Translation of Sound Clips Part 1

First Kiss

Vivian: My 1st kiss? Uhm .... I think most girls feel their 1st kiss is just like the letting off of fireworks ... it's short, and beautiful .... one blink of the eye and it's gone. I myself feel it's like watching a horror movie. You really want to see it .... and very curious .. but you're scared and you look through the crack. But the scene is quickly over .. but after the scene, the heart still feels scared.

Psychological Test - Time at 03:25.0 to 04:32.0

DJ: I wish to give you a psychological test ... so I will just say all these words and if you think of something, then tell us right away ... Are you ready?

Viv: Okay.

DJ: Let's try saying "Super Star"

Viv: Sam Hui

DJ: Pirated CDs

Viv: Pirated CDs ....... uhm .... my compilation CD.

DJ: Family member

Viv: Family member ....... my mom.

DJ: Name brand car

Viv: BMW

DJ: '97

Viv: Hong Kong

DJ: Reporters

Viv: uh... reporters ..... I think of rumors.

DJ: Dead la ..dead la .. ....Disappointment.

Viv: Disappointment.... uhm .... disappointment .... forgot it.

DJ: Interview

Viv: Interview .... a happy interview.

DJ: Retirement

Viv: Retirement ..... uh .... marriage.

DJ: Ohh! ... everybody listen ... marriage = retirement. ...hope you don't retire yet, so don't get married yet.

Embarrassing Moment- Time at 00:27.0 to 01:11.0

DJ: Now you've been singing for quite some time .... so what kind of embarrassing moments have you had .. or funny events that when you think back, you would also laugh a little. Were there any events like this?

Viv: ... yes ....... I forgot to zip my pants ..... drove me crazy ...

DJ: What?

Viv: ... drove me crazy ... I forgot to zip my pants .... and I didn't know anything .... and I still had to dance ...move here and there. After moving around and then going backstage, I found out. I went to the restroom, and then thought, "Oh, how come I don't have to unzip ... my pants?" .. then I said, "Aiya! .. that's bad!" ... then I had to go and find all the reporters that took pictures .. and I said to them, "Sorry .. if the pictures show that I didn't zip my pants, don't publish it."

DJ: Then I believe the reporters cooperated, right?

Viv: Yes, they cooperated, because they are music reporters, not the gossip papers, so I think nothing bad will happen.


Secrets - Time at 01:11.0 to 02:18.0

DJ: I've bought this very very beautiful photo book called "Secrets."

Viv: Oh

DJ: So uhm .. oh, don't worry .... it's not the unzipped pants photos ... So what do you think about this photo album? .. were you satisfied with it and which photos did you like the most? I really like each and every one of them.

Viv: Oh, I'm very satisfied ... because I took part in the planning and layout of this. We did many designs. Actually, there are some that didn't come out because when the book was released, it was summer ... I did the photo shoot in the winter, so at the end, many of the winter photos closed .. they weren't released ... and the ones that were released were photos that was fit for summer. I really like the photos of me and the cats ... because the cats are my cats. Yes .. and I'm really happy that I can save this memory.

DJ: So what's the name of the cat? Is it called Johnson?

Viv: Oh no, no, you're not that dark ... because I have a cat that's black called Hak Jai (Black Boy) and the other cat ... the mixed cat ... grayish, yellowish cat .... is called Mui Mui. Yes ... Mui Mui and Hak Jai.

DJ: Mui Mui and Hak Jai .. okay.

Created by Janice Lo
Created on September 2, 1997.
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