Vivian's 20th Anniversary Celebration - Fans Gathering (May 31, 2009)
on a Harbour Cruise - Bauhinia cruise ship, 11:30AM - 3:30PM


Photos provided by Vivian's Official Website :

THANKS to Vivian and Carmen for these photos!!

THANKS to Willy for these photos!!

THANKS to Neil for these photos!!

Fans gathering ticket

Fans gathering souvenir posters

Fans gathering souvenirs

THANKS to Adrian for these photos!!

THANKS to Nicole for these photos!!

I wasn't able to attend the fans gathering this time, so I missed out on all the fun and excitement. A few fans who told me about the gathering all said the same thing....they said, "Vivian is so nice!!" I'm sure they all had a very unforgettable afternoon at Vivian's 20th Anniversary Celebration.

These are some of the things that happened at the gathering:

- fans received 3 posters and five 4R-sized photos as souvenirs

- a video clip was shown of Vivian's appearances in movies and TV series during her career in showbiz

- Mike He Jun Xiang was invited to record a video message for Vivian....not sure what he said in the video though (Vivian has been Mike's 'dream lover'/idol ever since he was in junior high)

- each fan was able to take an individual photo with Vivian! (for past gatherings, it was usually group photos with Vivian)

- fans were told that Vivian would be going to each table (17 tables, with 8 fans per table) for 3 minutes to chat and do autographs, although one fan told me Vivian was only at their table for one and a half minutes (someone has video proof), and then Vivian was pulled away to the next table....too bad...maybe they were running out of time towards the end?

- a few fans did a singing/dancing performance

- there was a lucky drawing for prizes; some of the prizes included: the 20th anniversary A3 size photos, 10 of Vivian's 1994 "Yes!" photo book 'VivianS' (these 10 books were kept at Vivian's home for all these years!), 3 pool cues from Joe, Vivian and Joe's autographed wedding photo, and the big 20th anniversary banner that was hanging above the dance floor

THANKS to the fans who shared this info about the gathering with the fans who weren't able to attend. Hopefully we can all be there next time!

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