Translation of Sound Clips Part 2


Every yarn, color, thickness, design, style ... is all thought up by myself. After I've finished knitting it, it may be a different feeling for each person who wears it. Maybe one will feel it's very warm, another will feel it's worn in empty space .... a little bit cool. So after everyone listens to my music, they all won't have the same reaction. So that's why I think it's like ... I can control it .... but the feeling later on is felt by the admirers. So that's why I think it's like the process of knitting a sweater ..... very enjoy.


I hope to tell my fans about myself and my feelings in my songs. In the past, I sang mainly songs about other people. In the future, I am going to sing more about myself. This is a refreshing way of keeping in touch with my fans. I can also avoid the usual rounds of interviews.


I am a subjective person. I wish I could have control of everything so that my job satisfaction will be maximized. From selecting the music, production, to theme mixing, I must have control of all these details. It is like knitting.


I released one [Japanese single] last year. According to the schedule, the second Japanese single will be released by the end of this year. One of the songs featured is a number by Teresa Tseng. Another is an original composition.


No time and no opportunity. Actually, I would like to start acting again. But this will have to wait until I am done with producing music and have some time to spare.


I was born in the year 1967 .. Nov 20. Actually, I'm not 30 yet.


I just renewed my contract with my record company. And the rule states that, I only wish to release one album per year. One in Cantonese and one in Mandarin. If time allows, I will go to Japan for the singles.


"Time" and "Most Beautiful Tears" are 2 slow songs, but these 2 slow songs are a bit different. "Most beautiful Tears" is the one which I wrote first. I did the chorus first ... more commercialized ... should be the more acceptable kind, be it the music or melody. Since there is beautiful tears already, I think "time" has no need to repeat anymore. I wish to write a good song that is not so commercialized, plain plain like a cup of plain water ... must taste it slowly ... then you can taste the tastyness in it.

"I Want to See You" voice advertisement

Hello, I'm Vivian, Chow Wai Man. I'm very happy that my 1st original Japanese single will be releasing on the's called 'I want to see you.' I hope you can give some feedback (comments) and tell me what you think about it. Next month ..around April, I will have a concert in Tokyo on the 15th and in Osaka on the 17th. At that time, hope to see you there.

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