Vivian on "Happy Sunday" TV program (October 6, 2004)

Source : - October 7, 2004; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 21, 2004

Vivian does taping for TV show and her popularity hasn't decreased;
Vivian laughs saying she thought a marriage certificate was unimportant early on

Vivian left the entertainment circle 8 years ago. Yesterday (10/6), she came to Taiwan to participate in CTV's "Happy Sunday" TV show taping. Although she hasn't visited Taiwan for 8 years, the media still crowded around to take photos of her, and the passion for this former jade girl hasn't decreased at all. Vivian and her good friend of many years, Lam Lung Suen, sang their duet song "Rumors" on the show. This song was very popular many years ago. Lam Lung Suen also revealed that he had declined to help Vivian write a song at that time. Vivian's black dress contrasted with her white colored skin, which made her look even more beautiful. Vivian hasn't appeared for 8 years. She still looks beautiful and still looks like a cute doll. You can't see any signs of aging on her face. This time she came to Taiwan to be a spokesperson for a product and conveniently went on Cheung Siu Yin's TV program "Happy Sunday" to let the fans who missed her be able to see her. During her retirement period, Vivian said she was finally able to live her own lifestyle. She would usually wash the clothes, cook, take care of her dogs and cats, etc. The days that passed by were very enriching. She completely gave up the colorful life in the entertainment business.

Vivian and Joe have been in love for 15 years, but they still haven't thought about getting married yet? Vivian said a marriage certificate is only a piece of paper. She feels their relationship right now is very stable and gives her a very safe feeling. They don't need a piece of paper to prove their love for each other. If she really got pregnant, then she would get married. However, she and Joe don't want to have children because this world is too chaotic and too complicated. If they brought a child into this world, they wouldn't know if the child would be happy or not. It's a very large responsibility to have a child. It seems as if a world of 2 people would have more freedom and is more suitable for them.

It's been 8 years since Vivian has seen Lam Lung Suen. It was difficult for Vivian to cover her excitement of seeing him and honestly said she really missed this old friend. When Lam Lung Suen saw Vivian, he asked her right in her face, "What's your Chinese Zodiac sign?" It was odd for Lam Lung Suen to ask such a question. Vivian said there was an HK fortune teller who said her true love would have the Zodiac sign of a dragon. Cheung Siu Yin then immediately asked, "Is Joe's Chinese Zodiac sign a dragon?" Vivian just smiled and didn't answer. Regarding the very popular duet love song "Rumors," Lam Lung Suen said that at first he didn't really want to help Vivian write this song because he didn't write songs for HK singers before and also because most pretty girls can't sing. However, after Lam Lung Suen heard the demo tape, his viewpoint changed. He wrote the popular song "Rumors" in just 15 minutes. After the taping of the show, both of them exchanged phone numbers so that they could keep in contact.

When Cheung Siu Yin introduced Vivian on the show, the audience cheered for her continuously.

Although she stepped away from the entertainment circle for 8 years, her jade girl beauty from the past is still difficult to cover up.

Vivian's black dress contrasted with her white colored skin, which made her look even more beautiful.

When Vivian saw the fans who have supported her for all these years, she was so touched she turned into a crying princess.

Many years ago, the duet song "Rumors" that she sang with Lam Lung Suen was a very
popular love song. They still sound good singing this song today.

Created by Janice Lo (nickname Dawn)
Created on November 21, 2004.
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