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Source : Ming Pao Weekly #1632 - February 19, 2000; Translated by Jessie Sun on October 6, 2000
Vivian keeps in contact w/ fans through e-mail

After retiring from the entertainment business for a while, Vivian showed up at the fund raising event for SAA. She still had her Jade Girl style as usual. Also, she attracted a large group of the public to donate money. When she showed up, she was able to fulfill the requests of those fans who really missed her to get together, and at the same time she could get close to all those pets.

Although Vivian left the entertainment business for a long time, she still kept her style of "keeping in touch with the public," always saying hello to her fans.

Vivian has not appeared publicly for a long time now, but on the day before Valentine's Day, she decided to show up. She is one of the members of the HKSAA (Hong Kong Society for Abandoned Animals) and would like to put in some effort. Therefore, she took some pictures for the HKSAA to use in the AD for the fund raising event.

Actually reporters were not notified of this event, but they had read one of the e-mails that Vivian sent out to fans, telling them that she would appear in this event.

Vivian's HK fan club has disband, but some fans still manage to keep in contact with each other, and also they share info about Vivian on homepages. Some fans have sent e-mails to Vivian, but even though Vivian doesn't reply to all of them all the time, this is how she manages to maintain contact with her fans.

All fans are able to access the information regarding the event, such as fans in Taiwan, USA, Canada, etc. They said that had they known Vivian would be taking pictures with fans, they would fly back to HK just for that and how paying (donating) HK$40 to take a picture with Vivian is well worth it. One fan even said that donating US$100 just to take a picture with Vivian would be good! (woooh...who's the crazy fan that would pay $100 to take a picture w/ Vivian?? ... hehehe ... ask Dawn ... hehe.)

That day, fans had donated money and went back in line to do it again just to have the chance to take another picture with Vivian.

Just by this, we can see that fans still like Vivian as much as they always have! The attraction of the Master Jade Girl did not change one bit!

Ming Pao article and photo captions written by Yoko Ngan ^_^





Even though Vivian was on vacation for a long time, she still kept her good style. No wonder the fans still can't forget her and remain with her.



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