Vivian's Visit to DVD Factory (January, 2012)

Vivian visited the DVD factory to see the manufacturing of her Deep V.25 concert DVD.
Since Vivian was the Executive Producer of her concert DVD, she wanted to make sure everything was perfect.
She described working on the 10-month project of creating her concert DVD as if she was pregnant for 10 months.
Have a look at her DVD babies!..hehe.


THANKS to Vivian and Carmen for these photos!!

Vivian tried gluing the DVD cases on the inside of the DVD package, but she felt she didn't do a great job, so she autographed 2 of the DVD sets on the inside (10,000 DVD sets were made). If you're one of the lucky fans to find Vivian's autograph on the inside of the DVD set, take a photo of it and post it on Vivian's Official website, and you'll receive a surprise gift from Vivian!!

Created by Janice Lo
Created on February 12, 2012.
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