"The Kung Fu Scholar" movie DVD

Media Asia Distribution Ltd.
Ref. #  MS/DVD/269/HK

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Info about DVD:  Includes "The Kung Fu Scholar" trailer in Mandarin. There is no biography/filmography section for the actors. This movie is only in Cantonese, but it has the option of English, Japanese, or Korean subtitles. This DVD actually includes an extra part that's not on the vcd or LD versions (the Cantonese version) of this movie! It's the part where Vivian and Dicky Cheung are singing and dancing in the dreamy setting... in the VCD and LD versions of this movie, this singing and dancing part was cut out..in the VCD and LD, you would only see Vivian and Dicky calling each other 'jade girl and golden boy' over and over again and then the dreamy setting would immediately go back to the real life setting. But in this DVD, you can see Vivian and Dicky singing and dancing after that part for almost 2 minutes!

Created by Janice Lo
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