Vivian's visit to Vietnam with World Vision (March 22-25, 2010)

Vivian and Kevin Cheng Ka Wing visited Vietnam with Hong Kong World Vision to understand about the living conditions of the local families.

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A Vietnamese government publication published an article about Vivian's visit to Vietnam with World Vision. (in Vietnamese)

World Vision Article and Photos

Hong Kong Super Stars With Children At Mountainous Regions
Written by Nguyen Huy Quang
English Translation by: ?

Photo: Vivian Chow is playing with children in Hang Lia commune (Dien Bien)

Vivian Chow and Kevin Cheng - 2 famous artists of Hong Kong - visited and gave presents to poor children of Mong and Thai ethnic groups on March 23rd and 24th. This is the first time they have come to Vietnam.

"Improving education is not just for the children, but also the parents, so that they can give better care for their children. Moreover, besides helping the poor, we also should support the whole community, especially in health care of mothers and babies"- actor Kevin Cheng expressed his thoughts.

This visit is one of the activities of a donation campaign, launched by World Vision Hong Kong for helping poor children of ethnic minorities in Dien Bien district. Footages of Vivian and Kevin's trip to Vietnam will be broadcasted in several Hong Kong's television channels to call for more help from organizations and individual to support poor children in Vietnam.

Since 2008, World Vision Vietnam has built 21 boarding rooms for poor students in middle school age and 5 kindergartens for 30 poor children in four communes of Dien Bien Dong district.


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