Vivian at HK Book Fair (July 21, 2004)

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Update - August 25, 2004


On July 2, 2004, Vivian said she was cancelling the book signing event at the HK Book Fair, because she didn't really like the arrangements which were made for the event. On July 15th, Vivian said she would be walking around at the Book Fair on 7/21 around 8:30PM and would be visiting the HK Crown booth for a short time (this was not an official book signing event), so fans could still have a chance to meet her! ^_^

THANKS to Joyce W. for sending me these pictures!!

Joyce said, "Yesterday 21/7, I went to the HK book fair, and I really saw Viv. She came around 8:45pm. When I saw her, there were a lot of ppl already. I went with my brother, so I hurried to ask my brother to take out the camera. Then I invited Viv to take photo with me, and she smiled to me. After a min, I took out her book and asked her to sign the name, and I said I'm Joyce, so she wrote on the cover "To Joyce". haha. Viv seems so tall and looks the same as in pics. Many ppl seemed to like her very much. Some ppl didn't know she would come, so when they saw Viv, they said loudly that 'Viv is here, take the photo'....haha."

THANKS to Willy for mailing these pictures to me!! (Pictures posted August 25, 2004)

Willy said, "I feel very very happy that I can see her! Vivian went to Crown booth at about 8:40. She is very very nice and
many fans took photos with her!"

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