English Name: Vivian Chow
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Chinese Name: Chow Wai Man 周慧敏
Nicknames: "Ah V" ... fans started calling her "Ah V" after Joe called her "Ah V" during his 'Cool Valley' radio program in 2003-2005. She also has a nickname of "Big Sister" (大家姐). She used to be called "Big V" (大 V ) during her days at Polygram Records, because she had joined the record company earlier than "Little V" (Vivian Lai) and is older than Vivian Lai.
Birthday: November 10, 1967 (Posted July 3, 2004 - Vivian said her correct birthday is November 10th, not November 20th. )
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Sheep
Height: 169 cm (5' 6")
Weight: varies ... right now 108 lbs
Eyesight: VERY near-sighted ... about 1,000 degrees! (YIKES!!)
Blood Type: AB
Religion: Christian
Education Level: Form 7
Piano Level: Passed the 7th level piano test in high school
Work Experience: Radio, Music, Movies, Television
Family: Only child, mother. Vivian's father died of heart problems the year that she was born.
First Love: 16 years old
First Lover: Male classmate
The Feeling of her First Love: Pure
Vivian's husband : Joe Nieh (Ngai Jan) 倪震
Favorite Chinese Artiste: Liza Wong Ming Chuen (汪明荃)
Favorite Singing Group: Carpenters
Favorite Singers: Sandy Lam Yik Lin and Momoe Yamaguchi (Saan Hau Baak Wai 山口百惠 - famous Japanese singer in the 1980s who also had a 'Jade Girl' or 玉女 image)
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman
Favorite Movies: "The Sound of Music" and "Forrest Gump"
Favorite Artist: well-known China painter Ng Goon Chung 吳冠中
Favorite Books: "Born Free," "Living Free," and "Forever Free" by Joy Adamson
Favorite Travel Spots: Africa, India, Egypt, and Israel
Favorite Game: Online games
Favorite Foods: coffee cake roll, coffee ice-cream, dark chocolate, Chinese food, and ramen
Favorite Fruits: Oranges, Mangos
Fruits She Dislikes: Strawberries and Kiwi
Favorite Beverage: Coca Cola
Favorite Colors: Gray, black, white, blue and purple
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Clothing: Casual wear (jeans & t-shirt)
Favorite Jewelry: Watch
Favorite Sports to Play: Table tennis, tennis, basketball, badminton, and American pool
Favorite Sports to Watch: She loves to watch NBA (basketball) and NFL (American football) games. But she doesn't have a favorite team.
Favorite Cartoon: Heidi ( Piu Ling Yin 飄零燕 ) ; cartoon theme song
Her Collection: Currently (1996) she has at least 500 old-fashioned vinyl records of the singers she likes and bought a custom-made cupboard to store all of these ... she thinks that playing records on the record player is very romantic.
Favorite Saying: "Really?"
Most Afraid Of: Snakes and ESPECIALLY Chicken ... she got pecked by a chicken when she was a child, which has left a scar below her lip.
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, drawing, singing, playing the piano
More New Hobbies as of December '97: Playing on the computer, reading, learning how to cook
Unforgettable Moments: First Live Radio Broadcast, New Singers Competition in 1985, First Major Individual Concert in 1994
Dislikes: Rumors and Gossip
Her View on Rumors: Forgive and forget
Her Dogs: Ju Jai 豬仔 (Piggy Boy) and Siu Bo Bo (Little Precious). Ju Jai went to Heaven in January, 2011. Siu Bo Bo went to Heaven in September, 2004.
Her Cats: Pal Bee, Pal Dee,
Pal , Maau Ju 貓豬 (Piggy Cat) , Pudding, and Silver 小花 (Small Flower). Pal went to Heaven in February, 2011.
Pal was a male Bengal cat, very athletic w/ a dog-like character - not a cool cat, easy to make happy. Maau Ju is a male pussy cat (波絲貓). Pudding is a male British Shorthair cat. Pudding is very friendly towards people and has a dog-like character. Pudding would immediately run to Joe when Joe calls his name. Silver is a silver-colored female cat and is the half-sister of Ting (Jo Kuk's cat)...they have the same father cat.
Goals: To lead a happy life with her future family, to travel around the world
Record Company: PolyGram Records HK Ltd., Decca Records Taiwan Ltd.
As of December '97: not working as a full-time artist; mainly doing advertisements and charity work

THANKS to Sophie W. for this information!
THANKS to Adrian Lam Lam for sending me this audio clip!
THANKS to Vivian Chow for this information! *^_^*

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