"To Love Ferrari" movie DVD

Ocean Shores Video Ltd.
Ref. # DV-131

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Info about DVD:  This DVD does NOT include any trailers, profiles of the stars, or a main menu screen.  It doesn't even have multiple chapters.  It's just a one layer, one chapter DVD.  So far, it's the worst DVD transfer I've seen, which is quite disappointing since it's one of my favorite Vivian movies!  It looks like it's a direct copy from the LD version of this movie, because the subtitles are burned into the movie and cannot be turned off!  The clarity of the picture isn't very good either, compared to other DVDs that were released by Universe Laser.  This movie was made back in 1994, but yet the picture quality is worse than the "Heart to Hearts" movie DVD, which was made back in 1988.  The only thing that's good about this DVD is that it's clearer than the VCD version of this movie, however, it still can't compare to the great quality of the DVDs made by Universe.      

Created by Janice Lo
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