"Perfect Match" movie DVD

Universe Laser & Video Co., Ltd.
Ref. # 5188


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Info about DVD:  Includes "Perfect Match" trailer and also trailers for "Heart to Hearts" and "Heart into Hearts".  If you watch the "Heart into Hearts" trailer closely, you'll be able to see parts in the trailer that were not included in the "Heart into Hearts" movie, such as a small part where Vivian was practicing karate w/ a guy.  There's an option for turning off the subtitles on the movie, so you don't have to see the Chinese or English words on the screen. The English subtitles are VERY different from the subtitles that were on the original movie, and there are many spelling/grammar mistakes on the newly typed English words.  Some of the English translations are totally wrong!!  This DVD doesn't include a biography/filmography section for Vivian (since she had a small part in this movie), but you can find it in other Vivian movies on DVD.

Created by Janice Lo
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