Vivian's Dog, Piggy

A scan of the article in Chinese

Special thanks to Michael Lee for translating this article.

Guess who is the 'natural enemy' of Vivian? "A fortune teller said it should be a dog." The fortune teller said she must not have a dog, otherwise her health would be affected. Being a new generation, she would not believe this. She wanted to challenge this, so she got a dog immediately. The dog is a 17 lbs. king-sized Pomeranian. She said a male-friend in this industry gave her the dog, but she refused to tell who he was, because she does not wish to start a new rumor.

It is a boy. Because it is very fat and funny and everyone loved it, she gave it a name of 'Piggy'(Ju Jai). Vivian seemed to be very happy when talking about an interesting story about Piggy. Piggy is very active all the time. If there are visitors in her home, he will jump around to entertain them.

Besides being active, he has a special taste of eating. He always wants to eat what Vivian is eating. "I have no choice but to eat in the bathroom....especially when eating chocolate or ice-cream." Is that dirty?... not really...consider this. One day, Vivian had no work to do, so she took Piggy to enjoy a day in her car. But then Piggy felt sick and started to vomit. She was driving, so she had no hands to take care of him. She drove back home immediately and hoped Piggy would not throw up anymore and make her dirty. But once they arrived, she found that all the dirty stuff was gone. Poor Piggy... it was afraid that the master would be angry, so he ate all of the stuff he threw up!!! (YUCK!!) But when she took it back into the house, he threw up again...... Poor Vivian, she finally had to clean it up.

Looking for another half

While our Jade Girl still had no time to take care of her marriage (the article is really outdated ...1993?), she seemed to be so serious in looking for a wife for her beloved Piggy. Once she found that a worker in PolyGram had a female Pomeranian dog, she started to make them come together. Both sides had their photos exchanged and seemed to be satisfied. But once they saw Piggy in actual scale, the deal was over. Poor Piggy, he is 2 to 3 times bigger than normal.... the female side was afraid that Piggy would harm theirs. Vivian had to find another one.

After listening to Vivian talk about Piggy's story, we find out that she really acts like a mother. "Piggy usually sleeps besides my mother. Once he hears a sound at the door, he will wake up, and wait for me. I will then take him back to my room. He will not sleep until I do." Vivian takes care of it just like a mother takes care of her son. "If he is naughty, I will not let him go... I will hit him a lot! But if its conduct is good, I will give him some reward, like sing a song to it. Do you know which song he likes the most? Sure, it is 'IQ doctor'. Why? It has a sentence in the lyrics 'Piggy is here!!!' (Ju Jai lei la!!!) Every time he hears this part, he will be very happy."

Now Vivian is the mother of Piggy, so when will Vivian be a real mother? "Later.....(laugh), there must be a chance."

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Created on July 17, 1997.
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