Vivian's visit to Congo with World Vision (Oct. 16-Oct. 23, 2007)

Vivian went together with Hong Kong World Vision and a film crew to the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit the impoverished children and to understand the World Vision development projects in DR Congo. She also immediately participated in the 'Child Sponsorship Program' and became a 'mother' of one local child.

Update - December 2, 2007

THANKS to Vivian for these photos!! *^_^*

Vivian and her 2-year-old sponsored daughter, Sarah (2nd child from the left).

Vivian and her 2-year-old sponsored daughter, Sarah.

Posted 12/02/07

THANKS to Carmen for these photos!! *^_^* (Posted 11/19/07)

Vivian wrote the song lyrics and made this drawing in a classroom on her trip to Congo.

Source : - November 16, 2007; Posted December 2, 2007

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