Vivian at Lawrence Cheng and Sandy Lamb's 30 Fairies Concert
(November 5, 2011)


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Vivian was one of the many guest performers at Lawrence Cheng Dan Shui (ah Daan) and Sandy Lamb's (Lam San San) 30 Fairies Concert. Ah Daan asked the audience if we were at the concert to see him and San San's performance or if we were there because of the guest performers... uhm... no comment from me...hehehe. But actually the show was very entertaining! (otherwise I might have fallen asleep since my flight landed at 7AM that day and I didn't sleep for over 20 hours)...there were lots of veteran singers singing some of the greatest hit songs from the '80s/early '90s...there were touching moments from ah Daan and San San, and lots of funny moments also... ah Daan and San San should think about doing a stand-up comedy show. Vivian appeared about mid-way through the show. She sang "A Long and Lasting Love" and sounded perfect! After the song, Vivian and ah Daan talked about what happened in the '80s when Vivian was a DJ.. ah Daan asked Vivian, "You don't want to be a DJ anymore?" and Vivian said, "Although I'm a DJ, but can I also be a singer?..because I really like to sing."..and ah Daan's reaction back then was, "Hurry up and leave"...hahaha!..."go and sing." Ah Daan continued and said, "Then Vivian received the song 'A Long and Lasting Love' ...this song is surely going to make her popular..and I told her not to worry, and that this song is just like the title of the song...30 years later, there's going to be some old people who would find you to sing this song again"...haha..and San San said, "and this came true." Vivian also appeared towards the end of the show to sing ̵۷R ("With Love") and "Yesterday Once More" together with the other singers.


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Lawrence Cheng Dan Shui (ah Daan) and Sandy Lamb San San

Alex Lam (ah Lam's son)

Deanie Ip Tak-Han

Ekin Cheng Yee Kin

Eric Kot Man Fai and Jan Lamb Hoi Fung

Rowena Cortes

Prudence Lau Mei Kwan


San San and ah Daan

George Lam Chi Cheung (ah Lam)

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