Vivian Fans Gathering (November 12, 2006)
at the Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel , 12:00PM - 3:30PM

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Fans gathering pass

Fans gathering souvenirs



The November 2006 Vivian fans gathering wasn't what I was expecting it would be like...there were a lot more fans and a lot more Vivian prizes for the fans. It was rather different from the 1997 and 1998 fan club meetings/gatherings. At the December 1997 gathering, there were maybe around 100 fans at the gathering, and each table of fans would go up to Viv's table and have a chat with her for about 10-15 minutes...then there were group photos w/ Viv and autograph signing...and just one type of prize for the lucky drawing (the 1996 "88 Compilation" Viv cd). I wasn't able to go to the November 1998 gathering, but from what a few fans told me, it was similar to the '97 gathering...less than 150 fans attended.... Viv went to each table to talk to the photos w/ Viv, autograph signing, but no lucky drawing...however, all fans received a Vivian letter set (paper and envelope w/ Viv's picture on it).

For fans who weren't able to attend the November 2006 fans gathering, this is what happened... the gathering was supposed to start at 12:00PM, but some fans were already there by 11:00AM. I'm guessing there were close to 250 people at the gathering, since my fans gathering pass was #245. Before entering the function room, each fan was given some Vivian souvenirs, such as 2 Vivian Shiseido flyers and the 'Back for Love' concert souvenirs (bookmark, idol card, and Octopus card plastic cover). We also received a Vivian autographed 'fans gathering' book which contained some messages that fans had written to Vivian. The book also had some very nice Vivian pictures in it...the book is a collector's item!..can't be bought anywhere.

This is a timeline of the events that took place during the gathering...give or take a few minutes:

12:58PM - Viv appears at the gathering...says a few words to everyone
1:05-1:19PM - game with Viv and fans (lucky drawing game)
1:26-1:32PM - question and answer with Viv
1:35-1:54PM - fans doing skit/drama on stage for Viv and fans to see... Viv cutting birthday cake
2:00-2:15PM - Viv resting... getting ready to take group pix w/ fans
2:20-2:50PM - fans taking group pix w/ Viv
2:55-3:15PM - lucky drawing for Viv gifts/prizes
3:25PM - fans taking pictures of Viv on stage.. Viv singing "Red River Village" w/ fans..Viv says good-bye to fans
3:30PM - gathering ends

While the fans were waiting for Vivian to appear at the gathering, there was a big projector screen which was showing Disc 1 of Vivian's "Back for Love" concert video. We started eating at around was a buffet lunch. But we didn't see Vivian yet. While we were eating, they [the fans working at the event] asked each of us to provide one item for Vivian to autograph...each fan was only allowed to get one autograph. Then they collected all our items to give to Vivian to sign. Less than 15 minutes later, we got all our stuff back with Viv's autograph!..meaning Viv was already at the hotel, but she wasn't in the room with all the fans yet.

At around 1:00PM, the MC for the event, Benny, went up on the stage and said Viv would be coming everyone stopped eating and grabbed their cameras. Fans applauded and screamed when Viv appeared...and Viv looked very happy to see everyone. She waved to the fans and said, "This is great!" Benny then asked Viv a few questions:

Benny: What will you be working on in the near future?
Viv: After I'm finished being busy with my recent work, I'll have a little more free time. I'll be doing spokesperson events to advertise certain products and will need to fly to some of the Asian I'll be able to see some of the fans/friends in those places.

Benny: Then you'll still be busy, but not as busy as when you were preparing for your concert..
Viv: Since I won't be having a concert, I don't think I'll be so busy. It'll be much better.
Benny: so you'll be able to have a more peaceful/relaxing lifestyle. Recently, do you have any special interests/hobbies which you could share with everyone?
Viv: ehm...still the same...such as I like to go on the Internet, read some books, or sometimes would go play American if you (Benny) don't play pool for a long time, then I don't play...
Benny: haha..really?
Viv: you don't ask me to go play pool together..hehe. I'd like to paint again..and there's some other things I'd like to learn.

Next, there was a game with Viv and the fans, which was basically a lucky drawing game... each table (there were 20 tables of fans) had one fan who was able to go on stage with Viv. Then Viv did a lucky drawing on which fans can stay and which fans had to leave the stage. The fans who had to leave were still given a consolation prize of Viv's autographed "Back for Love" concert poster. The 2nd and 3rd place winners were given an autographed 8R size of a Vivian concert photo (looks similar to the fans gathering book cover). The 1st place winner was given her prize later on during the gathering.

Then Benny asked how many fans attended Viv's last fans gathering in 1997 (actually her last fans gathering was in 1998). There weren't that many fans who raised their hands, and Viv said, "Does this mean that I have a lot of new supporters now?..hahaha." and Benny said, "but that's a good thing..haha." and Viv said, "yes..hehe..pretty good."

Benny: Do you remember how it (the gathering in '97) was like?
Viv: at that time, everyone didn't want it to end..and didn't want to say good-bye.
Benny: Did you know that time was going to be the last fans gathering?
Viv: yes, I knew, because that was the last fans gathering before the fanclub disbanded.
Benny: oh, so you already knew that the fanclub would be disbanding.
Viv: yes..and I later left Hong Kong for some time.. so that's why I thought that time was my final chance to meet with my fans. I never would have guessed 10 years later, after so many years that I could have a gathering again.

A few minutes later, there was a question and answer part, which lasted for about 6 minutes. Benny asked the fans if anyone had a question for Viv..and the fans would raise their hands and Viv would choose one of those fans to ask a question. One of Viv's answers was, "I'm already very satisfied with my lifestyle right now.. I think I'll need to rest for a bit. As for whether or not I'll have another concert, this is something in the future...let fate decide. As of right now, I don't have any plans to act in movies and record a new album." Then Benny asked the fans, "of course if Vivian has a concert again, you'll definitely go, right?" and the fans all screamed, "Yes!"

Then Viv chose another fan to ask a question. The fan (girl) asked, "Do you still paint nowadays and do you have any plans to have your own painting exhibition?" Viv said, "I think next year I'd like to spend a little more time to paint. If I have a collection of about 30-40 of my paintings which I'm very satisfied with, then at that time, I will think about whether or not to have my own painting exhibition. But I won't be painting just because I want to have a painting exhibition..I'd like to enjoy it. If I want to have time to myself, I think painting is a good thing to do." Benny then said, "You (Vivian) said you would need to collect 30-40 paintings which you're satified with before deciding on whether or not to have a painting exhibtion. Then how many paintings do you have now which you're satified with?" Viv said, "Right now I only have about 6-7 paintings." Benny asked, "How many years did it take you to paint those?" Viv said, "I painted those in a short period of time... because I've stopped painting for a long time..I think it's been a year or more that I haven't painted. I'll probably have to start all over again to get used to it. My basic skills might already be gone." Benny said, "So then if we give Vivian a little time, we might be able to see Vivian have her own painting exhibition. You'll all definitely go, right?" and fans screamed "yes!" Viv said, "Thank-you."

The next fan (girl) asked Viv, "Next year on your birthday, will we see you?" (the fan asked the question in a way which kinda sounded like 'are you going to be alive on your next birthday?') Viv said, "You'll definitely see me!...hahaha." Fans were laughing loudly... and Benny said, "hey..knock on wood!" The fan said, "I'm talking about having a party." Viv said, "ehm...we'll think about it next year, ok?" Benny said, "Let's see if you guys can make Vivian happy today." Viv, "haha.." The fan then asked, "Are you a mother-in-law yet?" Viv said, "Are you talking about my cats and dog?" The fan said, "yes.. Chu Jai (Piggy Boy..Viv's dog)" Viv said, "oh, they've all been they don't have partners, but they have lots of brothers and sisters..they're very happy." Then the fan said, "you're really so pretty.. haven't seen you for 10 years." Fans laughed and Viv said, "Thank-you."

The next fan (guy) didn't have a question to ask..he just wanted to say something to Viv. He said, "I know you don't want to sing in order to release a new album, but I have a suggestion.. I think you're a 'hard working' (sat lik paai) type of singer, like you know how to play the piano and compose music. Do you think you could create one album which is a collection of the songs you wrote? do new song arrangements and resing the songs.. so that this might be a remembrance for us or something else. I feel this is a good suggestion. I can ensure you that there's a good market potential... cuz the trend in HK nowadays is for a singer to write their own music." The fans applauded after the fan's speech. Viv said, "How about you help me by being my boss?...hahaha." The fans screamed and applauded. The fan said, "I can!..if you're willing." Benny said, "I think we have someone who's willing to make an investment." The fan said, "not a problem at all." Viv said, "I'll go home and think about it."

The last fan (guy) to ask Viv a question said, "I have 3 dogs in Canada and I'd like to bring them back to Hong Kong. How can I do this?" Fans laughed. Viv said, "haha...ok, you'll need to buy my book 'My Cat is Pal Chow.' Inside the book are details on how to do this." Fans screamed and applauded. Benny asked the fan, "Are you kidding? didn't buy her book?" The fan said, "I did buy it, but I don't understand." Viv said, "You bought it, but you don't understand? You can read Chinese, right?" The fan said, "yes..yes." Viv said, "ok, then write a letter to Joe and ask him (fans laughed), because he handled this before. He's very willing to help." The fan asked, "Do you have his address?" Viv said, "You can see his e-mail address in the articles that he wrote." The fan said, "I already tried sending an e-mail to him once, but he didn't reply." Everyone laughed loudly. Benny said, "He's very busy." Viv said, "Send him an e-mail together with a girl photo..then he'll probably reply back to you..hahaha." Everyone laughed. Then Carmen said, "actually, you can mail your letter to Vivian's P.O. box and she can give it to Joe." Viv said, "yeah, mail it to me."

After the question and answer part, a few fans did a skit/drama for Viv and everyone to see. One part had some fans doing belly dancing! Towards the end, one fan ah Leung played Viv's song "Beloved" on his saxophone while the projector screen had a slideshow of Viv pictures. At the end of the skit, Viv was presented with a gift... I couldn't really see what the gift was though. Ah Leung was playing "Happy Birthday" on his saxophone while the fans sang "Happy Birthday" to Viv...and a birthday cake was brought out to the stage. Viv said, "I'm very happy. Actually, I seldom celebrate my birthday, because I don't think it's so important to celebrate my birthday. But after I've matured, I feel that whatever day it is is just another day... as long as on that day, everyone remembers me and I also want to have a gathering with everyone together, I think this feeling is more important. I miss everyone during the other times." Then one fan loudly said, "Then how about we do this every year?"... and all the fans screamed, "yes!" ..and Viv said, "uhm, let's wait for Carmen to rest for a while (fans laughed) and then decide later, ok? Thanks everyone." Then one fan screamed, "Wish you be pretty every year!" and then Viv made a wish, blew out the candle, and cut the cake. Then there was a fan named Carmen who had the same birthdate as Viv (different year).. she went on stage and gave Viv a bouquet of flowers. Viv then went offstage to rest for a few minutes and to get ready to take group pictures with the fans. Before taking the group pix, a couple was given a cardboard cut-out of Vivian! was a promotional product for her concert DVD... I wish I could have won that, although I wouldn't know how I could take that home on the plane..haha. Viv autographed the cardboard cut-out, too. I think the couple were the winners of the lucky drawing game at the beginning of the fans gathering.

Each table of fans was split into 2-3 groups of fans to take a picture with Viv. There were 20 tables of fans, so it took about 30 minutes to take group pix with all the fans. Viv shook hands with a lot of the fans...of course I shook Viv's hand, too :P ...and told her I would be giving her a gift later..and she said thanks. One girl fan even gave Viv a hug..and the fans screamed "waahh!," and Carmen said, "ok.. only girl fans can do this."...some of us laughed.

When Viv was sitting back at her table later on, I went to where she was sitting to give her a birthday gift. Viv said thanks and said the box was so big and asked me what it was. I told her it's for her cats (but if her cats successfully learn how to use this product, then it would be a big benefit for her and Joe)...the birthday bag also included a folder with a few birthday cards and birthday messages from some of the fans (the fans who signed the birthday guestbook on my webpage)..Viv said thanks again. [11/19/06 - Viv has read all the fans' cards/messages and says "Thanks!"]

After the group pix part, there was a lucky drawing for some Vivian gifts/prizes. Lots of gifts were given away. Some fans won Vivian's autographed "Back for Love" concert poster. Some fans won an autographed 8R size of a Vivian concert photo. There were 8 fans who won the official "Back for Love" concert jacket..very rare item!! (it was only given out to the staff members at the concert)...I really wanted to win the jacket, but no luck. Since Viv is the spokesperson for Shiseido, it's no surprise that these would be some of the prizes, too... I think there were 5 fans who won the Shiseido products.. 2 of them were guys..hehe. Then there 3 grand prizes... everyone really wanted to win those prizes, although it would be a little difficult to bring home on the MTR (subway) without disassembling/rolling up the item..hehe. The first prize was a big Viv fans gathering poster. When the fan won the poster, he was so happy that he almost hit the lights on the ceiling with the poster...that would have been quite scary if he did. The second prize was another big Viv fans gathering poster. And the biggest grand prize was the wall-size Viv fans gathering banner....there was even a drumroll right before Viv drew out the number from the box..and they played the song "Congratulations" ('Congratulations ..and celebrations..when I tell everyone that you're in love with me..') when the fan came up to the stage...that was funny. Then Viv went offstage to rest for a few minutes before getting ready to say good-bye to the fans.

Once Viv came back on stage, it was almost time to say good-bye. Fans were taking pix of Viv, and then ah Leung played "Red River Village" on his saxophone and the fans asked Viv to sing this song with them, so Viv sang together with the fans. Then Viv stood on stage for a couple more minutes to let the fans take some more pix of her. Viv was getting a little emotional towards the end...she needed a tissue before waving good-bye to all the fans. The fans all said 'Happy Birthday!' to Viv before she left..and the gathering was over at 3:30PM. The time quickly really didn't feel like I was at the hotel for 4 hours. As the saying goes...time flies when you're having fun. It would have been nice if the question/answer part with Viv lasted a little longer and the lucky drawing for prizes went a little faster..the numbers for the winners could have been drawn out faster. But overall, I had a good time...getting to see Viv...meeting up with some fans that I already knew..and I was happy to have finally met a few fans at the gathering which I have e-mailed/instant messaged to for a long fan since 7-8 years ago! was our first time meeting each other. It's a rare moment when fans can celebrate Viv's birthday together with Viv...hopefully we can do this again next year.

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