not good to have too much of something. To have a little space so that you can go ahead or go backward. I feel that space is very important.

Leo: as not to be so tight (pull all the way till it breaks)..
Viv: Yes
Leo: ..such as relationships or work
Viv: yes, or friendships, same thing..there must be some space. You can't go all the way to the maximum.

Leo: So you think you're a person who focuses on relationships, and relationships include love relationships. So when you're in a love relationship, would you be hoping for a future marriage life?

Viv: Eh..not to say I'm hoping other girls who have to have a family of their own...and really want to get married. I'm not like that.

Leo: So you enjoy the dating life rather than being married?

Viv: Eh...I don't separate it like that...once the love has matured and reached a steady state, like you can't distinguish between marrige or's (marriage) is only a custom. But once the love has reached a state and it has a foundation, the rest of the stuff won't be able to interfere. So that's why I don't specifically hope to have a status change..I think this is actually not as important. Let everything happen naturally. When you want to do it, then do it. I actually enjoy the 'at the moment' type of feeling.

Leo: There are some people who also think that 2 people don't need to have a ceremony or even need to have the piece of paper (marriage license) or name status. There are some people who date for their entire life and their relationship is very good. Do you think there is any problem w/ this type of status?

Viv: Uhm...every person would find something that's comfortable for themselves to choose from. Of course I'm no exception. But I've really never thought about this, to tell you the truth. Just let everything happen naturally. When the time comes and whatever I think is right for me, then I'll choose. But when you ask me now, I have to think about it too quickly. I'm really lazy and don't want to think so quickly, or maybe, I don't want to think about it myself. I just think I'll let things happen naturally.

Viv song : Morning of the Wedding

Leo: In this entertainment field, there are many successful men who have a good wife behind him for support. Now I chose 3 wives and their good examples and let you if you could do as well as them then that would be great.

Viv: Ok
Leo: The first one is Chow Yun Fat's wife. She often would be by his side, wherever he goes, whatever he does, or when he gets his picture taken, she will be there to support him. So this is Chow Yun Fat's wife. The #2 choice is May Lo (Jacky Cheung's wife). Jacky normally has to work and she will give lots of support, such as buying his clothes, take care of his plans. But, like most of the friends say, like taking pictures and taking pictures of Jacky, but he's surrounded by 100 to 200 people, you might be able to see really far away May supporting him and then there's a circle that has May circled. The 3rd person to choose is Cheng Man Nga. She's married but she has her own interests, her own direction she likes, doing what her goals are. So who would you choose?

Viv: Eh, that's really hard to choose. The 3 are all good. Well if I had to choose, I think I would .... if I really had to choose just 1 of them, I couldn't do as good of a job as her because they're all very perfect Chow Yun Fat's wife, she's a very good wife..and then May and Cheng Man Nga. They're all very good examples of a good wife. I think I wouldn't dare choose. I would choose to be myself..hehe.. choose to be Chow Wai Man. I think I'm confident that I can do a good job if I accept it when I have to do it. it when the time is right.

Leo: when you have become a wife, would you do what a modern wife would do?
Viv: what?
Leo: Modern wives will go to the gym to keep fit. ..or would go to the ball, appearing w/ a dress that shows your back or w/ a diamond necklace. What kind of modern wife would you be?

Viv: I like it when I don't get tied up, so I think going to the ball or wearing nice clothes and having to get dressed up will need some effort to do it well. I don't want to be like that. The way I look normally, such as today, I feel very comfortable. I probably won't go to many public events or mingle, talk w/ the people ..that's not right for me..because I used to not like doing this, so there's no way in the future that I would like this more.

Leo: Then will you be the type of wife that exercises?
Viv: Excercise type? Well I'm not the type that exercises a lot, like Cheng Man Nga who always goes to exercise and is still very fit. I believe that I won't become fat that you can't recognize me, like a fat wife, oh no. I would do some exercise but I'm actually very lazy, even now I don't do much exercise. I'm about the same size, so I'm lucky. But if I become fat, I would go on a diet.

Leo: So if you have certain interests, such as writing and you make a book , or you like to write music,'re not working in this entertainment field, so maybe you could write songs for people or you like to write and combine things together to make a book.

Viv: Actually, everybody doesn't know, but I have signed w/ a company and they signed me as a music composer, so when I have time, I might write music for other singers to sing. But recently my inspiration to compose isn't very much. I still owe you (a song) right? ..hehe

Leo: ahem, ahem, ahem
Viv: ..hehe..But if I'm not satisfied, then I won't give it to anyone. If I am satisfied w/ the song, then I will write it for you, I promise.

Leo: Thanks
Viv: I also like to read books. I will constantly read countless # of books and play w/ the computer. If there's a chance, I'd like to learn how to draw because when I was a child I liked to draw and that was one of my dreams. It almost came true, but I later chose to be a DJ. So if I have a chance, or if I have time, I could try this.

Viv song - The Dreams of Ordinary People

In Musician's Hangout, many of Vani's good friends appeared. They are really my best friends, such as Leo and Vivian. I always see Leo nowadays, but it's really been a long time since I've seen Vivian. I thank you w/ all my heart.

Viv: Actually this time I appeared just because of you (give face to Vani) to do this interview. I think at this moment I won't be making any more public appearances or take pictures or do interviews because I really want to be an ordinary person.

Viv song - After Feeling Depressed

Thank you Vivian. So if you have gotten used to your lifestyle now and you're happy, then keep it...why leave it?

continuation w/ song - After Feeling Depressed

Keeping the memory is already warm enough. Although she (Vivian) didn't say she's "retiring", but in this week's interview, we can all feel it. The heart is not sour. We know her way of thinking, wish her well. Thanks Vivian. Hope you will get the happiness you're chasing after. Thanks.

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