Thanks Vivian for answering the fans' questions! ^_^ Thanks to all the fans who submitted questions for Vivian from 8/31/03-9/15/03. Sorry if your question wasn't chosen. I was only able to choose 30 questions from the fans to submit to Vivian. Vivian was very busy working on her book lately and said she would reply to the questions as soon as she's done writing her book. She just finished writing her book a couple weeks ago (mid-November), so here are her answers to your questions. Enjoy!



Name: Jack
From: USA
Question: If there is chance that you are coming back to sing and the record company offered you the authority to pick an artist to sing a duet song with, then who would you want to work with?

Answer: 古巨基不錯。我很欣賞他的歌藝和喜歡他的唱腔,加上他又是我的好友,合唱會很好玩。
Translation: Leo Ku Kui Kei is pretty good. I really admire his singing skills and like his singing voice. Plus he's my good friend, and it would be really fun if we sang a duet.


Name: Keng Soo
From: Irving, Texas (now); Malaysia (formerly)
Question: The fans are well acquainted with the history of your career - DJ-ing, acting, and singing. If you were allowed to go back in time for 10 minutes to say, 1983 or 1984 - before you started on your career - what advice would you give yourself in that 10 minutes? What would you tell yourself to do or to avoid if you have a chance now to go back and do it all over again?

Answer: 我會重新選擇我的幕後班底,變為一個主導性的藝人。
Translation: I would pick my own production team again so that I could become an artist who has control over things.


Name: John
From: SF
Question: Do you cook at home? If so, what's your favorite dish? Please share the recipe with us =P

Answer: 在香港很少下廚,多數吃母親造的菜。以前在外國只在家造簡單如煎豬扒與牛扒等快餐, 最多反而是煲湯。我最愛煲青紅蘿蔔豬骨湯。
Translation: In HK, I seldom cook. I mostly eat dishes cooked by my mom. Before when I was in a foreign country, I would only cook fast meals that are simple, like grilled pork chops, steaks, etc. Instead, I made soup most of the time. I especially like to cook carrot and pig bone soup.


Name: Xueli
From: Singapore
Question: Dear Vivian, do you think you can hold a birthday party with a fans gathering session this year or in the near future, where all your Hong Kong and overseas fans can meet up and celebrate with you?

Answer: 其實我不重視生日等節日,沒特別事我盡量不會慶祝,反而歌迷聚會的建議很好, 我可以考慮。
Translation: Actually birthdays and other occasions aren't very important to me. If there's no special matter, then I would especially try not to celebrate. Instead, your suggestion to have a fans gathering is very good. I could think about it.


Name: Mary
From: Toronto, Canada
Question: Hi Vivian, what is your trick to staying young and pretty for all these years? I can't find any evidence of aging on your face at all. Is it something you eat regularly or some sort of exercise you do or a certain kind of skin care you use? Please share your strategy with us so we can all stay young and pretty like you do =). Thank you =) .

Answer: 身心健康應可保持青春。身方面 - 我不吸煙、不喝酒、沒有夜生活和注意飲食。心方面 - 我是個很有童真和容易滿足的人。
Translation: Keeping the body and the heart healthy should preserve your youthfulness. For the body - I don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, don't have a late night lifestyle, and I pay attention to what I eat and drink. For the heart - I'm really still a kid at heart and I'm an easily satisfied person.


Name: Claire
From: USA
Question: Hello Vivian, would you mind sharing some tips about your makeup and which brands you use? You look very stunning and flawless all the times! Thanks!

Answer: 我主要用 Shiseido 的 Revital 系列護膚品,沒有外出做 facial 的習慣,只會在家做好基本護理和間中敷面膜和眼膜而已。化妝品方面我喜愛用 Shiseido 的 Revital,Maquillage 和 The Make Up系列的產品。
Translation: I mainly use Shiseido's Revital line of skin care products. I don't have a habit of going out to do facials and would only do very basic skincare tasks at home, sometimes applying a facial mask and eye mask and that's all. Regarding makeup products, I like using Shiseido's Revital, Maquillage, and The Make Up product lines.


Name: Ann
From: 深圳
Question: 以前有聽說Vivian有去學編曲﹐她的專輯中也有很多歌是由她自己作曲的﹐真的好懷念。 不知道Vivian 有沒有繼續在這方面花時間。(因為她好象比較專注于畫畫^0^) 不知我們是否有機會再聽到她的作品。 即使是由其他歌首來演譯﹐作為歌迷﹐還是很期待。
Translation: In the past, I heard Vivian studied music arrangement. Her album collection also had many songs which she composed herself. I really cherish this memory. I wonder if Vivian continued to spend some time in this field of work. (because it seems like she's concentrating more on painting). I wonder if I'll have the chance to hear her composed music again. Even if there are other singers who perform the song, as her fan, I would still look forward to this very much.

Answer: 抱歉,我已沒有學編曲了;反而作曲方面,我仍是有興趣的。空餘時我會選擇繪畫。
Translation: Sorry, I already stopped studying music arrangement; instead, I still have some interest in composing music. When I have free time, I would choose to paint.


Name: Kattie Wang
From: Taiwan
Question: If possible, will you write and publish a book which is about the secrets on how you keep your beauty?

Answer: 對不起,我沒有出美容書的興趣;其實外表的美不及內在美的重要。
Translation: I'm sorry, but I have no interest in writing a book about beauty tips. Actually beauty on the outside is not as important as beauty on the inside.


Name: Lynn Dam
From: San Francisco
Question: Pick one object or an animal that represent your personality and why you choose it?

Answer: 貓 - 我很有專嚴,懂得靠自己和愛自己。
Translation: Cat - I have a lot of dignity, and I know how to depend on myself and love myself.


Name: Dixon Thum Wai Khong
From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Question: Have you ever plan to visit Malaysia for a vacation?

Answer: 暫時未有計劃。
Translation: I currently don't have any plans.


Name: Christina Leung
From: HK
Question: 如果有人提意你和Chris一起開一個演唱會, 紀念你們相識20年(since 1985), 你會否考慮呢? (不是復出, 只作為記念吧)
Translation: If someone suggested for you and Chris to have a concert together to commemorate you and Chris for knowing each other for 20 years (since 1985), would you consider doing this? (it's not returning to showbiz, just to serve as a remembrance)

Answer: 真的想也沒想過,你很有創意!和他在台上會很好玩,但我喜歡做他的觀眾多一點。
Translation: I really never thought about this. You're very creative! It would be very fun if I was on stage with him, but I like being his audience member a little more.


Name: Chong Ki
From: Malaysia
Question: What do you feel is your greatest achievement so far (in life,career, others people life, etc.) ?

Answer: 潔身自愛。
Translation: Love/respect yourself.


Name: Willy Lau
From: Hong Kong
Question: 我記得在你離開娛樂圈之前,曾經在一電台節目(商台節目"樂人谷")中接受古巨基的訪問, 你說會在離開之後的空閒時間作曲給古巨基. 我亦發現你有不少作品在歷年的CD內,例如:"風花煙雨間"("Endless Dream"大碟), "你還記得從前嗎?"("最愛"大碟), "你最愛是你"("紅葉落索的時候"大碟)等等...你現在會否考慮抽空作曲給你的好朋友 或其他歌手呢?(例如:李克勤,黃凱芹,古巨基等)
Translation: I remember before you left the entertainment circle, you went on a radio program (Commercial Radio 'Music Valley') and was interviewed by Leo Ku Kui Kei. You said you would write a song for Leo when you have time. I've also noticed you wrote quite a few songs on your CDs over the years, such as "Wind, Flower in the Mist of Rain" (from "Endless Dream" CD), "Do You Still Remember the Past?" (from "Beloved" CD), "Your Beloved Is You" (from "When The Red Leaf Falls" CD) etc. At present, would you think about composing music when you have free time for your good friends or for other singers? (such as Hacken Lee, Chris Wong, Leo Ku, etc.)

Answer: 有機會的。
Translation: There's a chance.


Name: Juan Rosado
From: NY, USA
Question: I'd like to know which song (of yours), if any is most special to you and why. (Which song is your favorite?).

Answer: 流言 - 很感動,最愛 - 歌唱比賽的參賽歌,愛的成長 - 歌唱生涯轉捩點,和'熱敏'內的全部歌曲 - 自己監製和最滿意。
Translation: "Rumors" - it's very touching. "Beloved" - this was the song I sang for the singing contest. "The Growth of Love" - turning point in my singing career. All the songs in my "Hot Kiss" album - I oversaw the production myself and I'm most satisfied with this album.


Name: Allan Chow
From: New Jersey, USA
Question: I would like to ask Vivian if she had a role model growing up, and if she does, what kind of attributes does he/she have.

Answer: 沒有。
Translation: I didn't have any.


Name: Vivian Lee
From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Question: Are you planning on putting any of your paintings for auctions or for sale any time soon? They all looked very unique and precious to add to your fans' collections, like me.

Answer: 全部是嘔心瀝血作品,不捨得拍賣。
Translation: I worked very hard on all those paintings. I'm not willing to part with them to be put up for auction.


Name: Nancy
From: Orange County, California
Question: Hello there Vivian! My question is concerning your musicial talent. It's known that your mother bought you a small piano when you were a little girl. When did you first learn how to play the piano?

Answer: 中學一年級左右。
Translation: Around the first year of secondary school.


Name: Joyce Wong
From: HK
Question: Vivian, 你有沒有打算開一個個人演唱會呢??
Translation: Vivian, do you have any plans on having your own concert?

Answer: 如意義重大的會考慮。
Translation: If it's for something very meaningful, I would consider it.


Name: Jianqing Li
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Question: I want to ask Vivian what her routine day is like. I am curious on how she passes her time during the day. I know she does painting, but is there anything else she would do on a normal basis?.. like cooking?

Answer: 十分平凡。上網、看書、做家務、照顧貓狗等已很充實。
Translation: It's very ordinary. I go on the Internet, read books, do housework, take care of cats and dogs, etc. This already takes up most of my time.


Name: Elsielyn Ng
From: Toronto, Canada
Question: Vivian, how are painting and music (singing, playing the piano, composing, listening) different for you? Can you express yourself through painting the same way you express yourself in music?

Answer: 音樂很需要群體合作,繪畫則比較個人,更適合我現在內向的性格。透過我的畫你能否看出我熱愛古樸的情懷? 現代人太注重物質,會令人透不過氣來。
Translation: Music really requires lots of people to work together. In contrast, painting is personal and suits my current introvert character. When looking at my paintings, can you see how I love old style things? Modern people pay too much attention to physical matters, which makes people breathless.


Name: Ruby Chui
From: HK
Question: 現在她過的生活, 是否她心中的理想生活模式呢? 因為都好開心見到她而家可以做到她喜歡的事, 如: 學畫畫.....等
Translation: Is her current lifestyle her ideal lifestyle that she had in her mind? Because I'm really happy to see her doing all the things she likes to do now, such as learning painting, etc.

Answer: 絕對是。
Translation: Definitely yes.

Name: Bear
From: NYC
Question: Hi Vivian, 不知道妳之後會否再寫書(當然指另一類型的書,如散文, 短篇或長篇小說,美容指南,甚至自傳。)

Translation: Hi Vivian, Do you plan on writing any more books later on? (of course it would be a different type of book, such as writing articles, short or long novels, beauty guide, or even an autobiography.)

Answer: 新書剛好完成,以後應還有機會吧!
Translation: I just finished writing my new book. There might be a chance in the future!


Name: Winter
From: Guangzhou,China
Question: Do you like to be a painter or business woman in future?

Answer: 我不是生意人,繪畫比較適合我。
Translation: I'm not a business person. Painting is more suitable for me.


Name: Coco
From: Guangzhou,China
Question: Whose CDs do you buy most?

Answer: 林憶蓮。
Translation: Sandy Lam Yik Lin.


Name: Kathy
From: Guangdong of P.R.China
Question: How do you make yourself happy everyday, even though you sometimes meet something unsatisfactory in your life?

Answer: 盡了力就不要勉強,遇到不如意事要接受現實,傷心過後要懂得放下,不要有怨恨,就當給自己一個新機會。
Translation: Don't push too hard if you already tried your best. When you come across something that isn't good, then you need to accept reality. After grieving, then you need to know how to let go, and you don't need to have hatred. Then this could be a way of giving yourself a new chance.


Name: Qiuming Wang
From: Chongqing China
Question: Which cities of China (mainland) have you ever been to and how do you feel about them?

Answer: 上海、中山、廣州、珠海等,可惜全是工幹,未有真正觀光過。我很想去北京看看。
Translation: Shanghai, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Pearl River, etc. Too bad I was working at all of these places and didn't really have a chance yet to go sightseeing there. I would very much like to go to Beijing to look around.


Name: Jocelyn Pang
From: Shanghai,China
Question: I'm very interested in your new book about pets. When did you develop your interest in writing, and do you have any difficulty in writing the book?

Answer: 這是為亞豹而寫的,因為愛他,寫作的困難都克服了。 沒有他,我很難有寫書的衝動,書的內容就像我這幾年的私人日記,再寫一次也寫不出。
Translation: This book was written for Pal. I was able to overcome the difficulty of writing because I love him. If I didn't have him, it would be very hard for me to write a book all of a sudden. The content of the book is like my private diary over the past few years, and if I were to write it again, I wouldn't know what to write.


Name: Yenya
From: Taipei,Taiwan
Question: How do you keep fit? (What do you eat and exercise to keep your good shape?)

Answer: 我吃的很普通,有時更瘋狂愛吃咖啡雪糕和蛋糕,就是沒有胖而已。至於運動方面最近不太常做,我比較喜歡球類運動。
Translation: I eat very ordinary foods. Sometimes, I would even be madly in love with eating coffee ice cream and cake, but I just didn't gain any weight at all. As for exercising, I recently don't feel like doing it. I mostly like to play ball-type sports.


Name: Kim
From: USA
Question: Have you accomplished your dreams in life yet? If so, what were they?

Answer: 我小時的夢想要成為歌手與畫家,算是實現了。
Translation: My childhood dream was to become a singer and a painter. I feel this has already been accomplished.


Name: fan from New Zealand
From: New Zealand
Question: Vivian, 在你的成長路途中,哪些人影響你最深(請舉三個),或是你的榜樣?他們怎樣(例如:價值觀、性格、成就)塑造了今天的你?
Translation: Vivian, on your road to growing up, which people influenced you the most (please choose 3 people), or was a role model for you? How was this person (such as their view on the value of things, their character, their accomplishments) which made you who you are today?

Answer: 母親、倪震和宗教書籍。母親讓我体會愛和學會靠自己,倪震讓我學會愛和包容,宗教書籍教曉我寬恕與慈善心的重要。 至於我的性格則與生俱來,從小就有自己的一套想法和是非觀念,完全不易受人影響。 我的家人,愛人,朋友沒有一個像我,慶幸他們都接受我。
Translation: My mother, Joe Ngai, and books about religion. My mother taught me about love and how to depend upon myself. Joe let me learn about love and forgiveness. Books about religion taught me the importance of forgiveness and the will to give. As for my character, it's naturally born. From the time I was young, I had my own way of thinking and my own thoughts on what's right and wrong; I wasn't influenced by anyone. There isn't anyone similiar to me in my family, my boyfriend, and my friends. I'm lucky they all accept me.

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