Vivian at Leo Ku's "The Magic Moments 2007" Concert
(September 12, 2007)

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Update - October 9, 2007

Tonight I was sitting in the 10th row in the Yellow section. The atmosphere of the audience was really high for this last show. My friend and I saw a few people leaving the concert right before Leo's encore part began, so both of us ran up to the 3rd row to get better seats. The audience screamed loudly and banged on their thunder sticks when Vivian appeared..they were much louder than the other night. After Vivian and Leo sang the duet version of "Too Late to Love," they talked for a few minutes. Vivian said she's been quite busy at home these past few nights, but she still went on the web often to read the messages that the fans left for Leo on his webpages. Leo apologized to his fans for not having time to go on the web recently, and Vivian said she didn't mind to look at the messages for him.

Vivian said to Leo, "Everyone said they've seen that you've worked very hard and have used a lot of heart to improve yourself and challenge yourself..and working hard to rehearse your dance routines, and have added lots of new things in the concert. Everyone said they've witnessed your sincerity and your seriousness." The audience screamed and applauded loudly. Vivian said, "A successful singer's biggest satisfaction is when all of your hard work has been acknowledged, and that you have lots of fans who really support you and an audience who really knows how to admire you. Congratulations Leo!" The audience applauded loudly.

Vivian said, "In my heart, Leo is a really hard worker and is constantly trying to improve himself. He really loves his job." Vivian then talked about a time when she went to watch Leo rehearsing for his concert. She said, "On that day after I finished rehearsing my part, I was suppposed to leave because I had to work the next day and should have gone back home as quickly as possibly to do my homework. But that day, I really couldn't leave Leo's rehearsal. I'll describe how Leo looked that day..he was wearing a baseball cap and loose-fitting clothes like usual. We were in a very simple and crude studio." and Leo said, "But it's a very professional studio." and the audience laughed. and Vivian said, "but it's still quite simple and crude. It wasn't as pretty as a $100,000 stage set up. Leo used a lot of heart to sing all of his songs for his concert. Actually, the Leo at that moment is the simplest Leo in my eyes..he can use his very emotional and influential voice to move me as an audience member and to make me not want to leave. I concentrated on listening to all of his songs, and then afterwards, I was willing to leave. At that moment, I really witnessed the true power of a voice which has no packaging." The audience applauded loudly.

Vivian said to Leo, "I remember when you said to everyone that you really like to sing. I believe that everyone here today still likes you, because they like listening to you sing." The audience applauded loudly, and Leo started crying. Vivian said, "There's also one other thing I'd like to say...your fans and I would like to tell you that as long as you be simple, and free, and be your true self as Leo Ku, and use your big gift of singing, then the audience would already really like you!" The audience applauded loudly and Leo hugged Vivian for several seconds.

Leo said, "I really want to thank Vivian, because she's been a guest performer for 3 out of my 6 shows." Audience applauded loudly. Leo said, "She really supports me. As you've heard, she stayed with me when I was rehearsing. I have many friends in the entertainment circle, but Vivian is the one who gives me a feeling of being her family member. Thank you." Audience applauded.

Vivian said, "I want to congratulate you again on your succcessful concert this time. We're all looking forward to seeing your concert next time." The audience applauded loudly.

Leo said, "Thanks. You've said such touching words. At first I was planning on saying a bad joke." Vivian laughed and said, "We still want to hear it." Leo said, "Tonight's Magic Moments...Vivian will always be young and beautiful!'s really magic!" Audience applauded loudly. Vivian said, "Thank you...hehe." Leo said, "This isn't a bad joke...I'm saying this wholeheartedly." Vivian said, "Thank you!" Then Leo left the stage and Vivian sang the solo version of "Rumors."

My friend and I thought we'd only get to hear one more Leo song after Vivian's song, but Leo actually had 2 more encores!!...for a total of 3 encores that night. He sang "Love and Honesty" together with the audience, and then he left the stage while he was screaming to the audience, "Hurry up and go home! still have to go to work tomorrow!...otherwise I'll call you to wake you up!"..haha! The audience was screaming for another encore, so Leo appeared on stage again!...and he sang his song "Yau Gung Ching" (Friendship Forever??)

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