December 20, 1997 - Vivian's Fan Club Meeting in HK at Sunning Restaurant.

*some of this may sound familiar if you're on the Viv mailing list.

I was lucky enough to attend Viv's fan club meeting on Saturday, December 20, 1997. Wow!!!!! I never would have imagined that I would be able to go to Viv's fan club meeting while I was on vacation in HK, cuz my main purpose of going to HK during December '97 was to watch Leon's concert, and I never would have guessed that I would be able to see Vivian in person after just going to her Las Vegas concert in November '97. At the Viv fan club meeting, not only did I get her signature, but I was also lucky enough to meet w/ her about 40 minutes before the meeting started and sat w/ her and 5 other overseas fans who were from Taiwan (all girls as I recall) to have a little chat. I'd like to especially thank Sophie and her friend Yoko!! ^_^..and one of the chairwomen of the fan club, Po Yee, for giving me such a great opportunity! Vivian is VERY NICE!! ...I think she thought that I only understood English, so she talked to me in English. =P Geez, I think some of you guys would probably faint or something if you were that close to Viv =P ...I wasn't sitting right across from her at the table, but one seat diagonally from her. You can take a look at pictures here .

Some people say that if they were given the chance to talk to Vivian, they would probably feel too nervous or too shocked that they couldn't have said anything. Hehehe..well, that's what I thought was going to happen to me when I met her this time..cuz when I first saw her in real life and went up on stage to give her a stuffed bunny at her September 1995 Las Vegas concert, I was speechless! =P She said "thank you" to me in Cantonese when I gave her the bunny, but I just smiled back..hehe..I didn't say anything and quickly got heart was pounding so fast, and I was having the feeling you get when you have to give a speech in front of a class..basically feeling nervous. But to my surprise, when I met her at the fan club meeting and was sitting almost right across from her at the table, I didn't have that 'very nervous' feeling, otherwise when she asked me the questions, my mouth would have just been wide open w/ no words coming out..hehehe. The feeling I got when talking to her was just like the feeling of talking to a very good friend. ^_^ My heart wasn't beating really fast...I felt pretty calm. ^_^ Of course, I tried not to look at her all the time....didn't want to make it seem like I was staring at her =P. about 20 minutes into the chat, Viv orders something to drink....ah, and what do you think she orders?..Coke? coffee. =P ...w/ some cream and white sugar.

Wah!..Viv has such a good memory!..the minute I said I was from LA and that I went to see her '97 Las Vegas concert, she said, "Oh!..did you give me a folder about......" and I quickly said, "the Internet" and she said, "ah yes!..that is you?" and I said, "yes". Since Viv remembered the gift I gave her along w/ the fan mail messages, this means good news to all the fans who signed the fan mail Internet guestbook!! =) ..AND guess what?.. she told me that she has an e-mail account (one of those freebie kinds...such a smart gal, can't trace her down when using that =P ) !! keep your eyes open in your mailboxes! may receive a surprise message from VC! I was SO happy when Vivian told me "I was very touched by your gift". She then asked me if I received her 'thank you' letter yet, but since I was in HK at that time, I couldn't check to see what kind of mail (snail mail, not e-mail) I received at home. Viv remembered that I included a picture of myself in the letter I had typed which accompanied my 1997 Las Vegas gift to her.. and it was rather funny when she told me, "You know, you look slimmer in person...why is that?"...and I said, "oh, i don't know..hehe.." and just smiled..hehe. Most people always look a little chubbier in photos or on TV, so Viv definitely looked skinny in real person..weighing only 108 lbs!! Oh, and I wasn't expecting Viv to remember details in my letter, but after she told me she had an e-mail account she said, "ah yes, your secret code..I wrote it down somewhere..I will e-mail to you sometime." Well, I hope she sends me an e-mail soon... I gave Viv a password just in case she ever e-mailed me so that I would know it was really her. =P Viv also told me a little bit about her very good friend Kenny who was sitting next to her at the table...Viv and Kenny have been friends ever since they were 12 years old!!!! ..if you've seen the TVB program "Enchanting Pin-Ups", watch the part where Viv talks w/ her school friends and look for the girl sitting on Viv's right (not the one in the gray sweater)......that's Kenny (but Kenny cut her hair short now). Hmm..what else did she ask me...oh..hehe..she asked all of us if we had lunch (what was funny was that she asked 3 of the Taiwan girls in Mandarin, and when she got to me, she immediately switched languages and asked in English, "Did you have lunch yet?" ) =P The same thing happend when she asked each of us what we were doing now...all the Taiwan girls said they worked, and when Viv got to me, she said, "You are a student, right?" and I said "Yes."

I kinda felt a little left out while sitting w/ the group of overseas fans, since I was the only one there who spoke English (even though I do understand Cantonese) and didn't understand Mandarin, so next time if I ever get this opportunity to go to her fan club meeting, I'm definitely going to try to drag along my friend Vivian Yeung =P (since we're both ABCs who don't really know how to speak Cantonese but can understand about 85%+ of it).

Hmm..I guess this fan club meeting was nothing like the previous one (I didn't go to that one) this one, Viv didn't sing any songs but instead answered questions most of the time. I know the overseas fans from Taiwan asked Viv lots of questions, but I don't understand Mandarin (oh, but I did understand the part when Viv said that she's NOT pregnant =P ), so I didn't know what they were asking..too bad!! ....and I was too chicken myself to ask any specific questions all I did was answer the questions Viv asked me. =P

After the meeting started, me and the overseas fans had to move to the next table to eat our meal, so unfortunately I was unable to hear all the questions that other fans were asking when it was their turn to go up to the table for about 5-10 minutes, and Viv's voice was soft and low, so I couldn't hear everything she said when I was sitting at the other table..only a little bit here and there. If only I could have heard what they were saying (since they were talking a language that I understood!). Actually, while me and the Taiwan fans were chatting w/ Viv, Viv suggested once, "why don't we speak in Cantonese now?" (she said this in Cantonese), and I was saying to myself, "Great! I can understand her!", but to my disappointment, a waitress interrupted just after Viv said this and asked Viv for an autograph and then Viv forgot what she had just said about speaking in Cantonese, so she continued w/ Mandarin. Oh well, at least the camcorder nearby picked up some of the words Viv was saying to the HK here's some important Viv news!

Vivian says she did not take part in the production of the compilation which PolyGram made. During this time period, she is still choosing her songs for her album. (aiya, can she please hurry up?? ..any song she chooses will be fine w/ me! I'll settle for a 4 song EP!) She says that if she has the time and if there are good songs, then she will record another album if her contract is not over yet at that time. But if her contract ends before she can choose her songs, then she says she will not record an album. Even though she won't sing, if there is a good opportunity to have a concert outside of HK (like overseas), then she might accept it. Viv said that her USA concerts were not a farewell concert! If in HK there is a 'comfortable' concert site for Vivian, then she will do a show. ..and she will appear in charity shows if she is needed (I hope some rich person offers to donate money to charity for Viv to sing..then she'll appear on TV!). She still owes a lot of people songs (promised to write music for them)..such as Hacken Lee. She's written one song for 'ah Yan' (Vivian Lai) before. She hasn't thought about immigrating, but if it does happen, she will come back to HK to have a farewell concert...she still hasn't thought of her future plans yet. She's been very happy recently, so you don't have to worry about her. Viv says the newspapers inaccurately stated that her USA concerts were her farewell concerts...the USA concerts were her last contracts for shows she had to complete but it does not necessarily mean that she will not sign a contract again to do a show. Her New Year's wish is to have good health. Her dog "Jui Jai" (Piggy Boy) is very big now..20+ lbs..he's getting bigger all the time..her other dog is normal's name is "Siu Bo Bo" (Little Precious). She said she plays badminton often, but when the fans asked her where she goes to play, of course she wouldn't say where (otherwise they'd see her w/ Joe! =P).

Other news that I got a few days after the meeting when I asked my Taiwan e-mail pal what they were talking about w/ Vivian.... Vivian said that if she does get married, she will probably not have the wedding in HK...too much trouble. my guess is that she will have her wedding in San Francisco..since Joe's family is over there. =P. I got an e-mail a few days after the meeting from another Taiwan fan that was sitting w/ us at the table, and she told me that Vivian has visited my web page! WOW!! *^_^* ..and Viv liked it too! WOW!!! =P ..either I had a very bad memory and I forgot that she said she visited my website when we were chatting, or I was really clueless about the Mandarin they were speaking at the fan club meeting and didn't know that was what they were talking about. =P

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