Vivian's Shiseido Whitening Print Ads

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Shiseido flyer

Shiseido postcard


"More Sunday" magazine #381 - 3/30/05

"Marie Claire" magazine #176 - May, 2005

Shiseido ads can also be found in:
Cosmopolitan magazine #245 - April, 2005
"MingPao Weekly" magazine #1900 : 4/9/05

THANKS to Willy and Ruby for sending me these pictures!!


Place: Sogo in Causeway Bay

Place: Mitsukoshi in Causeway Bay

Place: Watson's in Causeway Bay

Place: Lane Crawford, Times Square, Causeway Bay

Place: Windsor House, Great George St., Causeway Bay
(It's a large banner!)

Place: Seiyu in Shatin

Place: Watson's in Tsim Sha Tsui

Place: Faces, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui

Place: Wing On in Jordan

Place: Seibu, Langham Place, Mong Kok

Place: outside Watson's in Jordan

Place: Shiseido Boutique, Grand Century Place, Mong Kok

Place: New World Plaza

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