Vivian at Leo Ku's "The Magic Moments 2007" Concert
(September 7, 2007)

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On my trip to HK, I was only expecting to see Vivian appear at 2 of Leo Ku's concert shows on 9/9 and 9/12, but I received info in the morning on 9/7 when I was at Ocean Park that Vivian would suddenly be a guest performer at Leo's concert that night! (Leo's first show) It was sort of last minute notification, so I couldn't get a concert seat in the HK$400 section. I was sitting in the 25th row in the Green section (HK$250 ticket section.. a few rows above the control panel area). I enjoyed watching Leo's concert...there were lots of 'magical' moments during his concert..hehe. It's the first time I've seen a musical within a concert. You could definitely see all the effort he put into his show. Of course Vivian's part was my favorite part of the show..hehe...but I also liked all the other parts of Leo's concert. I was surprised that I actually knew most of the songs Leo sang, so it made the concert even more enjoyable.

Leo's concert lasted for about 3 hours. Vivian didn't appear until the encore part of the concert. When Vivian appeared, the audience went CRAZY!!!...people were screaming loudly and banging their thunder sticks/pong bong sticks for more than 10 seconds. The audience was so loud with their thunder sticks that I couldn't really hear the first few words Vivian sang. Vivian and Leo sang the duet version of "Too Late to Love" (愛得太遲 .. this duet song won a Metro Radio award for being one of the top 5 karaoke songs last year). It's the first time they sang this song live on stage. They sounded great!!! They hugged each other and held hands while singing the song. After this song, Vivian and Leo talked a little. Vivian said Leo was rehearsing for his concert the day before up until 6:00AM the next day!...and then he went back for rehearsals again before lunch!! Vivian said her heart aches for Leo, because he had to work so hard and doesn't get enough sleep.

Vivian and Leo were still holding hands when they were talking. Leo said to Vivian that her hand is all wet (from his sweaty hands..hehe.. Leo often has very sweaty hands).. and Vivian said she was already expecting this to happen and was used to it and didn't mind.

Leo said, "I really want to thank Vivian. Everyone knows Vivian and I have known each other for a long time. She really treats me well..just like a family member. When she knew I was having a concert, she immediately said she would support me and would help me." Vivian said, "Even if I was watching the show as an audience member, you'd still pull me on stage to sing (Leo grabbed her on stage at his concert last time)"...hehe! The audience laughed loudly. She said, "It's very scary because I would always be thinking if I would be pulled up on stage..and when you're singing, I'd also be singing along when I'm an audience member. It's really stressful sitting there, so I'd rather just choose to come up on stage as a guest performer, so then I wouldn't need to be as worried." The audience applauded loudly.

Leo said, "Vivian called me late last night to tell me to keep up the good work and that she supported me. I really wanted to thank Vivian for not only supporting me physically (appearing as the guest at his concert), she's also giving me a huge support mentally." and the audience applauded loudly. Leo said, "I wanted to thank you (Vivian) for another thing," and Vivian said, "..because I'm giving you time to change into another costume, right?" and Leo said, "It's also because you'll be singing a song for everyone"..yeah!!!..and the audience applauded loudly with their thunder sticks. Then Vivian said she would be singing a song that she's never sang before by herself. She sang the duet song "Rumors" (流言) by herself. The audience applauded loudly when Vivian began singing. Vivian changed a few of the lyrics for this solo version of "Rumors." Vivian's solo version of "Rumors" was excellent!!!

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