The Morning of the Wedding
(Chut Ga Dik Ching San)
Album: Hot Kiss
Track : 3
Translated by : Snowy Tang

The shining mirror I'm facing seems to be reflecting my life.
It's so memorable.   I'm so thankful to each day.
Awaken from my old but young sweet dream,
my mother's care & advices are still in my mind.
Although I miss her, everything must change today.

* It is the morning of my wedding.
I am getting close to a point of great changes.
Farewell to the warm days of the past,
and concentrate to be a woman in happiness.
My mother has been waiting for her whole life.
Now all of a sudden her dreams will come true.
In gentle tears, she walked slowly to me and gave me her blessing kiss! *

Tomorrow's long road, who can predict it?
Who knows if he would give me the best throughout my life.
I've never been afraid of changes in life.
But now I want to know how to stay in love.
Before saying goodbye, can you let me know?

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
October, 1999