Max Mara Fashion Preview (September 9, 2010)
at The Landmark, Central; 7:00PM


I arrived to HK the day before Vivian's event on Sept, I didn't fly to HK specifically for this event...I had already planned a trip to HK/Shanghai a couple months earlier and luckily, I just happened to be in HK during Viv's event and during the time that Viv's movie was still showing in the theatres...I watched Viv's movie another 4 times during this HK trip..hehe.

September 9th.. I arrived early at The about 6:00PM...I wanted to beat the rush-hour MTR traffic and not be late for the try to get a good picture-taking spot if I could. But of course, the reporters got the best spot to take photos...we (the fans) had to stand behind the reporters or on the side at a very bad angle, so it was difficult to get a good photo unless you were really tall or you had a chair to stand on (too bad the event didn't take place after my trip to the World Expo in Shanghai, otherwise I would have one of those small foldable chairs to stand on). There was a cocktail party before the fashion show, but Viv didn't attend. Viv arrived together with Sandra Ng at about 7:45PM, right before the fashion show started. All the other guests were already sitting down waiting for the show to start. After the media took some pictures of Viv and Sandra, the both of them walked onto the stage from one end to the other to show everyone what they were wearing, and then they went offstage to sit down and watch the rest of the fashion show. I think most of the fans were looking at Viv watching the fashion show instead of looking at the models during the show...hehe....but the people sitting around her were often talking to her during the show, so it didn't seem like she was able to watch the show much either. After the show was over, Viv did some newspaper/TV interviews. We had to move several times during the event since Viv was standing in different places for the interviews, or there were reporters/photographers blocking our view of Viv. Before she left the event, she walked over to where the fans were standing and let the fans take some pictures of her...but I couldn't see what was going on since there were several people in front of me, so I decided to stand on the side away from the crowd. I wasn't able to get a good photo of Viv from the side, but at least I was able to say a quick "hi/bye" to her before she left and shook her hand..hehe. The event ended at about 8:45PM. After we watched Viv get into the mini-van that was waiting for her outside, we went to McDonald's for dinner, since we were all hungry and it was the closest fast food place.


Pictures I took

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THANKS to Willy for these photos!!


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