Vivian at Leo Ku's "The Magic Moments 2007" Concert
(September 9, 2007)

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Tonight I was sitting in the 5th row in the Green section. The audience screamed loudly and were banging their thunder sticks when Vivian appeared during the encore part of Leo's concert. After Vivian and Leo sang the duet version of "Too Late to Love," they talked for a few minutes. Vivian said, "When I see you recently, being as your friend, my heart aches for you..because you have your concert and your new CD and have to do lots of promotional work..and do things now to follow the so called 'rules of the game' (if a singer doesn't follow these 'rules,' then they decrease their chances of winning music awards at the end of the year). When I see you, you're always working so hard. Let's all give him some applause." The audience applauded loudly with their thundersticks. Vivian said, "It's not easy to be a top male singer these days. Not only do you have to work hard, you have to be a person who doesn't give up, have good EQ, be very brave, and have family members who are very forgiving... and you need to have an audience who really knows how to admire you." The audience applauded loudly.

Vivian said, "For this concert, Leo is working really hard every night..always trying to improve and rehearse, hoping to give everyone a new and fresh feeling. His courage and passion deserves a big round of applause." Audience applauded loudly. Leo said, "After the show last night, I watched the concert DVD to see what needs to be changed..I watched it until 4AM. I just want to make the show better and make everyone feel satisfied." Audience applauded loudly.

Vivian said, "Leo, I have some words from my heart that I've been wanting to tell you... I'd like to tell you right now, ok? Don't be scared...relax..hehe. (audience laughs). I just wanted to say that you have such a unique voice and have sung many touching songs for us for many years. Whether you are known as 'Gu Guaai Gei' (Odd Leo) in the past, or known today by most people as the Prince of Falsetto, as long as you're the 'real' Leo Ku and be free/unrestrained and be your true self, then we already really like you!" Audience applauded loudly. Leo started crying and hugged Vivian for almost half a minute. Then Leo said (while still crying), "I really have to thank Vivian." Vivian said, "I wasn't expecting to make you cry...I'm really sorry about that!" Leo said (still crying), "Vivian has always supported me. She's not only the guest performer at my concert, she's just like my family member. She would always call me to give me support. She knew I recently was under a lot of stress at work and had lots of problems...and she would call me to give me support and encouragement. I really want to thank Vivian." Audience applauded loudly. Vivian said, "Leo, keep up the good work!" Leo left the stage and Vivian sang the solo version of "Rumors." After Vivian finished singing "Rumors" and left the stage, Leo came back on stage, and he was still crying!!! He said it's been a long time since someone called him Gu Guaai Gei and that he misses this nickname. One of the concert workers ran across the stage to give Leo some tissues to wipe his tears..and Leo asked the audience to give the worker some applause..hehe.

Pictures I took


Before the show

After the show
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