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The NPV Clinic officially opened for service on November 10, 2006! (which is also Vivian's birthday! ^_^ )
Thanks to Carmen/Vivian for the pix!!

I (Janice) went to the NPV Clinic on November 10th also, but a few hours after Vivian was there. I had arrived to HK early in the morning on the 10th. I knew one of the volunteers at NPV and she told me the clinic was opening that day and asked if I wanted to take a look at the clinic.. I didn't have anything planned for the afternoon, so I said, "Sure!" We went to the clinic and one of the NPV staff members, Phillis, was very nice to give us a tour of the place. There are 2 examination rooms on the first floor, and the 2nd floor has an office where the volunteers can work. There's also a large empty space on the 2nd floor... Phillis said NPV doesn't have enough money to do any remodelling to the empty space. Phillis said NPV needs some old towels, so if you've got some old towels, please donate them to NPV.

Source: Weekend Weekly 新假期 magazine #377 (November 26, 2006)
Article written by Joe Nieh (Ngai Jan)


Copyright (c) 倪震 2006, all rights reserved

NPV (Non-Profit making Veterinary) ,香港第一間的「非牟利 獸醫診所」,終於投入服務了。

從一班有心人幾年前提出這個構思開始,慧敏就決意要為這件事出一分力。我們很愛家裡的小動物,當他們是家人一樣;我們也知 道很多環境沒我們好的朋友,一樣很愛他們的寵物,不過,未必 有能力負擔昂貴的獸醫收費。「獸醫服務,貧富共享」,我們希 望所有小動物,所有主人的仔仔女女,都可以和我們家的一樣幸 福,在生病時可以得到適當的專業治療。

我們一直很關心這計劃的進度,到今年五月,慧敏決定在紅館開 三場演唱會,把一百五十萬的歌酬全捐出來,作為「非牟利獸醫 診所」啟動的資金。演唱會是很好的宣傳,慧敏在演唱會所送的閃咭,背面就是NPV的標誌和網址。在訪問和演場會中,慧敏都訴 說了她這次開演唱會的目的,就是為新成立的NPV籌款,和呼籲大家 把對自己寵物的愛,讓其他有需要的寵物均霑。


NPV的地址在九龍太子基隆街24號地下,服務範圍暫時有:一般門診 服務,貓狗絕育手術,防疫、保健、晶片注射,身體撿查和健康 證明。最重要的是,「非牟利獸醫診所」只收取診症的營運成本價,大大減低了寵物主人的負擔。NPV的朋友告訴我,有位住深水埔舊 樓的獨居老伯,就只和愛犬相依為命。那狗十年也沒看過醫生,不是沒病過,而是實在怕負擔不起;有時候,餵得飽自己和狗,老伯的日子就叫過得去了。僥 倖過了十年,最近狗的皮膚和腸胃又不妥,老伯認得「非牟利」三 個字,就破天荒把狗帶來。最令人感動的是,一百九十二元的賬 單,老伯臨走時把找贖回來的八元,也放進了「非牟利獸醫診所」的 捐款箱。那八元的價值,當然不只八元,那是老伯對「非牟利獸醫 診所」服務的認同,也是他盡了自己能力傳出去的一份愛。另外一位 朋友帶貓來覆診,上次拿的藥水貓不肯喝,要換一隻藥丸磨粉哄牠 吃。離開時工作人員告訴他,收費是四元,他呆了呆,眼光有點不 能置信。工作人員解釋,其實應該是三元半,不過診所不作一元以 內的找贖,所以只好收他四元。那位朋友的眼光矇矓起來,付了四 元,又塞了一百元進捐款箱才走。「非牟利獸醫診所」的工作人員 再忙,面對的挑戰再大,但每天也給這些普通得不能再普通小事情 感動著,鼓舞著,那股「橫眉冷對千夫指,俯首甘為孺子牛」的鬥 志,卻燒得從未如此火熱過。

如果你有養寵物,如果你愛你的寵物,那麼無論你是可以幫助人的 一個,又或者是需要人幫助的一個,你都應該了解「非牟利獸醫診 所」這個慈善機構多一些。一百五十萬元、八元、一百元,本來都 是死的,放進了NPV,這些數目字就活起來了;一條條貓狗的性命,就 在主人緊蹙著的眉頭下,閃出那期望已久的一絲曙光。

NPV 的所有工作人員,Bravo!你們都是,天使。


九龍太子基隆街 24號


Translation of Joe's article... translated by Janice


NPV (Non-Profit making Veterinary), Hong Kong's first ''Non-Profit making Veterinary Clinic," is finally open for service.

Ever since the beginning when a group of caring people proposed this project a few years ago, Vivian was determined to put forth some effort to help with this matter. We love the pets we have at home very much and treat them just like a family member. We also know there are many friends who aren't as well-off as we are and they really love their pets just like us, but they might not be able to afford the expensive veterinarian fee. "Bringing veterinary service within everyone's means," we hope all small animals, all the pet owners' sons and daughters, would be able to be happy just like our family, and be able to receive appropriate professional treatment when they're sick.

From the beginning, we constantly cared about the progress of this project. This year in May, Vivian decided to have 3 concert shows at the HK Coliseum and donated her concert earnings of HK$1,500,000 (US$192,555), which would be used to start up the 'Non-Profit making Veterinary Clinic.' The concert was a very good way to publicize NPV. The shiny idol card Vivian gave out at her concert had NPV's symbol and website on the back of the card. During Vivian's interviews and during her concert, she stated her purpose of having a concert this time, which was to raise money for the newly established NPV and to ask everyone to share the love they have for their own pets with the pets who are in need.

The "NPV Clinic" opened for service on November 10, which was also Vivian's birthday. This was just a coincidence and was completely unexpected. But this, however, is one of Vivian's biggest birthday gifts.

NPV is located at No. 24, Ki Lung Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon. Services at the moment include: general consultation, sterilization operations, physical check-ups and integrated vaccinations, blood test, general lab test, and dental service (info from NPV's English website). The most important thing is, the "NPV Clinic" is only receiving the operating costs, which greatly lessens the costs for the pet owners. One of the NPV friends told me about an elderly man who lived by himself in an old apartment in Sham Shui Po. He only lived together with his beloved dog. The dog hasn't seen a vet for 10 years, but it's not because it hasn't been sick. It's because the elderly man was afraid he couldn't afford the fees. Sometimes it could be called a good day when he could feed himself and his dog. Luckily 10 years had passed, and it wasn't until just recently that the dog's skin and intestines were having some problems. The elderly man remembered the words 'non-profit,' so he made an exception and brought his dog to NPV. The most touching thing is, the bill was HK$192 (US$25), and the elderly man put his change of HK$8 (US $1.02) into the "NPV Clinic's" donation box before he left. Of course the value of the $8 isn't just the $8, it's the elderly man's approval of the "NPV Clinic's" services, and is also a way for him to show part of his love to the best of his ability. Another friend brought his cat to the clinic for an examination. His cat wouldn't drink the liquid medicine he got for it last time and needed to change to a pill medicine which was grinded into a powder to let the cat eat it. When he was leaving, the clinic staff told him the fee would be HK$4 (US$0.51). He was expressionless for a second, with his eyes showing a bit of disbelief. The clinic staff explained it should actually cost HK$3.50, but the clinic doesn't give back change for less than HK$1.00, so that's why they could only accept HK$4 from him. This friend's eyes looked hazy. He gave the $4, and put HK$100 (US$12.83) into the donation box before he left. The staff of the "NPV Clinic" will become busier and need to face bigger challenges in the future, but everyday, it's these small ordinary things which touch them, and give them morale................ (not sure how to translate the rest of the sentence).

If you have pets and if you love your pets, no matter if you're a person who can help others, or if you're a person who needs help from others, you should understand this charitable organization of the "NPV Clinic" a little more. At first HK$1,500,000 , $8, and $100 are just lifeless things, but putting it into NPV, these amounts are beginning to come alive; every cat and dog's life is shining again underneath their owner's nervous brow (??? ..translation doesn't really make sense)

To all the NPV staff members, bravo! You're all angels.

Hong Kong NPV Clinic
Address: No24, Ki Lung Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon
Booking Hotline: 2393 2395

- Article by Joe Nieh


Created by Janice Lo
Copyright (c) Janice Lo 2006. All Rights Reserved.
Created on December 9, 2006.
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