"Fruit Punch" movie VCD

Media Asia Distribution Ltd.

This VCD has English subtitles, but the audio is only in Cantonese.

The LD version of "Fruit Punch" and the "Fruit Punch" VCD made by Star Entertainment do not have English subtitles, but the audio is in Cantonese or Mandarin.

Two parts are cut from this VCD made by Media Asia. The first part that's cut is the part when Hacken and Sunny are sitting in a boat and talking after Leon and Vivian drive off in the jeep and leave Hacken and Sunny stranded in the boat. The second part that's cut in this VCD is the part when Leon and Vivian are laying at the edge of the terrace and talking after they had their big kissing scene. These deleted scenes are included in the LD version and in the VCD made by Star Entertainment.



Created by Janice Lo
Created on June 11, 2002
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