Vivian's Shiseido Press Conference in Taiwan (October 7, 2004)

Source : - October 8, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 21, 2004

Vivian currently hasn't considered getting married; Matilda Tao Zi is envious of Vivian's young sweetness

Vivian still looks sweet and young, making Matilda Tao Zi very envious. Matilda said, "She proves that it's possible to be young forever in this world." Vivian talked about her life after leaving the entertainment circle for 8 years. She loves her bengal cat the most. She remains committed on not getting married and showed a killer smile saying, "If Joe gives me a cat when he proposes, then maybe I will say yes."

Everyone is most curious about when she will conclude her long dating relationship with Joe. Vivian said she spiritually felt they were already a family early on and admits to being Mrs. Ngai. Vivian said, "Joe doesn't need to do anything especially for me to make me happy. Also, I'm an easily satisfied person." Vivian thinks that the happiness of a simple lifestyle is the biggest happiness. It's not necessary to get married just for a feeling of security. But she promised if she really gets married, she certainly wouldn't forget to notify everyone.

She currently hasn't considered getting married and has no plans on having children. She said, "My cats and dogs are my children. There's not enough time to take care of them." When talking about her bengal cat that she loves the most, Vivian named it using her own name. She felt a little embarrassed when she said, "I call him Pal Chow." Vivian thinks the cat's personality and her personality are a little similar.

Vivian doesn't regret making the decision to leave the entertainment business back then. She said, "Complex social relationships and lots of work quickly made me not be able to breathe, so I returned to being ordinary."

Vivian has a sweet smile that makes people go crazy.

Vivian currently hasn't considered getting married. She said she already thinks of herself as being a Ngai family member.

Vivian still looks young and sweet, making Matilda Tao Zi envious.

Vivian doesn't regret making the decision to leave the entertainment business back then.

Teaching Joe how to propose to Vivian : give her a cat!!!

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Created on November 21, 2004.
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