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Source : The Sun newspaper - October 7, 2009 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 3, 2009

William Chan Wai Ting exercising his muscles for a bed scene with Vivian



Vivian Chow will soon be acting in Ann Hui On Wah's new lesbian film. Vivian has to sacrifice for art, as she will have a daring bath scene with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and will also have an intense bed scene with William Chan Wai Ting. The spokesperson at Vivian's managing company indicated that although the subject matter was sensitive, Vivian felt that the script was challenging and agreed to act in the film after thinking it over for a few days. As for William, he laughed saying he has to exercise a lot to have six pack abs and be ready for the bed scene, and he doesn't need to report back to his rumored girlfriend Angelbaby.

William Chan

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - October 6, 2009 ; Translated by Dawn; Posted on November 3, 2009

Retiring from the movie industry for 13 years and passionately returning;
Vivian will star in a lesbian film and kiss Sandra Ng Kwan Yu

(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian has been away from the movie industry for 13 years until this year, when she will be coming back to be in Ann Hui On Wah's new film.

After Vivian acted together with Jacky Cheung Hok Yau in Jan Lamb Hoi Fung's movie "Out of the Blur," it's already been many years since she's been in a movie.

Sandra Ng Kwan Yu has been in a film before about homosexuality, so doing this type of movie again should be easy for her. (Picture on file)


After Vivian Chow starred in the 1996 short film "Out of The Blur" which was directed by Jan Lamb Hoi Fung, she retired from showbiz in late 1997 and went with Joe Ngai Jan to live in a foreign country. It's been 13 years since Vivian acted in a movie, but recently she's been attracted to Ann Hui On Wah's romantic comedy film and will be making a come back. In the movie, Vivian and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu will have a lesbian relationship, and there's also going to be an intense kissing scene.

In 1997 during the height of Vivian's career, she announced she wouldn't be participating in anymore public performances, and did this because of love. Vivian and Joe then immigrated to Vancouver to live. Just when everyone thought she was living a happy life like a housewife, nobody would have anticipated last year's unexpected love turbulance when Joe got caught kissing university student Miffty Zhang at a bar, and as a result, Joe announced he was breaking up with Vivian. But they barely split up for one week before dramatically getting back together again and announcing that they were getting married. Although Vivian's lifestyle has been low-key after her marriage, she would often do advertisements to make extra money, but she hasn't released a new CD or film. Recently, Vivian has finally been attracted to Ann Hui On Wah's film about a lesbian relationship. This will be Vivian's first film in 13 years.

After Joe and Vivian got married, Joe's job was to run his pool hall business and write articles for magazines, while Vivian would do advertisements to make extra money. (Picture on file)
Ann Hui On Wah has the support of Wong Jing and was able to get funding for her new lesbian film. (Picture on file)

Love isn't distinguished by gender
Vivian hasn't starred in a movie for many years. During the middle of next month, she will be making a movie again. Reportedly she is also very nervous and needs to prepare psychologically before she starts work. This time she agreed to make an exception to star in this film mainly because she was attracted to the character. In this film, she and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu have a funny lesbian relationship. For the purpose of the story line, they will even have a daring kissing scene in bed, and it's reported that both actresses will go ahead and act boldly with confidence.

Director Ann Hui On Wah hopes her film about a lesbian relationship can bring out a love message, and to let some of the audience who discriminate against homosexuality to understand that love is not distinguished by gender; there is only love or not love. Ann chose to make this film a romantic comedy, because of business considerations.

The story line of the film talks about Vivian and Sandra originally being lovers, but they later separated and each found their other half and had a child. Vivian and William Chan Wai Ting, who acts as her boyfriend in the film, will even have a daring kissing scene, but finally when they live together, they discover that they're incompatible with each other, so they split up. Later, Vivian and Sandra meet in the delivery room, and their love for each other is on the verge of breaking out. With their spark of love igniting again, both of them finally discover that they love each other the most.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing Vivian's first performance in a lesbian film.

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