C'est la Vie
(That's Life)
Album: Hot Kiss
Track : 4
Translated by : Snowy Tang

* That's life. I need to love during the right time.
When fate fades away, letting go is more meaningful.
That's life. Do not weep anymore.
When one lets go their love, it is like wind that blows freely. *
(If you had loved before, the memories are not important)

Dark sunglasses cannot conceal your sadness.
Your gray eyes are like pins that hold on to your memories.
Hmm...  the hot passionate love we had before turns into a thorn in your heart today.
How can I help you to avoid being sad for the rest of your life.

Repeat *

The memories of past love are no longer important.
The love letters are garbage now, they are no longer meaningful.
Hmm... we had loved passionately before, I believe it only happens once in a lifetime.
How can I help you to change into a happier rhythm.

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1999